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    I'd assume it's specific to you and the other member. Whether ignore is posts and DMs you may never know. Them not sending another is just like it working. Social distancing on line can be confusing as well.
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    I.e., "Ignore"? I finally saw how to do that, by hovering over their profile pic. Not outstandingly obvious, but I am now ignoring them. But does that only mean I won't get notifications if they (s)P(a)M me again, or that the system will reject their messages altogether? Funny thing, I have no problem doing "social distancing" in person; I don't seem to understand it online.
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    I have two Fujitsu scanners - the original Evernote Edition and the Fujitsu ix500. I ended up throwing away my ix500 because after a firmware upgrade, it wasn't recognized by any computer I put it on! Its too bad because I had both scanners dialed in and I loved it. Very reliable. I am now searching for a second scanner, since my Evernote edition is staying home. I need one for work. I am reading reviews on the new ix1500 but it seems like people don't like it compared to the ix500. I want a scanner that integrates with Evernote quickly where I scan and it goes immediately into my inbox with the push of one button. Apparently, the ix1500 requires a two button push (once to OK scan?). Anyways, please let me know if you have purchased a scanner recently to work with Evernote. Thanks!
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    I was used to complain about evernote in why we can only have to levels of organization as "pile of notebooks > notebooks > notes" and today i descovered why. THATS BECAUSE YOU SHOULD ORGANIZE THIS WAY →→→→→ ORGANIZE BY TAGS I descovered this this week after using evernote since 2012 and this changed the way i organize my stuff. Please check those links. https://michaelhyatt.com/evernote-tags/ https://medium.com/@thomashoneyman/using-evernote-the-right-way-ef61f530d1ad#.om2cofoe5 Thanks Michael and Thomas.
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    Good to hear and as always Horses for Courses. Though I must say I would probably tag the notes with project and/or customer. Have most recent in the shortcuts bar for easy access. Old habits. 🤷‍♂️ Beauty of EN though, multiple ways to solve a problem and whichever feels best. Your good old days triggered a thought on some recent tinkering on my end. I have had a !LM tag forever, represents left messages for follow up, tag is in the shortcuts bar. With the recent changes to life I have been ordering even more on-line. Tracking can be an issue as shipping times have changed. I have some PhraseExpress hotkeys that forward receipt emails to EN with appropriate tags. I added !LM to those hotkeys and now I have one click access to open orders. Remove the !LM tag when the item arrives. Again flex of EN and tags..
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    Yes - in Evernote/Windows the .exb file contains all your data
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    Hi. Welcome to the wonderful world of emojii - this may explain more... How to use auto-formatting
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    Two things: 1) It's just a try-out, grass is greener type thing, and 2) It's actually working quite well. The notebooks are my contacts / clients / major projects, each with notes stored in created date order. So if Project X comes along and say "We spoke yesterday..." I find that name in my list of notebooks (it's a -relatively- short list, so eyeballing usually works), and find the top 10 notes usually contain the one I want. Two clicks (ish) and I'm there... There are exceptions - I'm collecting notes for possible trips / holidays forinstance in a 'RoadTrips' notebook - with locations identified by tags. (And yes, I know - leaving the house! Ah... the Good Old Days...)
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    This has turned into a never ending cycle of "we want this thing", "you can't do that thing but you can do this thing", "No, that's not the same thing at all, I want the thing done properly", " no, you can't do that but you can do this", "face palm" It's just insane that so many people have asked for a decent hierarchy in Evernote, only to be told that they don't really when actually, they do and it's not an ureasonable thing to ask. So I[m going to cut myself off from this discussion before the sheer stupidity of it explodes my head. Byby.
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    Hi, I have the same situation. A shared note won't open unless the receiver logs on to Evernote. How did you manage to solve the problem? Thank you.
