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    Dear Evernote team , I 've been a few years of intensive Evernote users in the private and professional spheres . I work for half a year with a Surface Pro 4 and do not want to miss it . However, unfortunately, very important aspect bothers me tremendously and drove me almost to Onenote : noting the miserable ways handwritten or draw in the Windows version of Evernote . Evernote Touch offers grotesquely no (Surface ) Pen support . The iOS version has indeed integrated drawing function and Penultimate . Is something equivalent for the Windows desktop version plans or ever has in mind ? I need practical advice on how I could solve by other apps by this problem. Greetings, Alex Greetings Alex
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    I am using it too and I add the link of the article. Another workaround I found to be working well is to send the article to pocket first and then send it to Evernote. It requires an extra step but it works. Web clipper was maybe the first reason we fell in love with Evernote. It deserves more attention and I hope they will address it with the new versions.
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    Keep your account password safe - don't use it on other sites
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    There is a known issue with an „iPhone“ (which is not an iPhone but a disguise used by a hacker group) to access EN accounts. They obviously use passwords stolen in one of the many breaches at other services. EN itself has no home made security issue. They connect through the internet to your data in the EN cloud, which is what you see when you log into the web client. To fix it, first go to the web client and change your password to a new one, that must be unique (and this means really unique, not just a variation of something else by exchanging a letter here and a number there) and strong (long enough, not from a dictionary, etc. Good ones are 15 characters or longer, completely random with lower+upper case, numbers and symbols). This will already lock out the access by any third party. Think about using 2FA as an additional layer of security. This means as well you will receive a message if somebody tries to enter, because you will receive a 2FA-code without having initiated it. And who wants in has no chance without the additional code send to your smartphone. When your account is safe, then you can unsync the unknown device for good. But changing the PW first is important, because this already locks out the intruder. Even when they still show up, access is denied. Finally think about using a good password manager in the future, to avoid reusing passwords or choose weak ones because you can’t keep track otherwise. This is no solution today, so you need a second brain that keeps track of all that access data needed.
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    Maybe this iOS shortcut can help: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/0d6e466b4b1444549da81ddc6f90b82d Sometimes it works just fine, sometimes it does not grab all of the page. This is especially true when trying to grab a forum discussion .... but on normal web sites, it clips everything with a lean layout. Some of the pics may be missing, so if you need them, copy and paste them manually.
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    I copied an image to my clipboard and pasted into a note. I then used my curser in front of graphic to delete the image and that works fine. But the image preview in the note stay there!!! I did some troubleshooting and i think i noticed a difference. If you click on the image and hit delete, the image preview goes away! if you delete by using curser in line, that does not! So.... thats great, but going back to a previously edited note in which i deleted the image with curser... there is no image there to select and delete. Saved cache data? Any help would be appreciated..
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    post #1 of 3 (solution) To go through it over the phone, you would need to call us at 1-800-626-4686 option 1. I am unavailable via phone.You would open the ScanSnap Home software, then click Scan at the Top Left. Click on the + sign at the top right to create a new profile. You can choose THE Save Documents template. You can change the name of the profile to Evernote instead of Save documents. Then at the bottom where it says Application. Click on Send to: None (Scan to File), and click Add or Remove. Then click Add -> Display name put Evernote. Click on Browse and choose the Evernote application (Should be in the Applications Folder). Then click Ok. Close, and make sure it is selected as the Application, and click on Add. Then make sure you have this new profile selected and scan with it.
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    It frustrates me again and again that I can't decide for myself which image is displayed in the cardview. In particularly ugly cases I even try to get the desired image by adjusting the resolution. This really cannot be Evernote's intention that users waste time with such nonsense. Please Evernote: A small option tick in the context menu "make this the poster image"... can't be that difficult.
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    Hi everyone, Not sure if this has been mentioned, or you may already know, but I have just learned about this in Evernote for Windows Desktop version; https://www.evernote.com/shard/s276/sh/71ed069b-adae-4942-94e0-2b65ced29925/bc9fde2a63a2464b15f3f307486cb025 You can drag the Inknote icon to the toolbar and then handwrite
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