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    Since April 24 2020 something has changed in server side Evernote API handling: calls to UserStore (virtually any calls but in particular checkVersion and getUser) started to return with weird error: HTTP status code is 429 which corresponds to "Too many requests" but the error is "OK". This error has ruined two open source Evernote clients on Linux: NixNote2 and Quentier. Both use unofficial C++ implementation of Evernote API, QEverCloud, but it worked fine for several years and then stopped in a single day on which nothing has changed in the library or in the apps. Furthermore, the error also affects people who use official Evernote SDKs according to this stackoverflow question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61404638/why-is-there-a-sudden-increase-in-ttransportexception. There's some investigation on the issue here by NixNote2 maintainer: https://github.com/robert7/nixnote2/issues/151#issuecomment-621384522. In particular, it seems that calls to UserStore started to require some cookie in addition to authentication token and that cookie is set during OAuth procedure. I failed to find anything about this in the documentation. One other thing that I noticed is that www.evernote.com suffers from this problem but sandbox.evernote.com doesn't seem to. I know this forum is user supported but I really hope that someone from Evernote backend team could comment on this issue. Is it a bug? Or is it an undocumented new feature? What should Evernote API users change in their apps to continue working with UserStore?
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    Thanks, @gazumped. In the meantime, after doing some tests it seems that Cronofy have got it back up and running. Reminders created or deleted in Evernote create and delete new Calendar events; and editing date/time in either Evernote or Calendar syncs with the other. So, yay. 👍 But I'll keep the Filterize information for reference.
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    I set the date for the reminder and then use the remindertime and reminderdonetime reminderoder values in the searches. For example: !1 Today remindertime:day -remindertime:day+1 -reminderdonetime:* !2a Late remindertime:* -remindertime:day -reminderdonetime:* !4 Yesterday -reminderdonetime:* remindertime:day+1 -remindertime:day+2 !5 Next 7 -reminderdonetime:* remindertime:day -remindertime:day+8 EDIT: And since I am on Windows desktop I save the view of the saved search sorting by remindertime so I end up with a nice lst, for me anyway.
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    @gazumped, thanks.
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    Hi. No - except that you could open a new separate template note and merge template+existing content (in that order) and edit from there. Better IMHO to start a template note and copy the content across if necessary. What @DTLow said.
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    No, it's a new note feature No Create a note with the template, and edit the note Save as a new template https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001929468-How-to-use-templates
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    Thanks for the advice @gazumped 😀 I have just messaged them on Facebook and will post the outcome here.
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    The most up-to-date data is stored on the servers (online) Syncing will download this data to your PC; it doesn't matter if your PC has old data The only way your device data overwrites the server data is if your device has more up-to-date data
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    Just an update. Evernote Support verified this is an issue and a know bug that is not being addressed in the foreseeable future. My options are to continue to delete the notes repeatedly or log in to the Evernote Web service after syncing the Mac app but before opening any iOS apps to ensure the notes are not restored after deletion.
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    Hi. We're a predominantly user-supported forum, so you'd have to contact Evernote support. There's a Facebook community, or Twitter @EvernoteHelps. Please let us know what happens!
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    Hi there, I've a free Evernote account, which allow as maximum 2 devices to syncronize But every 2 weeks, I have an alert that says "YOU HAVE TO STOP SYNCRONIZE ONE OF YOUR DEVICES", and when I see the list, I have a Device I've never synced. It says is an iPhone cellphone... but I dont use iphone! Neither the people which shares me some note uses that cellphone brand. Any idea? Thanks!
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    I had used Evernote on an iPhone years ago but that iPhone is no longer used. It's not powered on, the wifi isn't the same network, it doesn't have 4G (because it's not used and not powered on, it is literally sitting in a drawer somewhere so it would have no access to internet). Yet it still syncs to my account. Every week or so I have to unsync it but it somehow still lists itself as synced. I've looked at other threads saying this is a security issue but I've changed my password since this started and it's still happening so it's clearly a bug. It's incredibly frustrating having to unsync my old device every week or so when it really can't possibly be syncing itself. At this point I'm considering just switching note apps because this is so frustrating and apparently has been an issue for years with Evernote, judging by similar posts.