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    I've noticed this behavior and found it to be somewhat unpredictable but just figured something out: I can copy/paste from Outlook into Evernote as long as Dark Mode isn't enabled on the email message itself. In my Outlook for Mac v16.37, there's a button called "Switch Background" which will toggle light/dark mode on the message content. As long it's toggled to the light background, copy/paste into Evernote seems to work just fine for me.
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    Hi @Narnk Thanks for the heads up re Dragon... I think the last time I actually bought/used Dragon was 2011 and I was impressed back then. I read that thread you referred to, the other day. Dragon would be the ideal solution (if it's as good/easy as they promise), but in my case $300 USD (wow these guys worked inflation to their advantage since my last purchase) more like $360 AUD for me, combined with having to train it, combined with the apparent existing integration issues in EN, means I will be sticking with the solution mentioned above, and for now it does the job. Otherwise and outside of transcribing my education courses, or composing long form emails here and there, I mostly rely and enjoy smashing away at my keyboard. But at some time soon, think I will need to once again re-visit the value-proposition of controlling apps and data entry via voice... they just need to make it easy and reliable....cheers again
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    I wrote this simple Windows batch file script that you can use to backup all your Evernote notebooks to Google Drive. You can also use Windows' Task Scheduler to schedule the backup as needed. The CMD file is attached. The variable ProgPath specifies the full path of the ENScript.exe file. The Variable BackupFolder sets the backup folder by using Google Drive File Stream. @echo off @rem Use Unicode/65001 code page to support notebooks with non-English locale names chcp 65001 > nul @rem Make sure the Evernote script file is in the right path. set ProgPath="%LocalAppData%\Apps\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe" if Not Exist %ProgPath% echo Error: Cannot find %ProgPath% program file. Exiting. & goto :EOF @rem Build the timestamp to be used for the backup file name for /F %%A In ('WMIC OS GET LocalDateTime ^| Findstr \.') Do @Set B=%%A set Timestamp=%B:~0,8%-%B:~8,6% @rem echo Timestamp=%Timestamp% @rem Specify the backup folder using the generated timestamp set BackupFolder=G:\My Drive\EvernoteBackups\%Timestamp% @echo Backup Folder = "%BackupFolder%" if Not Exist "%BackupFolder%." Mkdir "%BackupFolder%" @rem For each Evernote notebook, call the subroutine to back it up. for /F "delims==" %%i In ('%ProgPath% listNotebooks') Do Call :BackupNotebook "%%i" @echo Done Goto :EOF @rem Subroutine to backup Evernote notebooks :BackupNotebook set NotebookName=%~1 @echo Backing up notebook %NotebookName% ... %ProgPath% exportNotes /q "notebook:\"%NotebookName%\"" /f "%BackupFolder%\%NotebookName%.enex" exit /b BackupEvernote.cmd
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    Hi. There have been a lot of requests for a better text editor in Evernote. The company is said to be working on one for release later this year, but we do not know what it will include.
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    Whenever editing a note there is a timeout in iOS evernote where it forces a refresh and loose cursor position and default to initial view as if you have just opened a note. This is especially annoying with longer notes that require scrolling. Scenario: if you want to take notes walking or in a meeting you cant just pull out your phone to write down information. There is almost always a lot of friction to resume content editing. Its ridiculous. Surely there is a way to sync notes to the server without distracting user from the most important task - content creation The timeout occurs when switching apps or after a brief phone sleep. Apparently its a normal behaviour confirmed by support. After syncing and crashing this has to be one of the most annoying features in the product that will eventually force me to switch to apple Notes app, which is excellent and free Evernote really needs to get its product development act together, start listening to customers and stop product fragmentation chaos. I hope the new CEO gets what product development is. There is a lot of competition in the market already!
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    A format painter is desperately needed! I am transitioning from OneNote to Evernote... and I had to put the brakes on. Certain notes need formatting and it is horribly time consuming to have to do so much manual formatting.
