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    There is a backlog The screenshot is from my activity log
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    Hello.When I edit a note, suddenly cursor jumped to the top of the note.And then this alert is displayed on screen. "We found more than one version of ○○ You can view the alternate" Then,.Note is automatically duplicated(double, triple, blah blah) How do I resolve this problem? I"ve already done log-out,shutdown, closing browser, cleaning cache. ・Usage environment Windows 10 , evernote web new version and classic editor, google chroom Best regards.
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    Rob, I agree with you. Without using all the other ways to search, to the very least the order of results should be by most relevant first. I mean if a title has all 3 words searched for, why would it display near the bottom? I don't know. Makes no sense to me. The search in Evernote is a pet peeve of mine. The rules one must know is just too much. You must know that you can't exclude a notebook. You must know that you can't combine "and" with "or". You must know that you can't search with wildards unless they are at the end of a word. I'm sure there are other rules. It's just too cumbersome.
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    Delete the image from the bottom Drag Files Here section edit; I should have pointed out the nearly invisible delete icon at the bottom right corner of the image
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    Did you hold down the option key (in Italian) while clicking on Help
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    Thanks, CalS! I use the markdown notation on the Mac, starting a code block with ```. That is what doesn't work on the Windows version; I'd like it added, but I can go about my normal business now that I know about the button and the keybind especially. The more I can do just with the keyboard, the better!
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    Ouch - me too - 57 items! Same date. There's also a comment on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/filterize about delays from 10 May...
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    The screenshot if from a Mac and shows the tag picker filter The list is filtered to all the tags used in the current view (@Inbox notebook)
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    This link might be too basic for your needs, but I'll toss it into the mix. https://evernote.com/blog/how-to-get-organized/
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    It is not clear in what way it is not working for you now. What makes you think your organization is "messed up"? You will quickly learn that for the most part Evernote users who frequently post in this forum have organized their notes, and strongly advocate for, one of these two methods: Minimal use of Notebooks, rely on tags and keywords in the Note title Use Notebooks as the primary organizational tool, and may, or may not, have some use of tags. Of course that is an over-simplification, and there are many that use combinations of 1 and 2. But neither method is "right" or "wrong" in and of itself. It mostly depends on how you think, what is logical to you, what is intuitive to you, and the type of information you have. One thing that can help guide you is what kind of information do you want to store and organize in Evernote? Some real-world topics are well-suited for a hierarchical organization, things like Projects, Tasks, Property Management, Client Management, etc. Hierarchical Notebooks (like folders in Mac and Windows OS) are well-suited for these. Other topics might fall in several different categories, like Insurance, Computers, people etc. Tags are well-suited for these. I have found that my information falls into both of the above groupings, so I use a bit of both NBs and Tags. I would use NBs more IF Evernote fully supported multilevel hierarchical NBs. IMO, the word "organization" is sometimes misused. When I think of organization I tend to think of the structure of the information, like a book or magazine, or like a subject notebook. The organization is largely about presentation, controlling which sections and pages come in what order. Text books, for example, are laid out to first show the basics of the subject, and then to progressively get more complicated and detailed. The order of the chapters is meant to be followed by the students. However, if you want to find some specific information, you don't want to have to manually scan through the entire book. That's were the index at the back of the book comes in. And, of course now that the entire book can be digital, we can do a full text search very quickly. But that can be a problem in that it might produce too many false positives. Again, that's where the index helps. The index is really a set of keywords that we might call tags. So tags and keywords in a Note title are best suited for finding just the information we want, with a bare minimum of false positives. I will say one advantage I have found of tags vs title keywords, is that tags are a defined set of keywords that Evernote maintains for you. So when you need to assign a tag, you can pick from a list. Whereas Title keywords are subject to typos, misremembering, forgetting, synonyms, etc. Plus some keywords don't feel natural in a Title, but I still want to "index" that Note with that keyword, so it is a tag. Well, I don't know if all that will really help you or not, but maybe it will give you some ideas. Don't be afraid to experiment with small sets of information (Notes) to test and find out what works best for you. Please feel free to ask any follow-up questions you may have.
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    Hi. I also use Filterize. It's not 'instant' - your note may need two or three syncs before you see the required changes. I rely on it to just work, and I haven't found any errors yet.
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    There is no setting for this Evernote opens with the same settings as when the app was closed If you're into scripting, some controls can be implemented
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    Evernote 6.24.2 Public. Never noticed this before as I typically sort in a date sequence of some sort and I only have a few emojis - phone call, recurring events, "hot" items. Here's a clip of a reminder search sorted by title (typically by reminder time). Phone and hot at the top, recurring at the bottom, and text in the middle. Could it have been this way for a while? The emoji code is just another special character that sorts to the front? Don't know for sure though.
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    Any chance for an update or new "Behind the Scenes (from Home)"? It feels like it has been forever since the new web editor beta was released, and it is GREAT... except it is not fully functional (without reminders or ability to easily file notes into notebooks). I understand things are probably delayed due to COVID-19, but it would be great to provide some transparency and an update on anticipated timing for devoted Evernote users eagerly awaiting an update (for a long time)... This migration to the common editor is clearly holding up any updates to all apps, as the iPad Evernote app still doesn't take advantage of the ability to open two instances of the same app side-by-side, which seems like a feature built for Evernote.
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    Why not emulate just about every other text editing software and add shortcut icons for Undo and Redo at the top of the editing window? I went years not even knowing that this feature exists in Evernote! I can never remember the keyboard shortcut for Undo and I can never find it in Evernote's help, so I have to do a Google search. This wastes a lot of time.
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    Being able to style tags or notebooks has gone? Will this be back?
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    I notice that heading styles are available in the web app (Windows).....
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    If you double click a note, you will get an Evernote window with no list ("Open Note in New Window") . This window will spawn new windows if you use CMD-J, so it's a far cry from what you want, but it might be useful.
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    Hey @jo7k - Here are a couple gifs showing how you can change the font size, and remove the shadow effect. I hope that helps!
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    Yes! Markdown support and custom stylesheets please. Stylesheets could be ignored, of course, as needed in various platforms, but I want my notes to be simple semantic HTML under the hood. h1, h2, p, ul, ol, etc. Even formatting as stripped down as what you see in Quip or similar would be welcome.
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    Markdown would be the best feature evernote could ever add.
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