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    Or it might be good to redeploy at least some of that space to separate the title more clearly from the body of the note.
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    Not related to this topic, but can you explain to me why your username ends with “kkk”?
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    In Evernote for Windows 5, if I press the Escape key when a note is open in its own window, the note window is closed. This behavior is unexpected -- no other windows application I know of uses the Escape key to close a window. This has bitten me a few times. The only shortcut keys that make sense are ALT+F4 and CTRL+F4. The Escape key should only be used to stop or cancel a task. From the Microsoft Windows UX Design Guidelines: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa511331.aspx#keyboard Don't assign different meanings to well-known shortcut keys. Because they are memorized, inconsistent meanings for well-known shortcuts are frustrating and error prone. For the well-known shortcut keys used by Windows programs, see Windows Keyboard Shortcut Keys. And also: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms971323.aspx#atg_keyboardshortcuts_windows_shortcut_keys Windows Shortcut Keys As noted in the Designing the Keyboard UI section, it is important for applications to be consistent with other applications when using shortcut keys. This section introduces a series of shortcut keys that are used in Windows. To be consistent with other Windows-based applications, it is recommended that you map shortcut keys in a similar way. For more information, see General Shortcut Keys for Applications. -David
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    Using the new web client, I constantly get this message: "Do you want to allow “https://www.evernote.com” to use up to 2.1 GB of storage on your Mac?" The message repeats itself every few minutes, increasing the GBs it is asking about. I assume this is a Safari "feature". I haven't tried it with Chrome. Are others seeing this? And another question - is this the best place for questions about the new web client? I sorta expected a new forum to be set up just for the "new" client..
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    I merged your post with an existing request The phrase "beating a dead horse" comes to mind imho I think you're better off switching to a supported product; I use Notability (iPad) I continue to store the documents in Evernote as note attachments
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    I’d like to see a setting where I can toggle the pressure to line weight feature for the Apple Pencil. I love using the app for notetaking in my classes but the pressure detection makes it difficult to write quickly and still be readable forcing me to either write slowly or to make certain I hold the pencil in the same wrist position in the same spot on my iPad for every word I write and it is difficult to balance the resting line weight with the moving line weight and it gives each letter a dot at the start and end of any stroke or lettering in the same word varying line thicknesses. If this could be turned off so that the line weight was always the same it would be perfect. Attached picture shows the dots at the end of strokes and variable line weights when writing quickly.
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    The vote button is at the top left corner of the discussion; currently 1 vote
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    same here. Uninstalled, reinstalled, changed internet But I can open the same note via browser
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    The storage issue on the Mac is under discussion in this thread in the Web client tech support forum (where you could also post your other issues):
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    Turning off context made all the difference for me. Switching Notebooks was painful on Windows but non-issue on Android. Now, on Windows, no detectable delay.
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    Thanks for the responses. Upgraded to Catalina and it's working fine
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    Hello! I would love to see some kind of "focus mode" or another type of distracting-free, minimal writing mode. What do I mean? Some programs dedicated solely to writing have the ability to allow text I writing to stay in the middle of the window, 2/3 of the window etc. This is really useful if you write longer notes. Such mode can, for instance, dims everything but the current sentence you are writing. Thanks in advance for supporting this idea. Tom
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    I would check whether they got send in first place, or were blocked as spam somehow. In total I use 4 mail accounts hosted by different providers to forward e-mails to EN, and all of them work.
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    The sender address should not be significant I don't use this feature, but my test emails have always been processed You might want to open a support ticket at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
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    Ummm.... never mind. It started working again this morning after almost a week of not working. Don't know if there was some type of technical issue or not but now it works. Sorry for the bandwidth.
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    I am also having this same problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Evernote app from the Mac app store with no success. I have been using this program for a number of years and this is the first time I have encountered this problem.
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    Hi. If you're now a subscriber, you have access to Evernote's Support team - and they're in a far better position than we are to see why you're unable to connect except on VPN. It does suggest you're trying to connect from somewhere that has blocked the Evernote web address for some reason. Are you connecting from behind a business firewall maybe?
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    (Para español) Hi All, We're currently in the process improving/streamlining the navigation for the discussion forums. Over the next few weeks, you may see some forums move, or disappear temporarily, as we work to streamline forum navigation and ease of access. Don't worry, we're not deleting any users posts/content. We're simply moving some forum content to different locations within the forums. Here are some recent changes that have gone into affect today. We created a featured section for Evernote Business here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/619-evernote-business/ Any previous/old threads related to feedback requests, or technical issue/bug reports, for Evernote Business have been moved to this new section. We have closed the Hobby & Interests sub-forum. All content there has been migrated to the General Discussion Forums: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/53-evernote-general-discussions/ Please keep an eye out as we will continue to announce any changes that are made to the discussion forums. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me via DM!
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    Hey guys, Is there any way of changing the default formatting of the notes? Like setting to slab serif, size 20, everytime I open a new note, for exemple? Thank you for the help!
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    It is easier to use the app AppCleaner to remove all data with the app. When deleting with this helper program, a box will ask what to delete and what to keep. If all positions are checked, the data will be removed together with the app and the settings.
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    No, uninstalling the app has no impact on the database files >>After uninstalling, should I locate .com.evernote folders and delete them too Yes, manually delete the database files You might want to locate the files before uninstalling the app hold down the option key and Help > Troubleshooting > Open Database folder
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    Please support selectively sync notebooks! Our notebook becomes bigger and bigger especial if you are a premium user. However, our Mac hard drive is usually just 256GB or 512GB. iOS, Android version Evernote all supports. Alternote also supports this feature. This feature was asked over THREE years ago by other people. And then again and again. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/21933-archived-howto-how-do-i-not-sync-certain-notebooks-apart-from-cancel-premium/https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39658-selective-notebook-syncing/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/61920-synchronize-selected-notebook-on-different-pc/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/60643-stop-sync-of-folder/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/60479-selective-sync-on-computer-roadmap/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/67191-syncing-only-a-few-notebooks-to-from-my-home-account-to-my-work-computer/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/65599-request-sync-only-select-notebooks/ I was a premium user. I like Evernote so much. But my hard drive has limited storage, so I canceled my premium account. And my friends canceled their premium accounts because of the same reason. Please support selectively sync notebooks! Thanks!
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    Recently Evernote have enabled `inline code` if you use backticks like that (example attached). But they don't appear in the iOS / Android / Windows / Mac clients as far as I can tell. Further, these clients seem to remove this formatting from the note. Is this feature in the pipeline for non-web clients?
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    I need this, and quickly. My Evernote DB currently is more than 40GB and I can’t stand it anymore on my 256GB SSD. I’ll be forced to leave my Evernote Premium account soon if nothing happens this way.
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    43k notes with no speed issues. Check what else is running on your machine, particularly any of the Microsoft background stuff which you don't use. Turn off context in EN. Hold Ctrl and click on help. Select optimize data base. EN performance is impacted by memory and disk type (HDD vs SSD).
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    Thank you! I can honestly say that Evernote has been one of the most essential apps in my career and personal life, and I've evangelized for them this whole 10 years. So there's a lot I'll put up with before I decide to go... (I think it was journalist James Fallows that made me aware of it.) I'm optimistic that your suggestion will work at least at some level.
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    Hi. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002061928-How-to-enable-dark-mode-in-Evernote
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