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    Hello All, What do Evernote and a wedding reception have in common? Watch the video to find out! In this installment of Behind the Scenes, CEO Ian Small chats with Amir, a senior member of our engineering management team, about the work they’re doing to transfer over 9 billion notes to a faster, more scalable cloud storage architecture.Ian and Amir discuss the benefits of this new architecture, and the challenge of (as Amir says) “trying to refuel a plane while it’s in flight.”
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    Please implement something for the night owls
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    Love that i can finally take notes directly in EN with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. But. I frequently lose notes. If your in the middle of taking a note (in the sketch mode) and lets say you switch over to another app (checking mail for example). Quite often (but not always) - I come back to EN to find that it has closed out of my sketch note - meaning I have lost everything. So - what I try to do is open up a sketch note... and then routinely click DONE and then go back into the sketch to keep working (this functions as a "save"). But - over the course of the day - it's easy to miss doing this - and subsequently I end up losing notes. Hopefully this is something that changes in the future. Does anyone else have this problem?
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    Hmm I counter this problem for a while. It seems to me that I can only change the color of the font rather than the highlight when I call out the "show colors" option under format. Does it mean there is only one color available for highlight at the moment?
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    Hi , I think it is would be cool and useful if the Table in evernote could do some basic Calculation like excel , no need so complex like what excel do , but some calculation between cell. This can Help a lot when someone want to sum the value of ingredient for example or many things that need some basic calculation . Well , that is what tables usually used for , isn't it . It would be much help rather than manually calculate the value one by one in the table . Hope you would reconsider this Idea , Thank you .
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    Hi, since the latest Windows version ( (308816) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)) there was a change in behavior of the application. Whenever I was clicking on a reminder note like in the screenshot below, the note opened in the window on the right and I was able to scroll through my reminder notes on the left. But since the latest update, if I click on a reminder note, the note will open on the right, which is still ok, but the reminder notes overview on the left will diappear and I will see the chronilogical notes view on the left. This is very annoying if I want to rearrange due dates of my notes. Can you please change the behavior back to the previous one? Thanks
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    I have an ix100 so the specific operation may be different, but the connection and Scansnap Manager software is common to both machines. Windows 10 never has recognised the scanner because Fujitsu use their own proprietary handshake connection and not the typical windows universal scan drivers. I've never had mine show up in the system devices list. I've also found the connection to be "flaky" over the past few weeks. The system will regularly hang mid scan advising it's receiving document, but eventually timing out. Strangely this seems to be when I have it on a wired connection. I find that on WiFi and with the USB cable connected it seems to figure itself out. I'm sort of gutted to be saying it, but the most robust operation at present is to use the scanner over WiFi to the mobile scansnap app, in my case on iOS and then forward it to my Evernote account. It shouldn't be the case, but this is presently the fastest and most reliable way of using the scanner. Given this is happening between scanner and ScanSnap Home this is a Fujitsu issue and not a reflection on Evernote. Cold comfort I know.
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    I have been building Templates for a while and have a hard time remembering which one does what because of the short title description . My suggestion would be the ability to type out a long description.Then roll over a template and see a long description telling what the template was designed to do. Keep up the great work not sure what i would do without this awesome program Jason Q
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    I upgraded to the beta version of the web interface, and now it works! Still looking forward to the native linux version 🙂
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    Actually, I've had some quite good experiences using the Web beta editor (in stark contrast to the Windows desktop program!) to modify formatting of material from the Web. See my post here: I just tested this, with the page to which you gave the link. I also found the "Medium header" styling for the section headings. But I did not see any "Mixed" font areas; it was all already Sans Serif (both headers and normal text). That's not much help for you, I realize. The only thing I can think of is that it may depend on the browser in which the Web page was clipped, or in which the Evernote Web editor is used. I'm using Opera.
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    Now this is from the scanning window, with the big blue button and the profiles. I have opened the profile that I use to send my scan (simplex) directly into EN. However, they are saved in parallel on my Mac as well. Option arrow (5) does control this. You can say "to a file" as well if you do not want it inside of the ScanSnapHome-Application. Arrow (6) points to the detailed options of the profile. Here you find in the second tab the option to OCR (arrow 8). On the start screen of the scanning window, there is as well an option to switch between local copy and cloud service, by the 2 symbols (arrow 9). If the cloud is not enabled in the settings, it is not possible to choose it by accident. I hope you can follow these settings by the screenshots, and set it up for yourself, avoiding any cloud services by this. Please feel free to ask again if you still have trouble.
