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    298 pages? No offense, but to me, that's more like a book than a note! While I'm sure Evernote can, technically, handle that, I don't think it was designed to. (A Basic account has a note size limit of 25 MB, which I'm sure even that much plain text does not approach; there's no limit specified on number of characters.) I'm not surprised it gave you some freezing issues: sometimes when we push the envelope, the envelope pushes back.
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    There is an option to rebuild the index. Hold down he Ctrl key while clicking on Help. Then click on the Recreate Full Text Search index. Do a backup before, just in case. Or if you don't have any local notebooks, log out of EN, move your data base file (.exb) to the desktop or someplace and then sign back into EN. This will rebuild your data base. In either case, delete the backup when everything is okay.
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    Search I suppose. Horses for courses as always. I use an Amazon tag specifically for the above. I use a phrase express hot key in my email client which adds purchase date, notebook, the tags receipt amazon _2020 !lm, and leaves a space for me to type in the item. I have another hotkey for things not Amazon. Added the !lm tag recently as in these trying times I am getting most stuff via post. the tag !lm is in the shortcut bar and I've it's original use was for tracking left messages. It serves nicely in double duty for all outstanding parcels. Search is sorted by created date. Fits my eye. I fought the urge to spell check realised. FWIW.
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    @meercy1005 There are users a forum can do without, which are those who do not share or search for help, but just spray venom. There are users a company can do without, which are those who expect much, and pay little or nothing. If you are not able or willing to contribute insight or money, you could at least show some respect for those who give you a lot, for free. Just my opinion, from user to user.
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    The majority of users (including yourself) are unwilling to pay for this You're welcome to indicate your support for this request by using the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion The request currently has 79 votes
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    I want to stop using the Google login (which is based on my company email) to a username and password using my personal email. When I try to change either the email or the password it asks for a password, when I supply my password to Gmail (e.g. my google login password) is says - invalid password. How do I move away from a login using Google login?
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    I just got a solution from the Evernote help desk. They suggested a nd forced close (control alt delete). That seemed to do it!
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    Hey, yeah I noticed that, and from that side of the coin-perspective, makes sense also. The inconsistency for me is that Bold & Italics & Underline have a dedicated menu option on the editing toolbar and keyboard shortcut, yet 'Text Color' which also has a dedicated menu option, but NO dedicated shortcut. Seems to me if someone wants to apply/create a 'Text Color', then all other Font Formatting CTRL+D options are not required. Ultimately I guess this is for EN designers to debate, but seems to me Text Color needs its own dialog box...esp for the few of fairies out there that like to throw glitter colours on their text...lol
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    Yeah I will just string the note pieces together using internal links and tags. The note with the issue was 298 pages long according to Word.
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    Hi, thanks! Yes, after I click the "Not now" many many times, it will disappear. But I have many notes that exceed the size limit many years ago. Clearing all these notes will take a very long time. I uninstall Evernote and re-install. After logging in, I found this problem has been solved. This dialog won't pop out anymore. So still thanks!
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    I think it is good practice to close down from time to time, and even restart the Mac every few days. Helps the OS to keep everything clean and tidy.
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    Welcome to the June edition of the Evernote Forum Digest! (Para Español) Make sure to hit the Follow button in the upper right-hand corner to subscribe to the Forum Digest, and get notifications for new releases! What's New? New Forum Section for Evernote Business We are continuing to improve and streamline forum navigation that we announced in last month's forum digest. We created a dedicated forum section for Evernote Business. Additionally, we have closed the Hobby & Interests sub-forum. All content there has been migrated to the General Discussion Forums. You can find a full recap of these changes here. Evernote Beta Testing If you're interested in testing future/beta releases of Evernote, join the Evernote Beta Program! After you sign-up you will be added to our beta testing candidate pool and may then be eligible for our private beta testing. If you’re selected to become a tester, we will email you directly with more information and further instructions. Evernote Events Want to learn best practices, tips, and tricks from Evernote experts? If your answer is yes, make sure to check out Evernote Events and sign up! Evernote Blog Updates Staying Focused on the Road Ahead - Our CEO Ian Small talks about the recent challenges we've been facing, and gives an update on some of the things we've been working on. Three Steps to Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places - Exercises in divergent thinking can improve mental connections between unexpected ideas, inspiring creative solutions and unlocking “aha” moments.Take a look at these great tips for finding inspiration from unexpected places. Announcements Recap: May 2020 Support Chat Closure: Memorial Day Holiday (May 22 - 26) - We closed Chat Support to honor the Memorial Day Holiday. Chat has been re-opened as of Wednesday, May 27th. Evernote Help & Learning Updates Here are our most recently updated H&L articles How to leave an Evernote beta How to reactivate your Evernote account How to deactivate your Evernote account
