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    Spam on spam on spam. Pass the ketchup! 🍔
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    ... among other „first“ things. The number of votes for this thread is probably an indicator of how urgent the user base is wishing this here to happen. In general there are 2 types of EN clients, and then there is the web client. The desktop clients (Win & Mac) run their own local database. That makes high performance on multi-note-operations, local search index etc. But it consumes a significant amount of processing power and storage space. The mobile clients have only a small local database (that can be expanded declaring notebooks as „offline“) and rely on drawing the note of interest (and this is „1“ note at a time) from the server, and sync it back before operating on the next one. Now mobile devices have developed, and probably this basic design of the EN mobile solution is not up to everything the industry will throw at the users (talk about iPad Pros with iPadOS). So we have to wait and see what will happen in this segment. Currently the communicated priorities of EN management are not to develop the clients isolated, for one OS this and the other that. The next „big thing“ will probably a more unified design, making user experience more similar over the clients.
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    A while ago, I noticed that Evernote thought I was signing into my account using two different iPhones. But I only have one iPhone. I thought maybe someone was trying to log into my account so I changed my password... but the problem has persisted. And I'm only allowed to unsync one of my devices twice a month... Is anyone else having an issue where Evernote is recording two different devices logging into the same account?
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    Today we released Windows 6.23 GA. It's available here! What’s in 6.23 GA? Fixed: Issue with logging in using Google sign-in Issue with access to Google Drive/Contacts in the app Items in “Shared with Me” disappeared when searching for an invalid keyword Restarts after crashes required the user to first “End Task” via Task Manager Issue with “Send a Copy” if email address contained a capital letter
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    Hello developers, I'm running Evernote 4.5 under windows 7 with outlook 2010. I'm really trying to be nice here, but how to completely remove the f**king outlook add-in of Evernote? I understand you guys want your software prevail everywhere but please this is just a notebook app. If there's no way to do it, I'll have to uninstall it. Thank you.
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    good point. Might as well make a little noise in the official channel. Ticket# 3022878 - Evernote for Windows: Cannot remove Outlook add-in OR prevent its installation
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    Wow, great to hear it! Second person who's called me awesome online in two days--I may start to believe it. Seriously, I'm glad that helped. It's often the cure for such oddities.
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    Hey Decatur Dave!!! Ur awesome! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I did as you instructed and it worked! You saved my life! I'm your fan forever! Evernote should be paying you! Thanks a bunch! Carol
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    ...I've seen this recommended by Evernote Support from time to time - don't know if Admin access conveys any more status than an account with Admin rights, but I suggested it as a 'nuclear' option - putting all the influence you can towards a positive outcome.
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    It’s there. Go to the new Evernote Web (in beta) and you can choose highlighter colors. I believe this will come to the desktop apps at the next update, but the next update of desktop apps seems to be taking longer than usual. But at least the web version proves the feature exists now.
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    I do not think so - my Windows client is running smoothly on normal user accounts. I think the edit-remark was related to the install, not the usage. However, after the install it may take a while to download the stuff from the server (depending on the volume of the EN data and the internet connection). The client will only be operational when this is done, and the local search index rebuild.
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    hola amigo tal vez ya encontraste una manera pero lo que yo hago es que genero una tabla de dos cuadro en un cuadro pongo la imagen con la dimension que quiero y e el otro el texto. no se si te sirva a un y desconosco otra manera de ordenarlo como sugieres
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    This whole forum (discussion.evernote.com) is officially "user supported", but Evernote employees often respond to various posts. As you noted, the official statement says this, points back to this sub-forum.
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    Hi, is it possible to share all items under a tag? I use tags for organization, not notebooks. Ive only shared notes, but would love to share all notes under a tag sorted by creation date. Thanks, Sebastian
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    Hello everyone! Finally, I took some time to write this down - been thinking about this for over two years; the time that has passed since I began my PhD - or, 600 notes after. Evernote has been my notetaking and file keeping app for six years now. I began to use it more heavily during my master's, but, now with the PhD demands are higher. With this post, I am aiming to share how I use it has a PhD student and share my overall experience with Evernote. So, for other PhD students out there here is how I use my Evernote - we few examples: folders are structured like trees: PhD PhD- meetings PhD- literature review PhD- lab notes (...) In the same fashion are the tags PhD PhD: meetings PhD:meetings: with supervisor PhD: experiments PhD: experiments: experiment 1 (...) Here are the things I miss that would improve my experience: web clips that can be appended to a note for example, when I am doing a literature review would be nice to have all link for the papers in the same note; ordered as I am going through the search better calendar integration with Outlook and/or Gmail having all the tasks and events in the same calendar (both in the smartphone and desktop; not just in the smartphone) Scannable for Android smoother image editing (e.g. cropping) sometimes its a bit frustrating the time spent to crop a picture OneDrive integration (similar to Google Drive) would be great to add files without having to create sharing links all the time more highlight colours (at least two more) because it's just useful to have different colours for different concepts bigger files per note for example, I can't save all data from one experiment in the same note And here are the things I love (and can't live without them): file search OCR in photos saved searches coloured tag great for glancing what is done or not Gmail and Outlook clipper Internal links this is great to index drafts, pictures and experiment results from one note only custom templates import folders to a notebook (don't use this often now) use this to import '.pdf' of papers into Evernote, where I then write notes and share it with my peers publish the notes with a link great to share protocols and guides for new students If I am missing something that is already implemented, sorry - and let me know. happy notetaking, Leonardo
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    Hello everyone... Just popping in on this discussion, if only because I don't really want @VisionCasting to carry out his friendly "threat". First of all, I'm sorry that this issue has been outstanding for so long. Second, I want to assure you that many things that may seem on the surface to be easy fixes can in fact be far from it. Sometimes, when we're not very responsive, it's simply because we have no good way to actually accomplish the fix, not because we think it's a bad idea. This is one such area. The way in which Evernote implemented sharing notes some years back was not, shall we say, as elegant an approach as one might wish for. There are numerous long-standing problems that result directly from the constraints of that design. This is one. Problems searching shared notes is another. The list goes on. The way to fix this is not to hack on top of a hack on top of a hack. It is to fundamentally redesign and reimplement the way in which notes are shared deep within the Evernote architecture, and to migrate all existing shared notes to that architecture. Doing that puts us on a path to fix all sorts of different problems, including performance issues with the current design which can get progressively worse as more notes are shared with you. We are going to focus on fixing the root cause of the problem. It's a non-trivial undertaking, as you might expect. But by going down that path, we will be much better placed to work on all the symptoms, as well as be able to move forward to new functionality in this area on a much better foundation. At some point in the coming months, I expect we'll have a Behind the Scenes video that details what we've done in this regard. In the meantime, I apologize for how long it's taken, and assure you that we are working on the root cause for this and related problems. Back to lurking, ian
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    2020... and still no hand-writing integration in Evernote... I fear that means that Evernote is struggling to stay afloat and no longer investing in the product. Anyone else feeling that way? (Evernote Premium user Fromm the early years of the platform. Penultimate purchaser before it even got acquired. Apple iPad + Apple Pen happy user for sketching etc. OneNote provided by work and despite the fact I do not love it the way I loved Evernote, at least hand-writing is built-in... I need hand-writing support in Evernote to keep justifying myself the Premium annual fee...) Come on Evernote! You're making it really hard for your hard-core fans to stick around... deliver on the Penultimate promises and give us *real* *integrated* hand-writing support!
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