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    I strongly disagree. First of all, it's not true that it doesn't cost the company any extra to provide. But even if it did, this is commerce, you're not forced to use their product, you want to use it. If you want to use something that someone else is offering, you can accept their price or not, but trying to claim that disagreeing with their price is "money grabbing" is just incorrect. What Evernote does is no different than what tons of other companies do. Take newspapers (Washington Post, NY Times, LA Times, just to name a few) - they offer some limited amount of service for free (e.g., 5 free articles a month) - and charge you if you want more. Even if it didn't "cost" them anything extra to provide you more articles, charging you for them is far from money grabbing - it's just running a business. Some could say you're just trying to "service-grab" by demanding something to which you are not entitled.
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    Thanks @jefito! I didn't realize until now that I was trying to stack a notebook into another stack. You're right, drag and drop is working just fine now.
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    Drag and drop works fine for me, but the important thing to understand is that you cannot drop a notebook onto another notebook that's already in a stack, which appears to be the situation that's occurring in the picture above. Speaking of which, there's a lot better way to get screen caps, using the Evernote screen : https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005067-How-to-use-Evernote-Helper-for-quick-notes-and-screenshots
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    Thanks, guys! I still don't know why drag and drop is not working to create stack notebooks but I got another to do the same thing. I right clicked in a new notebook, then "add to stack" and finally to "create new stack".
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    Thanks for your reply! it would be great to have a linux client! I'm using unicode because it's convenient for math notes, using "xcompose" to enter the symbols. If 𝓓 and 𝔻 don't work I can use something else, like bold. But I wonder why some unicode works and some doesn't ... it seems like evernote is simply throwing certain symbols out when saving.
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    Hi. This is Evernote's general help page on Stacks - How to organize notebooks into stacks If you wish to change the version of the browser-based app, click on Settings and switch to another from there.
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    I received word from Evernote support, this issue will become irrelevant with the new editor they are working on. Evernote support was very responsive and sent a concise description of what they are working on. So kudos to support. Best Claus
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    I'm gonna get that tattoo!
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    Hi. You've not said what device(s) or OS('s) you're using, which is a relevant factor in that some OS's show tags in slightly different ways, and mobile OS's generally don't support a tag hierarchy (TH). You'll get a flat list of all tags regardless of parent/child relationships. TH's are otherwise pretty simple - it's possible to 'nest' tags as deeply as you'd like, so subtags down to 100 levels could be set up, if rather impractical. Plus. searching for a sub-level tag can also display all 'parent' levels. Or not - it's an option. The Note options you have are: Stacks - contain notebooks only: no notes (selecting a stack gives you a listing of all notes in the notebooks in that stack) Notebooks - contain notes only - no 'deeper' level Notes - various types of content - can be linked directly to other notes Tags and note titles add extra dimensions - forinstance I always start note titles with the date the contents were created in yyyymmdd format. That date is likely different to the created date of the note, Another grouping of notes can be engineered by Tables of Content - also referred to here sometimes as 'dashboards'. Maintenance is an issue, but I use an app Filterize to automate that. I have one notebook for Dashboard notes and one dashboard note with links to all the others which is the ultimate parent reference point. From that note - call that 'level one' - I can choose any of the others (level two) which contain links to notes anywhere in my database (level three) which can also be local dashboards for more specialist subjects (level four) which can also be dashboards... ad infinitum until you eventually get to an actual note containing data!
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    Simply Right-Click on an already created tag and select 'Create tag in "<this>"...' to create a sub-level tag (if you are a Windows user - if not, I'm sure that other platform offer similar functionality 😉). I've done so with groups of tags to describe note attributes like "When?", "Who?", "Where?", "Type" and so on. My current tag tree looks like the following: You can find a more-in-detail description of this methodology in http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/114779-using-tags-to-implement-dynamic-todo-lists/. This makes it completely unnecessary to structure notebooks in deep hierarchies. I've around 10 stacks of several notebooks organized by tags like described above. Nobody needs more. Full stop 😉
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    Hi All, Wanted to provide an update. We believe we've identified the root cause of the issue, and hope to have a fix implemented very soon. I'll follow-up here once the fix is live. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    That's very helpful. I didn't realize that "any" would apply to "tag". I thought any only applied to words.