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    It was some time ago - several years ago, in fact -- when Evernote's web clipper allowed you to shade and mark up a document before clipping. I don't remember now whether it was a native capability or worked with some other add-on. It was really great. I'll probably post as a feature request. Michael
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    Cool. Thanks you so much! Michael
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    I like the new web beta, it's still a work in progress, but is already way cleaner than the old version of the web client. There is a lot of wasted white space with the new UI however, wasted space means there is less options and setting on screen so something have to get tucked away into the menu. In the old version, the only option in the overflow (three dot) menu is Copy Notebook Link. Everything else is easily viewed and easily accessed. On the new Web Beta, there is tons of wasted white space, and many of the frequently used options are tucked away in a menu. Having so much wasted space means it can be harder to get to the icon/option you want, creating extra clicks or scrolling, it can create tiny pain points in the UI/UX. It means users can read and write less in the editor before having to scroll. One of the ideas from this new editor is to give users and information dense, but easily viewable and usable editor. Give the users all the tools they need up front, so we can concentrate on creating note, rather than managing them. Wasted white space and shoving things in menus, makes that more difficult. I'd like to see the Notebook and Tags in the top bar, completely eliminating the bottom on. Editing, formatting, sharing and reminders in a bar directly below, and a big blank canvas for editing and creating for the rest of the window. Below is a comparison of the old and new web clients, the old one is so much more information dense, yes so easy to use. If the EN team could combine the information density from the old clent, and the UI/design language of the new client it would be perfect.
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    As a 9 year user. I kept waiting when this core feature will come. I took a step and moved to anotherr software totally a software that respect all languages . And an seriously saying you will loose your other loyal customer if ervernote stay waiting their customers to proof that they need this feature. Good luck
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    When ticking Status Bar under the View menu, one gets to see the number of words, the number of characters and the size of the not. It would be very helpful to also show the number of selected words whenever you select a couple of lines within that note. You cannot simply highlight a couple of paragraphs and then check how many words that is (right clicking does not give you an option either).
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    Using that excuse, Evernote could just never add new things to improve the usability and experience of their product. Which, of course, would be absolutely ridiculous and poor practice. Why would they ask for and create a way for users to request features if they never planned on using that data for future updates? Kind of pointless. Having a word count for selected text would be very helpful for all sorts of reasons and I hope they add it soon.
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    Suggestion of implementation Have all H1, H2, ect auto create anchor points directly as an html element with conflict resilience with random note unique addition or only the random addition to help match current share URL style; <h1 name="chapter-1-(iiop)">Chapter 1</a> <h2 name="the-first-point-(273j)">The First Point</a> <h1 name="chapter-2-(182u)">Chapter 2</a> <h2 name="the-second-point-(273o)">The Second Point</a> <h2 name="the-third-point-(yh76)">The Third Point</a> <h3 name="refs-(iow1)">Ref's</a> <h1 name="chapter-3-(ei8h)">Chapter 3</a> <h3 name="refs-(10dj)">Ref's</a> or <h1 name="iiop">Chapter 1</a> <h2 name="273j">The First Point</a> <h1 name="182u">Chapter 2</a> <h2 name="273o">The Second Point</a> <h2 name="yh76">The Third Point</a> <h3 name="iow1">Ref's</a> <h1 name="ei8h">Chapter 3</a> <h3 name="10dj">Ref's</a> Then have an auto generated contents option to add and link/jump to (with style options), with flexibility when adding size options without breaking formats (see "10dj" in example) and auto refresh on note ether in near real time or every time a manual refresh/note is opened. Example 1 style wise; Chapter 1 The First Point Chapter 2 The Second Point The Third Point Ref's Chapter 3 Ref's Example 2 style wise; Chapter 1 The First Point Chapter 2 The Second Point The Third Point Ref's Chapter 3 Ref's Example 3 style wise: Chapter 1 The First Point Chapter 2 The Second Point The Third Point Ref's Chapter 3 Ref's Example 4 style wise: Chapter 1: The First Point Chapter 2: The Second Point / The Third Point >> Ref's Chapter 3: Ref's ------------------------- Edit: One last idea, have in link function (or a right click insert) searchable links to headers in document or title with link (again searchable popup) for quick reference.
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    If you want to annotate your note, but do not want the summary of your annotations included with your note do this: While you are in annotation mode, look down at the bottom of the annotation window, and uncheck "Include Annotation Summary" I wish you could select for this from Evernote general preferences.
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