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    @mattybme, I originally wanted this feature too. Though I think in the EN system, it might end up being pretty clunk as you will have A TON of reminders attached to a particular note. The way I’ve done it for a little while now is that each item on my to-do list is actually a link to another note in a Notebook called To-Dos. The advantage with this is that the specific note can now have a reminder, you can add details to it and other info that you need when you follow up to complete it. And, now that it’s a reminder, EN has a neat way to view all of your reminders based on Due Dates built in. This ends up looking really clean and has been helpful for me!
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    It's not much of a bother to me. I got the Beta to help with feedback, but there wasn't an option to report bugs (just a rating survey). Several sources said to mention bugs in the forums, so that's what I did. The new editor is very impressive; I can't wait for the Desktop version!
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    I do like the new layout with larger thumbnails, except for one thing: Evernote seems to choose as thumbnail the largest image within a note. But it is rather annoying, for it seldom coincides with the image which would enable me to recognize a note at once. Can I somehow force Evernote to use a specific image as thumbail? Marcelo
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    For several years, I've used a service called Evernote Calendar Connector from Cronofy to connect reminders in my Evernote notes to my Google Calendar (Cronofy can link to other calendars too). I'm posting this in case others who use it are also currently having trouble. Cronofy has worked well for me, but in April 2020, perhaps even already in March, it became unreliable. Adding or changing a reminder within an existing note often does not create or change a Google Calendar reminder. It was hard to tell if it's really still working at all; but at any rate, I no longer felt that it could be relied on. I contacted Cronofy support, and they said that their engineering team had identified a change made by Evernote as the root cause of this issue. They're working on a fix, and will let me know as soon as they've released it. I'll post here when I hear something.
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    Thanks for checking, gazumped
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    Hmmn. I just set up a quick to-do list here and I agree - there don't seem to be any keyboard shortcuts, though clicking the box does change it as advertised. I was trying to change my Evernote Web back to the older version* (click on your account name top left) but that seems to have killed my web access to Evernote. Just getting white screens of apathy now... no notes at all. <sigh> * Edit: to see if that made a difference...
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    I'm with @DTLow in that I use saved searches to create dynamic to do lists. You have to be comfortable with a reminder per note (and adjusting the reminder date should the occasion arise when you have two reminders in the same note). Also, I preface my saved searches with ! So they appear at the top of the list. My typical view is side list with left panel closed so the magnifying glass is easy access. So I'm never more than 2 clicks away from a to do list.
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    Thanks for your help and suggestions. I was able to download and install Grammarly. I will try that for a bit.
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    Another method might be, when viewing the PDF or PPT page, to use Evernote's screen capture function (Win key + PrintScreen). That will let you select an area of the screen, which is immediately pasted into a new note as a .png image. You can annotate that image using Evernote's annotation function (right-click on image, then Annotate This Image, or Annotate a Copy of This Image). The screenshot below shows an example of this, done by clipping from @dan555555's post, and in Evernote adding (clumsily) the word THIS) at the bottom. Individual notes created this way (it won't add an image to an existing note) can later be merged together as needed.
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    There's documentation at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828
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    I also use individual task notes ToDo lists can be generated using saved searches, for example Current Task List reminderOrder:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:* (all reminders, exclude future dated, exclude completed) If you need an actual ToDo note, a table-of-contents note can be created
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    @Dosborn126 great tip! I am going to give that a try. Love your to-do's! Peace brother or sister! :)
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    @Manu Faren, if you are talking about a word/character count that appears on the screen in real time, then I agree this would be helpful to have—at least the option to toggle it on or off. However, if you open “note details” within the note, you will find the word count and character count.
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    @gazumped You're right about promissing features for a certain date. I'm a software engineer and have to repeat that in every second meeting for some managers, but what @Dr. Hasan Bjaili says is also true. Evernote is for many of us not just a free tool, you can choose to use or not. At the moment you have some paying customers, who need features essentially, you have to pay attention to their needs. This topic is just an example. I've been using Evernote for many years.You could see that they started with good innovative features for that time and the tool was great enough for the people to pay for it. Then the development was actually stopped! Of course, it is the choice of the developer to improve the software or not, but you see where OneNote is now and what you get for that fair price. So if you have contacts to the company management, please tell them -- and this is neither criticism nor a threat, but a friendly advice between "colleagues", they don't have much time to launch their super duper new fantastic release. Customers have already started to say goodbye for other tools!
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    Hey, thank you for your time and reply. At least I know now, that what I am doing is ok. When I create a note, and I need to save an email, I use the snipping tool. I make sure that I crop the date and what I need and I place it into a table cell. Helps to save into one note multiple email info. Thanks once more.
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    Deleting the local database from your Mac will have no impact to the data on the servers However, the first time you login with the Mac app,, the local database will be recreated
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    I have created new notes, the pictures I sent were examples of new notes that were created after changing the font on my phone
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    It is ridicules. Eight years to implement an RTL functionality!! Enough is enough. We have being paying for your service and putting up with the awkward text alignment to substitutes for RTL. OneNote is also free with no limitation except storage. It cost me $80 for a whole year to enjoy full Office365 service including, Word, Excel, OneNote, etc. compare to around $50 I pay for Evernote Premium. Every time, I decide to move to OneNote, I say to myself may be, Evernote will do it soon. Arabic Aramaic Azeri Dhivehi/Maldivian Hebrew Kurdish (Sorani) Persian/Farsi Urdu All the above languages are RTL and I am sure lots of their speakers are using Evernote. Cuddling time is over. You need to put a definite date for RTL support or I will ditch Evernote and go with OneNote. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
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    I corrected the link. The details are at
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    In Evernote for Android, when creating a new note one of the choices is "Audio." This offers a very simple interface for creating a record that is attached to the note. The recording is in .amr format.
