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    `@dconnet` was my previous Evernote time (thru Jun 2019). `@dcon` is me!
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    As long as Windows is the mess of an OS it ever was, and EN is still a 32bit-App, saying it would be easy to do is as popular as it is wrong.
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    As far as I know, 5.29.0 is the "broadly available" web beta version. The 6.x versions are (currently) more limited tests. Apparently, you've been quietly placed in a v6.6 test, but only for Chrome, not for Firefox. At some point 6.x will become the "broadly available" version. Hopefully soon, because I'm still on 5.29 myself and would like to see some new features.
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    Tidbit. If focus is in the Ctrl+F find window, then Enter will find the next occurrence,.
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    What version of macOS are you running? The latest, Catalina, requires you download and install the web clipper from the Mac App Store. It looks like this:
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    You could open the EXE in Visual Studio (as a resource) and modify the resource table... But, no, the ability to allow the user to remap accelerators was never done. It's not the simplest thing - I know, I implemented something like that in my little hobby program. With very limited developer resources, that was a conversation I never even heard come up during my 6 years there. (And, no, I don't know the history behind the mapping - that was done long before I started there)
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    It's you! It's like Clark Kent and those glasses.... 😃
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    The first one you may have previously said GOAWAY! ("Don't show again") I know the first time I install on a new machine and exit, I always click that! I think the 2nd only comes up sometimes (I don't remember the conditions). But you do need to have sync-changes-on-exit enabled (in options).
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    I use Evernote for archiving my ideas and running a minimal to do list. I often use the checklist feature in various notes across various projects. One thing that would improve the usefulness of these checklists is the ability to automatically sort notes when a task is completed. For example, checking a box next to a task would push the task below other unfinished items in the checklist. Some additional scenarios: Some folks might just say, "Well, why don't you just delete completed tasks?". The reason is because I like to keep a record of all tasks, whether they have been completed or not. A poor man's solution to this problem is manual task/item sorting. I've seen that mentioned in other threads here. I don't love the idea of having to manually sort tasks in my checklist, but I would take that over not being able to sort at all. Lastly, a more complex, but potentially more polished system would be an archival function. So instead of just moving tasks to the bottom of the checklist when they are checked off, they would be hidden at the bottom of the checklist. Ideally, you would have some sort of button or link that would allow you expand the checklist and see tasks that were previously completed (archived in this scenario). Right now, checklists is the only feature set that feels lacking to me. I really love being able to integrate all of my data and tasks into the same tool. I've tried breaking out my to do list into a separate app like ToDoist or Google Keep, but I always keep coming back to Evernote because I love using one tool versus switching back and forth between a chrome tab and Evernote. I will continue to use and support your product because I feel like there is nothing that comes close in terms of a full all-in-one solution for data and task lists. However, please consider beefing up the checklist functionality as it would greatly improve the ability for users like me to go "all in" with Evernote. Thanks for your time.
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    PinkElephant: Thanks for the info. I ended up doing a un-install 3 times plus hard reboot to clear the Evernote off. Re-installed, now it looks like the Spotlight is behaving. Thanks again, Rob
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    Please go back and read previous posts by @dcon and o/ or @dconnet for more information. I'm pretty sure that he is more knowledgeable about Windows programming than your friend. Or do a web search; there's plenty of information out there on the difficulty of doing dark mode for Win32 applications. Remember that a lot of what yo'u're paying for is the Evernote service, and not just the software. But it's your money, so it's your call, obviously. Evernote made a choice, and the answers are already available; see my first suggestion for how to find them. That's not to say that the choice will stand forever, but I think you'll find that there was a rational business reason for making their choice. If it were easy, they'd have done it already, as they have on other OS's.
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    I ought to have this on auto text.....
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    Handwriting is not supported by MacOS. This is not shortcoming of EN, it is simply not part of the OS. Windows used to be the same, until Microsoft launched the Surface hardware. Because these devices run Windows as well, they added handwriting support. With Apple handwriting is in the iOS range of products, especially the iPad (Pro). Handwritten stuff grabbed in iOS will be transferred to the Mac platform as well, but is not easy to manipulate there. An app with integration of handwriting is for example GoodNotes 5, for which a Mac client exists. It is not free, but can be bought by one time payment. But even there the handwriting is done on the iPad, the Mac app is the tool to access the handwritten notes on the Mac. There is some touchscreen input option in Sidecar (iOS 13 and MacOS Catalina), but I have not tried it yet. In theory the iPad is connected to the Mac When used as side car and works like an additional Touch Screen monitor. Maybe this would be an option.