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    The EvernoteSpotlight quit unexpectedly Bug has been going on for months. It even occurred with me on a NEW MacBookPro 16" 2019 with 64 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD with the only addition being a FRESH Evernote installation. The problem is NOT with the Evernote application. The problem is the EvernoteSpotlight PLUGIN that is installed in Evernote itself. This is the piece of code that crashes. ---------- Evernote supports solution DOES NOT WORK. They want you to completely deinstall Evernote and wiping out all traces and files of Evernote then reinstalling Evernote and waiting for your own files to download to your Mac. EvernoteSpotlight will still crash. Their solution is not a permanent solution. It does not answer nor eliminate why the EvernoteSpotlight crashes. It is also UNTENABLE to repeatedly reinstall Evernote and its files particularly when you have a large database of Evernote files. This takes hours to download. ---------- SUSPECT CAUSE OF CRASHES: I suspect the problem is that EvernoteSpotlight may be encountering certain PDFs that it chokes on when it tries to OCR them for searches. A similar problem was crashing a different app called KeepIt - which has a similar function to Evernote but is a local Mac App what stores its notes on iCloud. KeepIt was trying to do OCR on PDFs so that it could do a Spotlight Search on the contents. But this function kept crashing. I stopped KeepIt from doing OCR on PDFs (since I do OCR using a different App) and KeepIt has stopped crashing. If EvernoteSpotlight could just more elegantly abort OCR functions that fail and simply AVOID crashing the entire EvernoteSpotlight plugin, then this would get rid of the problem. ---------- The EvernoteSpotlight plugin has TWO SEPARATE FUNCTIONS: 1) SPOTLIGHT SEARCH: It apparently allows you to do Mac OS Spotlight Searches on Evernote's Contents stored on your Mac. 2) SHARE TO EVERNOTE: It allows you to Print PDFs to Evernote, Share PDFs to Evernote, Clip Web Content to Evernote. I AM FINE WITHOUT SPOTLIGHT SEARCHES ON EVERNOTE. But SHARE TO EVERNOTE is VITAL. ---------- The villain is the EvernoteSpotlight PLUGIN that is installed within the Evernote App. YOU CAN REMOVE IT MANUALLY TO STOP THE CRASHING. Simply: 1. Select the Finder menu item "Go to Folder..." 2. Enter: /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/PlugIns to directly go to the Evernote Plugins Folder 3. Then trash the EvernoteSpotlight.appex file THIS STOPS THE CRASHING. HOWEVER LOSING THE SHARE TO EVERNOTE FUNCTIONS IS DEVASTATING TO THE EASE OF USE OF EVERNOTE. I need to be able to Print PDFs to Evernote and to Share PDFs to Evernote. Otherwise, I have to print PDFs and manually drag them into Evernote. This is much more tedious and time consuming. The crashing will stop when you trash the EvernoteSpotlight Plugin. And Evernote will itself run just fine. Crashes will recur only when Evernote itself is updated and the EvernoteSpotlight Plugin is once again reinstalled. IF SOMEONE COULD CREATE A SEPARATE PRINT PDF AND SHARE PDF PLUGIN FOR EVERNOTE and simply eliminate the EvernoteSpotlight plugin, this gets rid of this bug and solves the problem of crashes and will keep us all happy.
