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    hi it would be quite nice to support right to left writing direction for languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and Persian. it is really hard to write and read when writing in left to right in those languages. thanks.
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    I surely hope so. There some painful UI changes re productivity that would hit the desktop if it mirrors the new web. No side list, buried menus, more clicks. My capacity for PhraseExpress hotkey remembrance has its limits. Not to mention how slow it is relative to the desktop. Hopefully that's just a server and connectivity issue, not a new language problem. EDIT. Thought I might add an example. Below is a table I maintain to chronicle when I updated to the desktop versions. I set it up on the desktop way back. On the left is how it looks on new web and the on the right is how it looks on current desktop. The width is just enough to display the table and text, but all the vertical is included. In this example the new constructs are a cluster, in my view anyway.
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    Negation For example -tag:test The search feature is documented here
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    Thanks Gazumped. You are of course right. But I like to wear my tinfoil hat 🙂 Uninstall/reinstall fixed it.
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    I believe there's an NDA against releasing details that might change before any sort of wider release...
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    The ability to track and view multi-user edits is my number one request for Evernote.
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    I understand the advantages of markdown and the advantages of html and the advantages of a wysiwyg editor I don't understand why markdown people are using the Evernote wysiwyg editor - why aren't they using a markdown editor?
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    I don't understand the advantage of Markdown. It is not 1980s that we need to work with text files. WYSIWYG formats like RTF are readable by almost any word processor and you can even include tables, images etc. without being locked to any proprietary format. In fact RTF files are actually ASCII. Even DOCX format is almost universal now. My empirical observation is that Mac users are inclined to Markdown compared to Windows users.
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    I've been a payed up member for 3-4 years and a user since 2013. Recent issues with: table highlighting between browser and windows client loss of highlighting in code blocks loss of code blocks in tables combined with functionality i've been craving for ages which have been a constant frustration Linux Client markdown more code block functionality deeper nested notebooks I'm struggling to stay, i've been so patient. you're so close to being the ideal solution for me, yet you're missing the mark. Evernote could be a killer app! It's been nearly a year since Ian promised big changes, i know the back end has been upgraded but I've not seen much UI functionality change (except templates) are we nearly there yet? What features are coming? what is the road map? timeline? Only 485K forum posts since the forum refresh implies your customer base is not very active or shrinking are you going to survive the competition from other vendors? If you don't what happens to all my data!? Joplin is starting to look like a good alternative. Convince me to stay i have nearly 1000 notes with detailed information, it would take me some time to make a switch.
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    Indeed. I am staying for the wrong reasons - too hard to move to something else and no decent alternative (because I exploit quite a lot of Evernote's functionality). In no way because of user delight. Evernote may say that's fine, but without delighting users their future will slowly taper off into the sunset. See my thread on sync sloppiness here also.
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    Well not much point sorting out the underlying infrastructure if there are no customers left. The iOS app is just not fit for purpose in respect of note taking so my guess is that the majority of people use the iOS app to just retrieve notes. Otherwise their iOS customers would have left a long time ago.
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    We either need to get this thread so active it shows up on their radar or we all need to submit a support case. It also seems like they are making huge redesigns to the underlying infrastructure and taking on new software design processes which I’m sure is slowing things down as well.
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    Честно говоря, я невероятно зла!!! Несколько лет эвернот работал без сбоев, НООООО после очередного обновления на Mac, произошла внутренняя ошибка... два дня компьютер постоянно сбоил, синхронизировал заметки неполностью, а потом все... Сделала все рекомендации на сайте по восстановлению, но бля... ВСЕ заметки за несколько лет исчезли с приложения на компе, теперь у меня девственно чистый эвернот. Но больше всего бесит, что я не нашла на сайте КАК написать в службу поддержки, вернее написать в нее нельзя никак и ни где... кроме премиум аккаунта... По кругу гоняет меня по статьям, как исправить... И только бля, деньги требуют заплатить за премиум-аккаунт с тех поддержкой... В общем что делать непонятно, заметки нифига не синхронизируется, несколько раз уже удаляла и устанавливала приложение на макбук, а результата ноль... А и еще пишите на форум на английском языке меня тоже "порадовал" В общем нафиг я это все пишу непонятно, но может тут есть кто, кто на русском пишет... и может подсказать что сделать...
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    Update - - I just tried it again from the very Latest version of Microsoft Edge Browser. And was Stunned to discover - - The Same Thing! Doesn't Work from YouTube. The first time you Click the Clipper, you can see quick shot of the Clipper pop up, for maybe a second at most. Then it disappears/fails. But if you try a second or third time... Nothing. No more quick little popup. Same thing even from another Tab or video. You only get the slight reaction that the First Time. Then Nothing. I have a feeling that (Maybe) the programmers were fiddling with something, during the last couple days.
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