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    The guy posting immediately before you was the developer...
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    This sounds like the issue in which wrongdoers have stolen passwords from other sites (not Evernote), and then applied them to Evernote until they find ones that work, so that you have an unknown device logged in to your account. Best practice, I believe, is to immediately change your Evernote password to something unique and strong (https://www.evernote.com/secure/SecuritySettings.action), and then go to your account page and delete the intruding device.
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    Nothing is insane, because you are on a free ride. So you decided to take what you get, without paying for it. This is why you have to take what you get now - like it or not. This is not because EN is leaning hard on you, it is because you decided yourself to be on a free ride. In the EN conditions it says „community support only“. So this is what you get: There is one client that is never counted as a device, which is the web client. You get into it by opening a web browser, go to Evernote.com and sign in, which will open your account. Before taking action, I would go to security, access history (hope I did translate this correctly). Check if these entries correspond to your actual use of EN. If you find something strange here, maybe somebody else entered your account, which was counted as another device. In this case, take the necessary measures to protect your data (change password to a strong and unique one, do not use the same password on several accounts, activate 2FA etc.). And please do not blame EN, it was not their server that got hacked. If somebody entered, then your account was accessed with your own user credentials. You have to protect them yourself. Let us say everything was normal. The next step is to revoke access from all of your devices. If one shows up double, uninstall the EN app from this device, switch it completely off, restart it and make a fresh install. Sometimes part of an app gets stuck somewhere in a phones memory, this should clear it out. Sign on again, by activating the device you need the most first. Remember you always have the web client to use in addition to your 2 devices, which is easier to do on a desktop or a tablet, than on a tiny phone screen. And think about starting to pay for using EN, because the people working at EN needs to get their fridges filled as well. Community Support - over !
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    OK i had the same issue and solved it : in FF privacy settings i had to lower the acceptance of cookies level : accept "third party cookies" to "visited sites only" and restart FF it works again.
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    I have been looking at Nimbus for a few months as either a backup to, or a replacement of, EN. I still haven't made the jump, but every time I read about the great new features of Evernote for Business, get a pop-up on the Web app about an EN for Biz feature, or have to remember how to share a note in Android via Email rather than work chat , I get a little closer. To clarify and add to some of gesshoom's post. You can import EN Enex file, but it does a much better job importing the native EXB file. Attachments, tags, etc. all work perfectly. Of course, if you use nested folders, you will have to renest those as EN folders aren't physically connected. As he said, syncing is virtually instant. The Android Widget is much more robust There are offline folders on Android. The default is to download headers and grab Notes as needed, but you can sync everything local and have it all offline if you want. Unlike EN, the app doesn't have the ability to move to External Storage I think the web clipper is as good or better than EN, and the company also has a separate Windows clipper that works very well when outside the browser. The main feature it is lacking that I use frequently is a default import folder, but depending on what I am doing, there are easy workarounds. The tags vs folders argument becomes moot as Nimbus supports both equally well. In response to the "mostly unresponsive support team," I just sent them a feature request. The reply came back within 2 minutes. This is not unusual per my experience. Of the dozen or so emails I have sent them, half came back within minutes, and all but one of the rest were within an hour. The outlier took 6 hours. As far a the pricing is concerned, I have been Premium at EN for years and never touch more than a fraction of the data usage. So, I bought a $5 on month plan at NN to handle the initial import, then I will likely go to the free plan. At this point, the data import per month is the only significant restriction on the free plan. From what I can determine, Nimbus Notes was launched in 2014, but the parent company, Everhelper began about a year before Evernote. EN is still my primary, go-to database, but when my sub comes up in May, I will almost certainly downgrade to Plus if not Free. In the months of testing, NN hasn't been non-responsive at any time, and I find myself going there more and more when I'm waiting for the Not Responding to go away on EN.
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