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    You can set a Reminder without a date for each item (Note) to be read. Then, in the Note List, click on the Reminders view, and you can manually move each Note to the order you want. Here is an example I made up just to illustrate this method: As you get a new book, set a Reminder for it and it will appear on this list. Then drag/drop, if needed, to put in the reading order you want. NOTE: I have a Tag named "Books", and I have assigned that tag to all books I want to read. Then I filtered the Note list on that tag. For convenience, you move one Book Note to "Open in a new tab", then filter that Tab. This leaves your main EN Tab free to general use.
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    Dear Evernote iOS development team, Please include nested tags / hierarchy into the iOS version! I finally made the move to become a premium user after discovering the the usefulness of tag nesting / hierarchy in organising notes on the Mac Evernote. Just about to port all my notes into evernote, then I realised the iOS version can't see the nested / heirarchy structure !! aagh and I've just paid for a whole year subscription ...bummer~ I understand there are tonnes of requests out there, but this seems to be a crucial notes organisation feature to be considered for inclusion? Please add this feature in line with the desktop apps please? My setup: Mac Evernote (on iMac) - for work at home iOS 8 Evernote (on iPad + keyboard) - for taking notes during work and conferences.
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    The app store on my iPhone (in the UK at least) is still on 8.24.5 Fingers crossed, I'll soon be able to download the version you have and this will resolve it.
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    Hi, With the increased collaboration features "recently" added to Evernote such as Shared Notebooks, it would be very useful if multiple email addresses could be linked to a single Evernote ID, and furthermore that shared notebooks could be shared based on Evernote userID alone as well as one of the associated email addresses. The reason is foremost for people using Evernote to share both private stuff with friends and family, and work stuff with colleagues. If I could either tell them just to share with my userID, or my colleagues simply could share with the email address they already have on file, it would simplify the process significantly, and also not mean "forced" sharing of ones personal email address to work colleagues for instance. Food for thought?
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    I wanted to switch to using rerkable (https://remarkable.com/store/remarkable). Is it supported by evernote? Will my notes be uploaded to evernote?
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    Yes, if your software supports links I insert links to EN notes in my Calendar, Spreadsheets, Reminders, ... I prefer to use the in-app link, but sometimes have to use the browser link
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    RESOLVED! After removing some old programs I no longer needed, doing a malware scan, and some other cleanup, I concluded some sort of database corruption might be the cause. I deleted ALL .exb files and let the client rebuild them. Copy-n-paste now works, and so does drag-n-drop. Thanks Cal and Dave for your suggestions.
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    I hear you it is a User Forum. But there are not many others ways to connect with them and get insights into where they are going. So dignifying the thread with a response would have been a nice ‘detail’. I am a paying user, and have not found other better way to understand the roadmap and if these expectations are potentially in their plans or not. I would like that level of clarity from a vendor I pay every year for well over 7 years...
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    This is a user discussion forum I can tell you Evernote is a text based product, using an enml based format (basically html)
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    Where the hell is Evernote on this? Have they responded to any of these posts asking for drawing integration?
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    Yes much safer, I use encrypted attachments to add security for my sensitive data; PDFs, Office/iWork documents,... Keep in mind, this also excludes the data from being indexed for searching
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    Hi, MIke, and welcome to the forums. This is primarily user-to-user; Evernote staff look in, but this isn't the best place to address comments and feature requests/upgrades to them directly. There are feedback forums for that purpose: go to https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/449-product-feedbackfeature-requests/ and select the forum for the Evernote interface you use most. WRT searching, here is the documentation on the search grammar. My understanding is that searching is indeed pretty basic, e.g., it searches for strings at the beginning of a search term, not in the middle or end. Could definitely be improved.
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    Hi. It's possible to get the title information out of Evernote as a spreadsheet, and 'mail merge' individual note titles into labels using a word-processor. Open Evernote desktop and search for the notes for which you wish to create titles. If those notes are all in one notebook, select that notebook. Click in the all notes / search results window to highlight one note, then Ctrl+A to Select All Copy and paste the list into a spreadsheet Mail merge from there By clicking on the title bar in the results window you can control which columns of information are shown or hidden; or the full display can be pasted into a spreadsheet and any irrelevant columns deleted. (I have a Brother QL-570 label printer which can work directly from a spreadsheet 'database' to produce batch labels.)
