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    Fingers crossed for some behind the scenes updates about what this "maintenance" will allow Evernote to do. While waiting for web access to be restored, really hoping for: access to Reminders on the web interface easier selection of notebooks when moving a note on the web interface roll out of the new web editor to iOS and Mac! Keep up the great work Evernote... can't wait to have the same experience with the new common editor across apps.
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    Hi All, The Evernote service will undergo scheduled maintenance on March 14, 2020 from 7 AM - 10 AM (PDT) / 9 AM -12 PM (CDT). You may be unable to log in or sync during this time. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience. El servicio de Evernote tendrá un mantenimiento programado el 14 de marzo del 2020 de 7:00 A.M. a 10 A.M (Hora del Pacífico) / 9:00 A.M. a 12:00 P.M. (Hora Central). Es posible que no puedas iniciar sesión o hacer sincronizaciones durante este tiempo. Nos disculpamos de antemano por las molestias que se puedan presentar.
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    The current web interface looks very slick (not the new beta. The one before that) and super clean! I love it. Unfortunately, I cannot use it in a productive manner. I couldn't find a list of keyboard shortcuts. I hope I am wrong about it, and that Evernote has this obviously important feature. Can someone please shed light?
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    Hi, I would like to request an option to disable automatic emojis in the Windows desktop version. Thank you.
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    It used to be very simple to drop-down the containing notebook and edit which notebook the note lives in. Now, the function has completed changed - it launches a search for all notes in that notebook. Why have this duplicity, when you can just access the notebook separately? It was more useful for me to be able to easily edit where a note "lives." Also, I notice that you've moved the note information (i) to a more obscure location. For a clipping tool, the source is relatively important, and shouldn't be demoted. There's not need to hide behind the three dots.
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    In some weeks, my subscription will be expired, as many users I am thinking to leave Evernote premium because the helpdesk is not exist and also our requests have never been taken into consideration (from years).
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    I just installed it, and honestly I wasn't aware that either of these two was supposed to appear. I still don't see them. Where should I be looking?
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    This, really, cannot be a serious excuse, please. Keyboard shortcuts in browsers are an established practice, e.g. Gmail, Twitter (heavily), but millions of web applications used in enterprises, and even Apple's highly conservative iCloud Web uses basic keyboard shortcuts for the most frequent actions. I suggest, besides editor shortcuts, something to create a new note, search for notes, jump betw/ sections (tags/notes). Roman
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    Thanks for catching this - I just checked an image on mac and don't see how to find the file name once its in a note. I think what I'm looking for is something more like the Evernote Moleskine but where the images from the book are aligned by the page number it catches in the image - or some other signifier code on the paper that always says what page and book its from. I'm not sure how robust these partnerships are but it seems like it would be easy enough to do with a QR code or something similar on each page.
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    I agree with the need for Evernote to provide full OCR as part of the app, especially when there are free developer tools like Tesseract OCR that do an excellent job. The great Mac automation tool Keyboard Maestro now provides this OCR tool, which I use almost on a daily basis because KM makes it so easy to do so. For more info, see Keyboard Maestro 9 adds support for OCR .
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    +1 for professional, rather than jokey release notes.. If Evernote wants to be seen as more "relatable", maybe staffers should treat us like grown-ups? 😒
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    I'm not sure whether anyone here can address this. I just updated to Android v. 8.12.3. The version notes in Google Play had the usual idiotic "We came, we saw, we conquered bugs." I thought maybe the developers might post in the beta forum what bugs were "conquered," but apparently not. So can anyone point me to release notes with any actual substance to them? There are a couple of serious issues regarding notes refusing to sync and horizontal lines being inserted at the ends of notes that I hope they're working on. They're not fixed yet, but when they are I'd like to be informed! And why not at least let us know what general areas the bugs being fixed pertain to, e.g., user interface, editor, etc.?