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    I have been using Evernote for more than a year now. The feature that I am missing the most is to create a new note within a note, like I would do in a wiki. For example: Select a word or a phrase. Right Click In the context menu: click on create a new note. A new note is created with the selected text as the header A link to the new note is placed in the existing note with the selected text as anchor.Some benefits This feature could convert a lot of personal wiki users to Evernote.Saves a lot of time: no need to create a new note, edit it, copy a link to that note, and paste it to the existing note.Saves some trouble too. If you forget to put the link to the existing note, that association between the notes that you need is lost forever.Hope this inspires the Evernote team to implement this feature. Thanks for the nice product anyway.
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    Hi. I'm confused by the use case for enabling quick links to "notebooks, tags, searches". I agree better note linking is required - and I was one of the first to suggest a wiki-style architecture with [bracketed] words acting as links to any current note with that exact title, or creating a new note with a clickable link if one does not yet exist. (I like Wikipedia-style wikis.) If you have a specific link creation case in mind I'd suggest you check out the feature request threads which already have some related suggestions on which you could vote, or start your own.
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    I was able to do this using XML to create an "export" file of my list. You will need a text editor. Create a file and paste this into it: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE en-export SYSTEM "http://xml.evernote.com/pub/evernote-export3.dtd"> <en-export> <note><title>Item 1</title></note> <note><title>Item 2</title></note> <note><title>Item 3</title></note> </en-export> Place your items between the title tags. I had a long list, so I used some of the text processing features of my text editor program (Textwrangler, on a Mac) to insert the tags before and after each item. You could also use Word or concatenate cells in Excel to create the same thing. But the final file must be text only. Once you have your list formatted, save the file with the extension .enex Open Evernote and under the File menu select Import Notes. Find your file and select it. It will import it into a new folder called Import Items, creating a separate note for each item. If you want to add content to the notes at the same time, add a content tag to each note item: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE en-export SYSTEM "http://xml.evernote.com/pub/evernote-export3.dtd"> <en-export> <note><title>Item 1</title><content>Content for Item 1</content></note> <note><title>Item 2</title><content>Content for Item 2</content></note> <note><title>Item 3</title><content>Content for Item 3</content></note> </en-export>
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    We, Humans, have been using cabinets, notebooks, folders, files and notes to store data for long. Why? Because this used to be the only technology we knew for it. However, It's not the natural way our mind deals with information. Our brain is a network rather than a cabinet. We need to quickly associate ideas, thoughts and all kind of information to be productive and creative! EN would become a killer if it allows more flexibility for outlining information. What about becoming more wiki-style, like some past programs (SeoNote, Treepad) or present services such as Confluence and Notion.so? By doing so, Evernote would allow teams to collaborate and share common places (not notes!) which could be actually workplaces or even hyperlinked Knowledge Bases (not a stack of notebooks!). I think this is the future of information management. I really want Evernote to embrace it.
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    My l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-n-g note-keeping history includes quite a bit of time in Wikis, which have some interesting special talents. To recap a couple of them here - Include or create a link to a note by enclosing the name of the note in square brackets [like that]. If the link shows in red, there's no content yet. If it's blue, you just linked to another existing note. There's a command feature that will list out the note(s) linking to any single note. 'Transclude' all or part of one note into another - so that if you want to show your [[company address]] in several other notes, you can keep the details on one page and still show it everywhere anyone might need to see it. If that address ever changes, altering the 'source' note will show the change in all the other notes linked to it. There's lots more - the details may change a little depending on the software you use. I was into MediaWiki, which is what runs Wikipedia - at one stage handling millions of simultaneous logins every day. Having used Evernote for a while, I don't want to go back to Wikis, or have Evernote perform 'more like a wiki' - but I do think having links behave in that way would be a powerful addition to Evernote's features.
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    Wiki fan here too. Lots of Wiki features would go well in Evernote including your suggestion and transclusion and [wiki scripting]...
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    THIS! It bugs me to no end. Especially when I need to bring up notes in a hurry.
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