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    To cut a long story short: I could not find out on the Fujitsu web site whether the current ScanSnap Home software for the Mac supports your Scanner. The ScanSnap-Manager SW can not be used on Catalina. So I assume it can use the current ScanSnap Home, even when your scanner was discontinued in 2017. The secrets of running a ScanSnap with Catalina and ScanSnapHome are these: After you installed the software on the Mac, make sure it gets all access right in the Catalina settings, Privacy & Security. Check each category in the Privacy tab, and wherever you find ScanSnap, check it. Make sure it saves the settings by unlocking the lock before, and relook it after. Then you need to open the ScanSnapHome application, and connect the scanner to your computer. There is an assistant to do so via USB cable, and it will set up the WiFi connection as well. It only supports 2.4 GHz-WiFi. When the scanner is operational, open the scanning window. In the scanning window (at my Mac it is in the Macs menu bar, to the right, and sometimes hardly visible because it is grayed out when the scanner is off) you can choose, edit and create Profiles. Set up profiles to fit your scanning jobs. I have created 3 of them that load directly into Evernote (among others), one for simplex (one-sided), one for duplex (front and rear) and one for high resolution. You need to give them access rights to save into your EN account. When you want to scan into EN, choose the right profile for the job before scanning. There are a lot of options hidden in the tabs of the profiles, so take your time to look through them, and pick the right options. One of them is the OCR for pdfs („make pdf readable“). When you choose this, the OCR will be done on the Mac and saved with the pdf, not by EN on the server and saved in the note. The options for Auto-rotating pages, check and delete empty pages and create titles from content are there as well. And I agree: Compared with a good scanner (I am using the ix500) a multifunction-printer as a Scanner can be a real PITA. My MuFu-Printer just serves as a backup. If I have only a few pages to scan, I mostly use my iPhone.
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    Hey guys, I would like to use saved searches as a link in a note. So I can click on the search-link in that note and get the results. Because I want to share this note and also these searches with another person, the quick access (favorites) and the saved searches in my own search field are not helpful. Example: I create a note "OVERVIEW". In that note I want to show a clickable saved seach (notebook:"home" tag:"invoice" tag:"paid"). With another person I'm sharing the notebook:"home". This person now should see the also shared note "OVERVIEW" and can click at the saved search "Paid Invoices Home" (notebook:"home" tag:"invoice" tag:"paid") and get all the paid invoices from notebook home. How is that possible? Or how can I solve this problem instead? Hope you understand my question... looking forward to your ideas.
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    Situation: Some sites have adopted .webp (for performance and licensing reasons) however evernote clients don't support the format as an image to display them Suggested fix: add support for .webp (or if not posable, add support for the web clipper to auto convert to .jpg with perhaps a toggle so that users who would like to keep the original can do so)
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    Please increase tags functionality for iOS devices: 1) We need *simple* multi-tag search. 2) We need auto-populate of tag names. 3) We need the tag library to reflect our desktop organization (e.g. order, nesting, etc), just as with Notebooks. The iOS apps are horridly crippled without these functions in place. Without them, you have only a few options: 1) Do without multi-tag filtering... Do you have something tagged for a person AND as an agenda item (something to talk about next time you see that person)? Too bad, you can only pull up EVERYTHING for that person, which may include years of emails, mtg notes, etc. OR you can pull up EVERYTHING tagged as "agenda", thus including large numbers of items irrelevant to who you are actually standing with. Insert your own example of useful multi-characteristic filtering, then accept that you can't accomplish them. 2) Utilize saved searches... This works perfectly, but causes, as it has caused with my Evernote, your Shortcut list to become monstrously long defeating to some degree the idea of a "shortcut list". In the end, you choose a few definitely needed multi-tag searches and resign yourself to option #1 above for most things. 3) Attempt to use complicated boolean search strings... This works in a highly non-intuitive way AND requires you to remember the exact wording of your desired tags, often difficult in situations where you are looking for a person for instance and don't remember if you listed them as Dan or Daniel. If you utilize an extensive tag list (a strength of the desktop Evernote applications) this works almost never, thus you resort to a few items under option #2, and mostly surrender to option #1. It seems quite strange that this is an unavailable functionality, especially because of how many people tell me it WAS available prior to 2011/2012. It's a very frustrating situation which is crippling the usability of the iOS apps for easy daily use. Please fix, or at least give us some idea of why this oft asked for functionality is still unavailable. Thank you!
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    It's not a completely fluid experience by I use Keyboard Maestro macro for this. It looks like this:
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    Hi All, You may have noticed that all threads requesting the ability to manually set a note's thumbnail/snippet have been merged into this thread, regardless of platform specificity. This was done in order to better enable us to quantify and qualify user requests, and amplify their voice. While this does not mean this is a feature that will be coming, we certainly want to relay user feedback/sentiment to our various teams. Moving forward, please put all commentary and votes the ability to manually set a note's thumbnail/snippet here!
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    Hello EV, In your email newsletter today (7/25/18), you wrote: "A dream team isn’t just having 'the smartest people in the room.' It’s about being open and not afraid of a challenge.” So here’s a challenge: implement “Find and Replace” and, therefore, respond to many years worth of user requests. Let’s face it: this feature is long overdue.
