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    The current online version is the blueprint and testing ground for what the clients will look like. So this is exactly the Plan.
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    Yesterday or the day before Evernote upgraded automatically to on my Windows 10 Pro built 1903 machine. Since then, Evernote hangs when I drag a hyperlink from the Mozilla Firefox address bar into the Evernote window. I see an animated mousepointer and Evernote as well as the browser become unresponsive and hang. When I kill Evernote, Evernote Web Clipper, and the Evernote System Tray icon, and start Evernote again and repeat this, the hyperlink is added as a note. Until some time later when I try to drag another hyperlink into Evernote. How can I solve this, please?
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    Hi PinkElephant, I went back to Mac prefs, got in immediately and did what you advised. Instant success! Many Thanks!
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    It seems the current iOS does not support viewing with other programs if there is a standard available in EN. My workaround would be to open the „Files“ app in split view on my iPad, then drag the file into a folder there. This creates a copy, that can be opened with other apps using the share menu options.
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