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    +1 for Filterize, been using it for a few months and it is providing a lot of automation such as auto tagging, auto moving notes to specified notebooks, its the auto updating Table of Contents that is proving essential for my productivity These types of automation would be so useful if in-bedded within Evernote, Trello have just brought in Butler, its automating service, dont get left behind on this Evernote...know you are busy
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    Automatic emojis are thoroughly aggravating and totally stupid. I write technical material not flippant drivel. When I'm referring to the D drive, similar to another post above, it turns a D and a : into a stupid emoji. The suggestions above show how ridiculous the workarounds are. By trial and error and wasting time I found that if I type the colon followed by a space, then move the cursor back and type the D in front of colon, I can get 😧 instead of 😧 . Just don't ask me how I really feel about not having an option to turn off all emojis. If you can read my mind, just ban me from the forum now. This really makes me mad. Maybe it's time to drop my subscription and transfer everything back to OneNote. And yes, I voted this suggestion up.
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    I would also pipe in that I do NOT like this " feature". I take all kinds of technical notes with weird combinations of characters. I was just trying to add a note the needed ":p" (linux shell command option) and the EN app kept trying to convert it to some kind of block icon or something. Pissed away 1/2 hr or so before figuring out a way around it. Totally productivity killer.
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    Just want to add my voice and say that the automatic emoji conversion (with no opt-out!!?) is deeply frustrating. I would like to close a parenthesis and then use a colon, but ) : (without the space in between) transforms into a frowny face. This is on Windows Desktop, by the way. Here's what I think about this forced feature:
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    Here's an example: I take a lot of notes in which I outline sequences of movements, and abbreviate the doer of the action as "A:" or "D:". But typing D: forces a sad-face emoji. Every. Single. Time. And no, this is NOT disabled by turning off the auto-formatting options in Tool > Options > Note. Forcing emojis on me to begin with is stupid. Not being able to turn them off is just a baffling UX oversight. Frankly, it's aggravating and I'm giving serious consideration to abandoning this platform in favor of Dropbox Paper, whose formatting options are far, far more robust.
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    I'll agree with this. The color of selected text is lighter blue than above and virtually invisible. In any other app it's usually inverted blue text. No idea what they were thinking. I would think it should be what you get when you click on a Menu header (I click on the 'Help' Menu and it's a bright blue).
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    Hi. Could you PLEASE implement keyboard shortcuts into the next release of EN Web Beta? As a totally blind computer user, I can't use the Windows desktop version fully and the Ios version won't let me edit a note with Voiceover once I've created it. And the current web version has no shortcuts. This has been brought up before on the forum, and if you put the shortcuts in, I might be able to use the application fully. It's admittedly frustrating to have to devise hacks that are sketchy at best to use a program that is so widely used and convenient. I see so much potential and ways to improve accessibility, I really want to help in that arena. But I feel like I have to beg for keyboard shortcuts, when I know that others who are keyboard-based users could benefit from them as well.
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    Thanks for the reply. I'm sorry if my original post was unclear -- I don't want to highlight text within an Evernote note. I want to select text within an Evernote note. I want to use my mouse to select some text within a note, so I can copy-paste it to another note, or another app. The mac System Preferences > General > Highlight Color allows me to specify what text highlighting color is used as text is selected with a mouse. This setting is used by Mail, Safari, etc. as I select text within those apps. Evernote 7.5 is using a different color to identify selected text vs. prior version. I recall prior versions DID use the color specified by System Preferences So my questions are: 1) Is the color that Evernote uses to select text configurable? If so, how? I don't see anything under Preferences, but maybe I customed 7.4 and do't remember how... 2) Do others see that the selected text color used in version 7.5 differs from prior versions? If not, then I must have customized something, or Evernote must have stopped using the System Preferences selection. 3) Have others customized the "Highlight Color" in System Preferences, and had they then seen those changes used when selecting text in prior versions of Evernote? As I mentioned, I am visually impaired, so this selected text color choice is really important to me. I'm trying to determine if it is customizable or if the Evernote team inadvertently made some code change... Thanks again, and sorry if my original post was poorly worded. Hope this helps!
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    Are there any keyboard shortcuts for the web app, such as quickly add a note, search, etc? Would be really useful. I use 'q' for new task in Todoist many times every day. Am on Linux, else would use the native client.
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