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    I applied this fix, and I no longer get the error, and my Notes are still being indexed by Spotlight: Actually, what I did was this: I zipped and deleted the EvernoteSpotlight.appex folder: /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/PlugIns/EvernoteSpotlight.appex
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    I did a search but the results were from prior to 2017 and none worked. Is there a way to remove all hyperlinks in a note? I know I could probably use "simplify formatting" or "remove formatting" but that moves the note formatting which I want to keep. It is only hyperlinks I want to delete. (This is an archive of a Facebook conversation, and every instance of someone's name includes the hyperlink. That's what I want to remove and there are way too many to click on each name and select remove hyperlink)
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    I tried uninstall with App Cleaner, updated the OS, and reinstall, but happened again. So, I have no idea how bad this idea is, but I decided to remove this process manually. Since then, I've never seen the problem. Here is how to do that; Run Terminal Type this command and enter rm /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/PlugIns/EvernoteSpotlight.appex/Contents/MacOS/EvernoteSpotlight Hope this helps you.
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    I am having this exact issue! I've removed the unauthorised account about 4 times, changed my password and the email associated with my account. Under access history settings it shows the iphone in Brazil, China, Philippines, vietnam all in a matter of days. I don't own an iphone, no one knows my password and I haven't been in any of these countries...ever.
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    I want the ability to turn on or off automatic hyperlinking. Not after the fact as an edit but the presumption. The current automatic hyperlink is a fatal flaw. If the option already exists, can you inform me how I might set Evernote to "never automatically hyperlink"? In addition, there should be an option to highlight a word and right-click restore or add the hyper link to the selection if desired. So, the exception is in the end-users control. Pretty simple, really. I am a long time paid subscriber, this seemingly lacking feature annoys me to the point of looking at OneNote. BTW. I use all OSs and mobile platforms, but this, I was told was the best place to put the suggestion. -adam
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    Quoting from "Looking Ahead: Evernote’s Priorities for 2019" by CEO Ian Small The above quote from the CEO Ian Small, about loyalty and the goal of honesty act as a springboard for this feature request. A public roadmap offers a way to build trust with the Evernote user base. It provides users with the ability to see which feature requests are being worked on and it's an asset that can be touched on in the inside Evernote videos. It's part of opening the kimono, to regain lost trust by loyal users. Many companies use Trello, Asana, and other kanban-based planning tools to manage projects among local and remote workers. In other words, I'm confident that Evernote uses Jira or something similar, that has roadmap data that can be added to a publicly viewable asset. Making some part available to the public is low hanging fruit.
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    I'd be more than useful to be able to select multiple images in one note and resize them all at the same size at once.
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    Thanks, am I the only one who gets frustrated by different functionality in each app / platform?!
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    I simply want to make an entire notebook plain-text only. I would use this for my coding and technical projects. Having to pick and choose pasting and formatting options each time I cut and paste into a note really slows down my workflows. Thanks!
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    I don't agree with gazumped and DTLow. All people who record and transcribe interviews a lot know that a workaround with external app is very very uncomfortable. I love Evernote for organizing my work on interviews as texts and it's very convenient to have the audio embedded in the note. I just miss basic playback control and may be a speed adjustment, which were very basic features even 15 years ago… There is definitely a market for that. I had to buy the F5 app just to have some reasonable workflow and I don't need all its features.
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    What constantly surprises me about Evernote is that, although it is essentially a digital filing cabinet, they encourage users to use it for other things as well. But they don't adapt it sufficiently to make anything else than a digital filing cabinet. When I started using EN I became very enthusiastic about it & was constantly looking at ways to extend its functionality. Example: ne of my new passions is journalling, which I started doing in Evernote but because of its poor text editor I now use another app. So, 1 1/2 years after having embraced Evernote, I have come to the conclusion described in the 1st paragraph & only use it as a (semi)permanent store of my documents & records. Having said that, it is very good for that & things like the Web Clipper & Clearly are the best around. Even OneNote's web clipper is nothing more than a screenshot taker, therefore pathetic compared to Evernote's web clipper.
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    Hi, I have the same issues and want to fix this too. I am located in Australia and someone with an iPhone is accessing my account from Iraq and Indonesia. Surely I should be asked if that was me. Makes me question if Evernote has any security at all? I have changed my password as suggested.
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