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    I agree with your exegesis, Robert. I never looked at the thing that closely before, just thought of it as "that incomprehensible shape that marks my default notebook." The fact that somebody asks what it is here once a month or so is an indicator of its failure to communicate.
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    Hi. If you cut a significant chunk of data (or image) from a note, Evernote wants to rebuild its search index, hence -maybe- the delay. Have you checked you sync option settings under Evernote > Tools > Options (assuming you're using the installed desktop version). If you're in the browser version, that should not apply unless you have a slow internet connection or are using the most recent version which is a Beta with occasional issues. Change to another web client in Properties.
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    If this is for your business, then IMO you would be better off using a CRM system (app or web) than with Evernote. A decent (and inexpensive) CRM system will make it easy and effective for you to track and develop leads and customers. You will quickly find Evernote to be a PITA for this use case, and this comes from a big-time fan/user of Evernote. It's all about picking the best tool for the job. One lead developed, or not lost, will quickly pay for a good CRM system.
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    Hi, If you go to Notebook view on the new web client and select the three dots there is an add to stack option including the option to create a new one.
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    What I do not get in this whole thread is the need to „clean it up“. Duplicating happens, it happens to me, and I think it happens to everybody. I knew a guy back then who only felt safe when he had xeroxed any paper he regarded as relevant (and there were many) and stacked it away. Not one copy, not one place ... and a tremendous effort to do so. With EN my feeling is: Let it be. If there are duplicates, so what. The effort today is not creating them, the effort is in eliminating. And it is not just URLs. Case 1: I never need it again - plenty of stuff is in that category. Receipts kept only for warranty, expired. Web pages clipped to be used in a future presentation or blog , subject abandoned. E-Mails stored because they might have been relevant when the case was open - the case is cold now etc. The duplicates don’t hazzle me, they are there, and I will not invest lifetime to find and eliminate them. Case 2: I need something, search and get several hits. OK, quick-scan-time. A good bet is to take the youngest, probably information was added. Now, if I have the time, I may send obvious duplicates to hell now. Click, click, click, away. If not I have a tag called „Duplicate“, so if I may tag them and find them later. But this is for a purpose, like making searches lean that I tend to repeat. All the rest: Case 1. I don’t care if it is URLs, text or picture that is duplicated. In the end, EN is not a storing machine, it is a finding machine. As long as I find, I am doing good. My effort goes into making finding easy, not into building an ideal, duplicate-free database.
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    It's not actually a flower, although it's certainly not a cleanly designed icon. It's a picture of a desktop in-box (complete with the finger notch used to dig out papers when the in-box is full to the brim), and an arrow pointing down into it, confusingly and pointlessly surrounded by a rectangle with three rounded corners and one non-rounded one. But what it's trying to convey is: "In the absence of any other instruction from you, this notebook is where I'm putting stuff." So, yes, it's the marker of the default notebook.
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    In general, why? You will find out when try to access the link, in the meantime no harm is being done. I have found that forced pruning of my EN data without some REALLY good productivity reason is of little to no value. Juice not worth the squeeze. My world anyway. 🤷‍♂️
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    Well, the deafening silence is feedback of a sort.
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    oh, strange. Which browser are you using and what version? maybe evernote only sends 6.4.1 to certain browsers. i'm on chromeos running v. 80. On a slightly different subject, my Ubuntu laptop stopped updating Chrome back at v. 69 (a signing key had expired) and evernote stopped working on it a couple of days ago because it required new features that were released somewhere after v. 69. Now i've installed new signing keys and evernote 6.4.1 is running fine on it too. At some stage in the past i signed on to the evernote beta program. Maybe that had an effect too? Here's a link (unfortunately in German: https://evernote.com/intl/de/betaprogram)
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    No nested tags on my beta version; and no symbols (Safari browser on a Mac and iPad) edit; web v5.28 I like the minimized sidebar option (bottom right corner)
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    EN is an information management app with basic text editing features. There are many things missing from a full editor, and IMHO it would be the wrong approach to try to bring all this features into the EN app. Who needs full editing power should use a text editor, and save the result as attachment into EN. On my Mac I am using the PopClip-App, which allows beside many other useful little features to mark a text, and have the character and word count be displayed. This works on any text, as well on a text typed into an EN note.
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    Check out Edit -> Find and Replace menu (the very last option on the bottom of the Edit menu). The available sub-options are: Find within note (Ctrl + F) Find Next (Ctrl + G) Find Previous (Ctrl + Shift + G) Replace within note (Ctrl + H)
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