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    You probably already know this, but while fonts can't be adjust yet in the Android app, it is possible to set the zoom (scale). It's in the Notes section of the Settings, and will apply to every note.
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    Well I was (today) years old when I found out! Darn that's cool! And I really didn't realise "note body zoom" meant that... thankyou!
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    I created a recipe template for my wife. Three things from that which I think are applicable to other use cases: The vertical wasted space of an ingredient per cell can be a PITA. With many ingredients sometimes two columns make sense and they may not have the same number of items/lines per column. You do lose horizontal space Then again a matter of taste, horses for courses.
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    About that "replace the original note" Importing a .enex file does not replace the original note - it creates a new note; losing Note-Id and Notebook
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    Click on ^that^ and select "Top List"
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    Just my opinion, but an export to anything other than ENEX (which is already baked into Evernote) is hardly a 'backup' since it can't be imported back to replace the original note. It's just another copy of the database in another format. Your choice, but if the Apocalypse ever happens I'd bet there will be multiple options to export your database / import to another app at the time...
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    Workflowy if you want outlining plus a bit.
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    If you see no notes at all, make sure you have used the right user. One typo, and instead of login in you create a new account.
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    Hi, Yesterday late I received an email to inform me about a potential suspicious connection to my account. This morning I accessrd to my account, change my password, and had a look to the available connection history. And there I see an incredible number of connection from everywhere on earth to my account, and I have never been informed of any of them! Why didn't I received any information about that? How is it possible that there is no security surveillance at Evernote able to find out there is a security breach on an account when, and particularly these days, there are connections in the last 30 days to an account from France, ok, but also Korea, United States, Ireland, Russia, Tanzania and Iran! So I strongly suggest to set-up an access history consistency security check, should be not too complex to identify at least the big security issues like this one and act to secure back the account. Thanks
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    Hi. You could make up your own format if you wish - Open Evernote on a desktop create your 'ideal' layout and save/ sync as a note. Export your note to ENEX and save it to your desktop Double-click the ENEX file Check the Evernote app for a new note with your saved format. Obviously not helpful for mobiles, but you can create a few spares on a desktop and keep them in a Templates notebook...
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    Em vários editores de Texto existe esse recurso e ajuda muito!!! Poderiam colocar esse recurso? Existe no WORD e GOOGLE DOCS. BOTÃO DE COPIAR FORMATAÇÃO DE TEXTO...
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    Hi. There have been a lot of requests for a better text editor in Evernote. The company is said to be working on one for release later this year, but we do not know what it will include.
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    I have given up and have now migrated fully to Bear. (http://www.bear-writer.com/) Highly recommended if your tech stack is macbook pro / ipad / iphone.
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    Dear Devs in Evernote. Evernote is the best note taking app out there hands down. But for anybody working in development one big issue is missing markdown support. Nowadays Markdown is: a standard, a convenient, fast and reliable method to write tech docs That's why any developer I know, including myself, is using some additional Markdown editor trying desperately to fit it somehow into Evernote workflow. There is plethora of such tools: Atom iA Writer Bear Writer Byword Day One Markdown Pro Marxico Quiver Ulysses etc. Which means that there are libraries if not the whole ready to plug-in text editors supporting markdown. All the above applications are great for note taking in markdown, writing tech documents, essays or even books. However they don't integrate with Evernote at all (with exception of Atom and Marxico) and they all lack (to a different degree): powerful image support not to mention stellar Evernote OCR advanced Evernote search easiness of sharing notes in Evernote Evernote notebook feature Please put some pressure on the product managers to prioritize this feature. Integrate Markdown editor into Evernote to make great product even better.
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    Yes, I've waiting for this feature for 3 years!
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    Yeah, I'm reaching the point where I might abandon Evernote in favor of something that DOES support markdown.
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