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    So it seems it may be a Firefox deal. My understanding is that FF has gotten really tight about security lately. How to see how this could be a security problem, but they may see security issues where no one else does.
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    I notice that the beta web client changed from 6.6 to 6.7 on Chrome. But unlike most betas I have used over the years, there is no announcement, no list of changes.. It seems like the web beta isn't really being treated like a real beta release. Users seem to have little insight into how things are going with the "new" Evernote, what features are there and what aren't.
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    You're using the sketch component, and as you noticed - there's no auto-save coupled with IOS's propensity to shut down apps afaik The only work-around is to save often; it's not resolved in paid plans As per @PinkElephant, I use an external editor (Notability) for my handwriting
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    I'm still stuck on 5.3 across Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, but I'm happy to see more people getting access to v6.7. Hopefully that bodes well for rolling it out to everyone sooner rather than later. And on that note, impatiently waiting for the preview apps to get a broader rollout. I'm thinking the apps must have been pretty basic/rough to have not received a wide distribution by now.
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    Thanks, @Kolmir. But the "previous version" is the much earlier, pre-"Classic" version. Selecting it pops up a dialog with the message "You are now opted out from the redesigned Evernote website," and asking for feedback. In Opera, if I click the account button at top left with my name, I also get the option to switch to the "previous version." But there's also a black button at bottom right that says, "Feedback" (it used to say, "Beta"). When you click it, you get the popup shown below. Just surprised at the difference between FF and Opera on this point, in the same version of the Web editor.
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    Yep. Same with me on Chrome. Seeing version 5.30.
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    The first one you may have previously said GOAWAY! ("Don't show again") I know the first time I install on a new machine and exit, I always click that! I think the 2nd only comes up sometimes (I don't remember the conditions). But you do need to have sync-changes-on-exit enabled (in options).
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    First method - From the menu, click on NOTE, then WORD AND RESOURCE COUNTS (see Screen 1). The WORD AND RESOURCE COUNTS is a pop-up (see Screen 2)
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    My request is for Evernote (Windows) to implement an autocorrect feature. Currently, Evernote on Windows only has the ability to detect incorrect spelling but is not able to autocorrect it. I also use Evernote on iOS and the autocorrect feature exists here; It is highly useful and saves a lot of time. Cheers, Adrian
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    I'd like to raise an issue with the evernote android app, using Arabic language the sentences should start from right to left. However, the app saves the texts the same as English language, which is left to right and it's incorrect. Please fix the issue. I've attached the difference between evernote & samsung memo apps. The correct format should be the same as the samsung's memo app.
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    Yep, I see 6.7.0 in my Chrome too! Regarding reverting back in FF, see below
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    Well ... I just checked in Opera (after a recent reboot of the machine), and I've got v. 6.7.0! And yes, in the note list I do see thumbnails of graphics and docs next to notes that have them. Also, the button bottom right no longer says Beta, but Feedback. Clicking it you can go back to the Classic version, as before; but they ask politely for feedback if you do. In Firefox it's still 5.3, but hopefully that will change. Curiously, in FF I don't see any button at bottom right at all--no way to change back to the Classic editor.
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