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    Today we released Windows 6.24 GA. It's available here! What’s in 6.24 GA? Fixed: Some users experienced errors when connecting Evernote to Google Drive The app would not restart after changing language settings When clicking on a notebook, the app would not always load the first note in that notebook The confirmation window when exiting the app was not always visible “Synchronizing notes” progress bar was not appearing
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    Happy to see another video released and happy to see real functionality demonstrated. The Evernote team had seemed to go "dark" for a couple of months since the last video, and I was starting to get a little concerned that perhaps they had hit some major snags (or worse). The last time EN went dark for a few months there was a management and strategic shake-up... Could we get an update on the beta program(s)? Many users on these forums and on Reddit indicate they have signed up for the Beta for multiple platforms and not heard anything from EN. I count myself among that population. May indicated that these changes will be rolled out soon to a small population who are testing the new web experience and that the apps would get it "in time." That's all fine and good, but can we get an update on the beta testing for the apps? Are any of those in preview mode yet, and if not yet, could we get an indication of when? Are we talking most likely not until 2020? Thanks and keep up the good work.
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    Thanks a lot, that helps!!!
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    If you know the version you need, it could be downloaded from this web site: https://evernote.en.uptodown.com/mac/versions The AppStore always has the latest version approved by Apple. Because approval can take some days, this is sometimes not the most recent release. What is more Important: Apps from the App Store run in a sandboxed Mode. This can cause all sorts of problems. Because of that it is better to run the program downloaded directly from the EN web site, or in case of older versions from sites that offer a version history.
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    @emilime Did you install from the AppStore, or did you download the EN client software from the EN website ?
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    This means that you can only install an older version that will work with you older MacOS version. The best way to find out which older version will work with your OS you should probably issue a support ticket.
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    It's not posted anywhere officially, but I definitely saw it from an official source. Might have been from the CEO's Twitter account. I also saw some people talking on another public forum about being invited to a limited Evernote web beta test and they reported being on a 6.x version. That's definitely not official, but the info triangulates so I'm fairly confident it's accurate (or at least was accurate as of the recent past). Edit: This also matches up with what Evernote has stated publicly in their videos about having limited tests for more advanced versions, and what some people are posting on these forums, in that most people seem to be on v5.29 but a few people are on v6.5, v6.6, etc.
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    Modern web pages are build from a database, collecting all kind of stuff and construct a page out of it. Often the web sites owner just provides a placeholder, the picture will come from another site, often out of control for the web site owner (like personalized ads). A web site on a code level is not as simple as it seems when viewed. If you remove a picture, there still is a space where the placeholder is located. And if you remove placeholders, you need to reformat the whole web page. Web clipper is there to clip content, not to edit it. If you want to get just content, many web sites offer a reader view, that can be clipped. If you want to get rid of pictures, it is often simpler to copy the text from the clipped site, than to try to remove the picture itself. I personally prefer not to waste my time on stuff like this.
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    I know you knew that! But some of the newcomers may not have made the connection!
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    One of my uses of Evernote is for capturing recipes I find online. Using Evernote as my cookbook is very frustrating because of this issue. Every time my screen locks or en times out I have to search for the recipe again and find my place. VERY FRUSTRATING!
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    I was thinking more along the lines of the section starting around the 4 minute mark, where they type in "tag:succlent", but I didn't see any suggestions come up. Maybe they were typing too quickly for the suggestions to show up, so hard to tell. It'd just seem that the presence of "tag:" would help to narrow any suggestions for subsequent letters to just tags rather than text or notebooks.
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    The tag naming thing is is one of the "great" Evernote usability debates: separate tag name (tag:portland tag:food, etc.) vs. combination tag names (tag:portland-food, etc.). I prefer the former; it seems more natural because that's generally how English (my native tongue, German speakers may differ on this )works. We say "little red car" rather than "little-red-car", and the separate tags are more flexible, too: I can describe more things with fewer separate tags, because coming up with combination tags for everything gets, well, combinatoric (mathematically, that is). And that's not to mention the sub-tag ordering thing (which tag do do I make? "car-little-red", "car-red-little", "little-red-car", "red-little-car", etc?). But horses for courses, as they say. If tags can be found via partial matches; e.g., I type "food" and "portland-food" is offered up as a selection, then that's helpful. If it doesn't, then it makes combination tags a lot less useful.
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    Excelent news guys. Keep up with the good work. cant wait to have this on Mac
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    As a simple user, I tried to take a closer look at this local hyperlink issue that is annoying me since January. The way accents in local path names are encoded when processed with CTRL+K in Evernote seems indeed to have changed. What I see however (or furthermore) is that the way SPACES of local path names are encoded when processed with CTRL+K, has changed, too since version 6.17 (or even 6.16). Example : regular file path "S:\AAA Ever Note.doc" >>>> old encoding: "file:///S:/AAA%20Ever%20Note.doc." (space = %20) >>>> new encoding: "file:///S:/AAA%2520Ever%2520Note.doc." (space = %2520) Perhaps like some of you, I am working with thousands (!) of EN-hyperlinks to local files and folders. Changing them one by one would not only be a wearing and tedious thing, but above all, one doesn't know if new changes ot this kind will be coming soon. I've reported the issue in January 2019 and now communicated the above mentioned surely trivial "finding" to EN support, seeking for advice in general terms, and more specifically asking... - if older versions of EN (like 6.15 I'm still using) will stay functional and supported (also from a security point of view) for some time?, - if there is a way or a workaround to bulk change ALL the hyperlinks in EN at once.... ......questions that I'm humbly submitting likewise to you, dear Companions of Misfortune, begging pardon for amateurish language, reduandancy or even out-of-topicism.^^^
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