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    Nice life story, bro... How is *any* of this relevant to the subject in question, namely: that the notes reset to the top after switching to a different app or a lock screen? One doesn't have to be editing a note to experience this problem. Heck, you don't even need to be using a mobile version: this happens on the desktop as well -- you switch between notes, and your place in the previous note is reset to the top. Nope. Ah, therein lies the objective.
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    Hello, I am struggling. I wanted to find a task based app or an "online outmation tool" (EX: zapier, ifttt ect) that would allow me to sync Evernote "todo" checkboxes to a task app. A few examples of things I have found: 1. swipes app - appears to be what I want (Swipes add tasks when checkboxes are created Evernote and when one completes a task in swipes checkbox is checked in Evernote) But unfortunately it doesn't appear to be in app store of Android or Aple anymore. Their website is up but poking around their site it seems like they might be going out of biz? 2. Taskclone automation - only clones checkboxes from Evernote it doesn't sync back. I have found nothing out there for iOS or Android that will allow me to sync "Todo" checkboxes to a task app like swipes did. Is this true or does anyone have any ideas?
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    Hi friends. Just me chiming in. I am a long time EN user (paid as well). I am very much still interested in a full Linux Desktop client. Currently I use a combination of the various web apps and a windows installation on a different computer. But I just wanted to make my desire known that I'd love to see a full desktop client in the future! Keep up the good work!
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    Striking through text is too much of a pain. I am using the latest version of the Mac desktop software.
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    So basically we want features to pin and arrange precisely and easily the order of the notes, for a better workflow. Drag and Drop, Specific Sort order, and Pin to the top (per notebook/notes).
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    I suppose we're not. If there are real 2nd class citizens here, that would be the Linux folks. haha But we're paying (at least I was, formerly) the same amount as Mac users. And we're here left to hang yet again. For something that's been requested for at least 5 years now you'd think they'd have plenty of time to release dark mode for everyone. Instead they keep on pushing these features that would make evernote a powerpoint competitor instead of a note-taking program. Take it as you will. And I have a sense of perspective in this and that's within the Evernote environment. I don't need to look around the world to feel like the company doesn't value me as much as other users. What do you call someone who pays (again, formerly) the same amount for the same thing and gets less than everyone else? Where are the timelines? Even a vague promise? A shot-in-the-dark date that says "we'll release dark mode on Windows in 2020 or something"? I'm sure there's a lot of work involved in it but a dark mode isn't exactly cutting edge technology that needs years to develop. They obviously have priorities and I know people want to think we're all equal here but that's not how I'm feeling it. I'm glad you're contented with how Evernote is taking care of you but I'm not. And I'm sure I'm not alone with this. But yeah, I AM making this sound so grave so sorry for that. It's just a dark mode after all. Dark mode was just a nice-to-have feature for such a long time and now that it's come and there are no indications that it will come to Windows too, coupled with the fact that Evernote closed that other thread just like that, it gets frustrating.
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    This needs to happen for Windows users. Great that Dark Theme is out for Android, iOS, OSX, but still missing for Windows. Evernote is the ONLY app in my workflow that doesn't support dark mode in Windows. A lot of the "duplicate threads" also requesting this seem to now be deleted. Please make this happen.
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    This isn't just a night owls/dark room thing. I regularly prefer non-white backgrounds while working during the day in a regularly lit room. Evernote offers so much; but not so much as one alternate theme? SERIOUSLY? Please implement this ASAP. It can't possibly be much work in the scheme of things.
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    Here are 2 half-decent workarounds I've tinkered with that you can use via Chrome extensions on the Web Client: AlterNote: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/alternote-editor/hljkfahiahjhhpmpihngnommookkneji?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon Add-ons for Evernote Web App: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/add-ons-for-evernote-web/bnflfnhcfikgmmcmoghhejelmefpjhek?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon Both extensions have other features which extend Evernote's editor... such as list sorting, etc... which might be worth looking into :-)
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