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    Hello everyone! I already read "How to create and customize tables", and the guide states you can do that "holding the Shift key on your keyboard while scrolling with your mouse (Windows)". Simply put it doesn't work. The problem is really annoying on desktop when you have a big table, and are forced to scroll all the way down to reach the bar for horizontal scrolling...
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    I'm with you I thought OCR of images only happens at the server. Different, but I have had issues with search results for notes containing PDFs on desktop vs mobile/web. PDFs that ScanSnap OCRs are more accurate in some cases than the ones performed at the servers. Submitted a trouble ticket some time ago but nothing since. Description of issue at the time: The issue you're seeing is related to server-side search, which seems to have an issue with recognizing the wrong font when scanning PDF files. The text in the PDF is printed in a monospaced font, so the letters are wider, but the OCR sometimes incorrectly recognizes it as a non-monospace font, so it sees the gap in position and thinks there's a space there.
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    Mostly paperworks I have. In resent years, most of my home working (easy jobs) can be done by my iPad. Only Evernotes on my iPad cannot satisfy my needed. Some of the simple needs, like moving attachments from one note to another, merge notes, 2 notes comparing, are very difficult on iPads. Start from beginning, simplified version on iPhone or weaker Pad is acceptable. However, the performances of iPad is not so weak now. It is time to make it stronger. The most terrible is the competitors are become stronger and stronger. But we get nothings or any good news from any channel about the future of EN. As a paid user for many years, please don't let us down or let us run away from YOU,
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    I would really appreciate the ability to adjust (enlarge) the font-size for items in the left (black) sidebar (stack, notebook and note names). This is pretty much the only issue I have with this amazing product, and it's so much of an issue that it's constantly a potential deal-breaker for me. I've seen many other comments about this and I think it should be expedited. I have perfect vision, but the font is still too small, to the point that I get demotivated to even open Evernote. Thank you and keep up the great work!
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    Hi All, We recently rebuilt the Web Clipper extension to work with the latest versions of Safari. If you're having issues with Web Clipper, or you just want a much better, reliable experience, update Safari and reinstall Web Clipper today. Here’s what to do: Go to the Mac App Store or System Preferences and update to Safari 13. Uninstall Evernote Web Clipper. Install the latest version of Web Clipper. Follow this link to the Mac App Store, then click Get > Install. When the download is finished, follow the prompts to complete the installation. Until you update to Safari 13, you may continue to experience issues with the Web Clipper extension. As always, feel free to reach out to myself or @Anibal I. if you have any questions!
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    Have been using premium for a few months now, and have just come up to the issue of size limits for notes– 200 MB for premium users. This seems on the low side to me, as we are allowed to upload up to 10 GB/month, and some notes will obviously be edited over more than one month. Especially with attachments such as pictures, wouldn't it be better if the size limit were increased? I think at least 500 MB, but ideally 1 GB, would be great. I tried searching the forums and couldn't find anyone asking the same question– does anyone out there feel the same way about this?
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    I use, exclusively, the Checkbox format for all my notes. We need to be able to sort contents of these notes -- should be options to do this: 1) alphabetical by items in the list 2) By Unchecked Vs Checked (and alphabetical as a secondary sort, within the unchecked/checked caterogries) 3) by date modified All sort criteria should have the option for direction of sort, for both secondary and primary sorts. (By "direction" I mean like A-Z or Z-A) In case you can only implement this in parts, please do the following as highest priority -- Sort Unchecked before Checked. PLEASE. But we really need alphabetical within that also. Thank you. Please understand that this is IMPORTANT for MANY users. We have been troubled and annoyed by this deficiency for many years. Frankly, it's surprising that a product as good as Evernote should be lacking in functionality for something so basic. I tried to post this issue on one of the Evernote Forums some years ago, but was dismayed to see rude responses to this very suggestion from other users. So, I have refrained from posting anything to the forums. Your forums should be monitored by people who treat all users with respect and dignity. Hopefully, someone will finally take this seriously. Thank you.
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    Wow! This is terrific! You guys are doing a great job. 👍 And Sasha did a great job of presenting and explaining the new editor. I really like everything you are doing to the new editor. This time, I do NOT have any complaints/issues. 😉 Thanks again for sharing as you develop.
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    Brilliant initiative, so that customers are kept aware what’s EN is working on !
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    I think it's obvious, at this point, that Evernote users want the ability to select the default thumbnail for notes. I agree that it seems ridiculous that this conversation started in 2013 and 4 years later this hasn't been added to the application. As a visual person, the thumbnail helps me quickly find what I'm looking for. For example, when I'm looking for a recipe for pancakes, an image of the video (pertaining to the recipe) of two cooks doesn't help me find what I'm looking for. I need to be able to select the pic of the stack of pancakes. The whole purpose for using Evernote is to be able to organize things so that they are easily found/accessed. I'm confused why this isn't already an option. This seems so simple to implement. Can we get some love on this issue?!
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