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    I thought I'd commented on this before, but perhaps it was on another thread. I'd been having this issue as well intermittently but repeatedly for a very long time, but it stopped quite a while ago, and I don't know what happened to make it stop. That suggests it may be environment-dependent and difficult to reproduce. I feel for those still experiencing it, because it was really annoying when it was happening, just wanted y'all to know it may not be a widespread experience.
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    Hi All, Thank you for your continued patience. We believe we have a solution and are working to implement the fix. We are hoping to have the fix in place before the end of next week. I'll follow-up here once I have a definitive date. Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime.
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    Starting from today, when hovering the mouse pointer to the top or bottom edges of the screen the note's text area automatically scrolls up or down accordingly. How to disable this "feature"? It's quite annoying to get your long note scrolled to the bottom when just want to switch to another window on the taskbar. Haven't found any abilities to disable in the settings.
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    Hi, and welcome to the forums. In some testing I did awhile ago, I found that you can get notes from Samsung Notes into Evernote by using the Share function in Samsung notes. If they are handwritten notes, you can share as images or PDFs. Handwritten text in images will be indexed for searching in Evernote (it can take a minute and a re-sync). For typed text notes, not handwritten, you can share them in Samsung Notes as a text file to Evernote, and it will appear in the default Evernote notebook as a text note. I don't use Samsung Notes much, but I did this testing just to see what would happen, so no guarantees. But bottom line, yes, you do have to do them one by one AFAIK. I don't think Samsung Notes has a bulk export function, and I'm sure the Evernote Android app doesn't have a bulk import function.
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    If you grab voice memos with iOS devices, my proposal would be the app JustPressRecord. You can decide after recording whether you want the result as audio file, text transcript or both. It is available for i-devices and the Watch, which comes in handy because there is no keyboard. There is a Mac app as well - if you are on Catalina, it will transcribe text on the Mac, if on Mojave or older it will just manage the audio files (because older MacOSes lack the function). Transcript then has to be done on an iOS device using the iOS capability to do so. The result needs to be transferred into EN.
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    To share a single picture permanently is not possible. To create a permanent link to fotos in the iCloud, you have to use a shared album. To use it, it needs to be activated in the iCloud settings, topic „Use shared albums“. There can be up to 5.000 fotos in a shared album, and it can be shared to 100 people. Just tried it with a shared album by sharing it to my Evernote mail adress. The link is embedded behind the word „subscribe“. When clicked on inside of EN, it takes me directly to the iCloud album. It is not ideal, but up to my knowledge the currently only way to share pictures from iCloud more permanently.
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    Yes, I realize that -- my point is, it should be supported. It's a no-brainer.
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    Hey there-- I removed the web clipper extension from chrome, and then reinstalled it and it is now working.
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    Evernote staff really should delete that account and then "reserve" the name so that no one else can try and take it. (Or register it to use by forum moderators.)
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    Actually a Third Party app - Filterize - can do exactly that for you. (It's probably also possible with other automation apps, but Filterize is the one I use.) As example I set up a fairly complicated filter to list any notes with uncompleted reminder dates up to and including today in one note, and a list of any notes with reminder dates coming up in the next 10 days in another. All I have to do is set the reminders, and the lists are prepared automatically.
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    I disagree that this view. The problem with classic links, is that they only work in the desktop app. If I try to view them on my phone, for example, they fail. The previous behavior was best: open the link in the Desktop app if it's installed / available, and use the web otherwise. On mobile, use the mobile app if it's installed, and use the web otherwise. That makes complete sense, since presumably the reason I installed the desktop and mobile apps is that I want them to handle everything Evernote for me. Additionally, it's a standard behavior for apps in general, for links and files. "Hey, I'm an app that can handle this kind of file, or this kind of link, so I'll open it rather than send it to the browser". It's true of other mobile apps when viewing web links to services provided by that app (Google Maps, LinkedIn, Trello, etc.), and also for Windows with default files and protocols (tel: links, file: links, etc.) Evernote should be no different.
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    This is the only way I've found paths to files work in Evernote. Mac is running latest High Sierra and Evernote most up to date version. 1 - Don't use Evernote from the AppStore - use the direct download from Evernote. 2 - Locate the folder or file you need to create a path and drag it into the search bar of Firefox (this is the only way I've found to create a correctly formatted link). 3 - Copy the resulting path 4 - Place cursor in Evernote, and create a link by pasting that path into the link dialog box.
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    I was so excited when the text color support came out for iOS version 8.0, just like Evernote for mac/desktop. I use colors often to separate different content (I see/think best with colors, I separate my to-do list with colors for personal, business, etc.). I then was extremely disappointed to find out that the color palettes are different with mac and iOS, so now I've got a virtual rainbow of colors across my notes and it's making me crazy. I don't care which version Evernote adopts, but can you adopt a consistent color palette or make the iOS palette a selectable option on the desktop mac software (you can select different color palettes in the mac version, just add the iOS palette to those options).
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