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    Good points. An intentional stance that has note changed since 2008? There are four factors at play here. 1. Information Structure and Organization. gmail is an excellent example showing that "labels" and "folders" are one and the same. In fact, technically, any filesystem is simply a set of labels (tags) in a directory. The only difference is that tags allow multiple membership, which is a more flexible structure than a directory. I'd argue that EN users have a higher requirement for organizing active information than an email app, which is ultimately about Inbox Zero and an archive. This is the actual nature of the technical problem at the root of everyone's frustration. 2. User Stories / Usage Cases. Some people think in terms of folders. Some think in terms of tags. Some prefer search. Some problems (archival) favor folders and hierarchy. Some problems (research) favor jumping to a tag. Some (quick answers) favor a search. Take a simple example from Spotify, who has essentially solved this problem: Playlist: My Deep House Playlist - a list of songs I MUST have together in a specific order (they can also be in other playlists) Hierarchical Playlists: Electronic > House > Deep House; Electronic > DownTempo; Electronic > Dubstep; etc. Tag: Artist names, albums, genres are all forms of tags: Metalcore, punk, Prince, JustinBieber, Search: "Free bir..." 3. User Perception. The fact that this is an ongoing debate 10 years later, means customer expectations are NOT being met. Perhaps Evernote Team don't understand what the users are asking for. Perhaps they do understand but are dismissive. Perhaps no one with formal training in ontologies and information structure is even looking at the problem, so EVERYONE is confused both Evernote and Customers. But regardless, the fact that users aren't free to organize thousands of notes in a way that works for them, and the company and the users are talking past each other for 10 years running? Obviously a communication problem. Poor @engberg left alone to defend the company's position without reinforcements. 4. Technical Deficit. Evernote has been running a technical Deficit since the beginning. I'm a champion, and supporter and really WANT them to succeed. And they've managed to keep advancing the product so many of us rely on. But the reality of over-stretched technical teams, is long stand-up meetings with long lists of unresolved bugs. And the lists keep getting longer. If the technical deficit is never addressed, often by biting the bullet and focusing on refactoring ancient code, the problems compound, it shows up in quality, and it shows up in subscription renewals, and those paying customers are the lifeblood of the company. All it takes is a freshly funded Y-Combinator team who are super smart and super motivated to solve the problem in a cleaner way. Then when Sequoia backs that team, it will be able to hire the best engineers who've been slaving away to maintain the EN code base for a decade, and the rest is a story told a thousand times in Silicon Valley. So, hopefully, this one widely desired and poorly understood aspect of information organization can be resolved AND communicated sometime soon.
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    I hope my baby can use Evernote with the feature "Find and Replace" at school to save time 10 years later. I hope my baby can read in Evernote with the feature "Change Background Color" to protect her eyes 15 years later. In front of politics, our parents failed. In front of Evernote, our generation failed. From 2013 to 2017,time is so cruel~ always… So I dare not ask too much...I just hope: God Bless Our Babies!!! God Bless Evernote!!!
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    I see. I don't understand how Evernote can introduce so many good features and then delete them one by one whenever they feel like it. It seems they don't care at all about there users. The future of evernote feels very uncertain.
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    I've been using Evernote since 2008 (and paying for since when they got PLUS plan) for food/restaurant logging. The map view was essential and quite useful as a restaurant memo (like personal foursquare). When they killed Evernote Food it was a blow but I managed to adapt my logging style to the base app. And now the map is gone from all their apps. So after some research I chose to migrate my whole log to Day One. The process was almost manual and it took about 2 weeks. Well but it was not too bad to look back on all the meals I had these years. And now I'm happy to have a beautiful geo-organized diary. Good bye Evernote.
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    Microsoft OneNote supports clipping webpages with webp images. It's probably time to move out. Take care with your reluctance, Evernote.
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    I am a new Evernote Premium user and I have to say I am very dissapointed that I cannot combine more than one email into this application. This is the first thing I attempted to do as I am trying to keep all of my personal and work details in one place. This is what I thought Evernote was all about; organizing one's life so that it was less complicated. I didn't research Evernote enough. I can only think I made a wrong purchase. I am a Mac user at home and use PC at work and preferred to purchase Evernote as I prefer Apple products, but now I am thinking OneNote might have been a better option. Someone tell me I'm wrong.............
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    I just wanted to add my two cents.. I chose Onenote over Evernote based only on subfolders/hierarchy.. Albeit onenote doesnt have much beyond three levels deep (and even the 3rd level of hierarchy is barely noticeable).. My friend is considering Evernote for the Mac but immediately was upset when it revealed no support for subfolders. It has everything but it! She wants to create 100+ notebooks but knows how cluttered it will look.. when she hoped to break them into about 10 categories.. For cleanliness subfolders are needed! She tried the tags and got more confused.. Why should she have to set the tags manually for each note she adds? When she should just be allowed to "select" on a certain notebook and hit add... then it will know file it in that same sub-notebook... without "tagging" it (another tedius chore). +1 vote for subfolders Thanks!
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    Has the fact that several of us have asked for subnotebooks been noted as a feature request? Will it be possible in the future? Personally, subnotebooks will be much more useful to me than the tag hierarchy.
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    Hi Robert. This is a public user forum, so first may I strongly recommend that you edit your post to remove your personal information which is currently available to everyone. Second - as we're mainly user-supported - no one can offer you any assurances that your proposed scanner / device will work as you require, though quite a few users here (I believe) have a similar setup and the IX500 seems to be a popular model. Some of my Mac-user colleagues on here may be able to comment further - I use Windows and an old Fujitsu S1500 so can't really help with that... Don't forget to zap your details!!
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