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    I find that frequently when I use Web clipper under Windows to save a Web page into Evernote, or share to Evernote from a browser on my Android phone, I get a lot of HTML formatting such as headers that makes the note difficult to use and edit. I've just discovered that the Web beta editor can fix such problems. I used it to open a note that had been clipped from the Web and had header styling near the top. I selected the header text, and the leftmost element of the editor's formatting toolbar showed it as styled "Large header." Clicking on that, I selected the option to "Apply 'Normal text.'" Voilà! The header formatting was removed, and it was normal text--and appeared as such (Tahoma 10 pt) in the Windows program. I tried this on another note that had a big block of material at the top that the beta editor showed in a box and identified as "HTML content" or something. I found that I could move it out of the box and format it as I pleased. This is a big plus for the Web beta editor, IMHO. From now on, it will be my go-to in reformatting clipped Web pages, until the same function is available in the Windows and Android apps. @Scott T., please pass this along to the devs!
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    I just had one of my infrequent brilliant insights. I used the Web beta editor to open a note that had been clipped from the Web and had header styling near the top. Unlike the current Windows program, the Web beta knows from headers. I selected the text, and the leftmost element of the formatting toolbar showed it as styled "Large header." Clicking on that, I selected the option to "Apply 'Normal text.'" Voilà! The header formatting was removed, and it was normal text--and appeared as such (Tahoma 10 pt) in the Windows program. From now on, this will be my go-to in reformatting clipped Web pages, until the same function is available in the Windows and (pleeeease) Android apps.
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    Yes, the new editor will be on all platforms. I think we're looking to release the new clients pretty close together, though I think mobile is a bit ahead in terms of progress. The setting for note width is persisted for any note you view.
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    @RavBoy I don't use Windows personally, but if I understand what your issue is, I think we have this addressed in the new editor which we're working hard to release across all platforms. It will be available in the new Windows client we're working on (see the earlier link to our blog post for 2020). If you take a look at this screen capture, you can see we allow you to manipulate captured content and also select how to display content in the editor. clips.mp4
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    See https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005237-How-does-sync-work-within-Evernote- : if Evernote has detected any conflicting changes, then they should appear in a special notebook. In the case you cite (you're not seeing changes from mobile that don't appear in a different Evernote application, that's not necessarily a conflicting change (which is a note being edited in two separate places); it could however be a bug.
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    Just to focus on this, if you have or have ever had "conflicting changes" between what's in the Windows program and what's elsewhere in your Evernote account, there should be a notebook (as you say) titled Conflicting Changes. If that doesn't exist, or is empty, then the Windows program is unaware of any conflicts. If material is failing to sync properly from the iPhone, then the Windows program may simply not know of it. You can check the Web version to see if the material has synced there: https://www.evernote.com/client/web. I don't know anything about iPhones, but maybe it's possible that there was a network problem that kept the Evernote app there from syncing properly.
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    Beta versions are known for being risky for things like data loss. Use at your own risk Evernote's "bad behavior" is that they slot users into a beta version with no notice We are regularly advising users to switch versions
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    Thanks very much Pink Elephant, have been trying to solve this for days. 😊
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    I have a temporary solution. If I open evernote web as the only tab open on my device, I do not experience the jumping cursor and can write / edit notes correctly. As soon as I open another tab in the browser (I use chrome) I experience the jumping cursor problem. Hope this helps the tech team to look into the problem better and solve it. It's been driving me mad for a couple of months.
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    Dark Reader is also available for FireFox for those who would prefer that Google not watch their every click.
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    I saved an image file on Evernote on my iPhone X and unfortunately I can't view the image in the Evernote app on my Windows 10 PC. Evernote support says this a known issue and that I should vote in the user forum so that Evernote will fix the problem.
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    Yes, @Dave-in-Decatur, exactly! Pleeese provide this fix.
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    Not quite my definition of "sensitive information" I have faith in Evernote's security and my personal data security, but I have a small list of encrypted items examples: Scan of my passport, password list (backup) >>Like everything else, it must be simpler to do on a MAC 😉 It just works (Apple slogan)
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    Ha! I shred stuff too, and for the same reason - so that I don't stick it in evernote again!I And before I throw junk mail in the recycling bin I tear off the name and address part and stick in the wood burner. I might not care if the entire world has my info, but I won't let the guy at the dump get my address 😉 Now about those floor plans...
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    PinkElephant & gazumped - I always had that same 'who cares' type of attitude. I mean, like gazumped says, there's so much stuff out there that if they really want to find that picture of my driver's license that I keep for when I travel, well, they deserve to get it for all the work they did to find it. Also, we use google home devices, alexa, we store stuff in this cloud and that cloud, and it was all so overwhelming that at one point we gave up. "It's the new way" we said. "There isn't much The Cloud does not already have" we said. "Lets just flood it with so much stuff that it will bury the important stuff". All true in a sense. All quite logical if a bit defeatist. And yet there's something that doesn't sit well with me... So 3 days ago I took it upon myself to search and encrypt every instance of my full address and phone number in all my Evernote notes. Then I had the pictures of receipts to deal with as well. SO much work and no where near done (Evernote does not make it easy). But then I remembered something Warren Buffett said: make a list of your top 25 priorities in life. Circle the 5 most important. Delete all the other ones - they just interfere with the important ones. So, yeah, excuse the language but ***** that. For every receipt i don't encrypt I can write 3-5 lines of a screenplay. DTLow - I read that you encrypt or password protect your pdfs. Like everything else, it must be simpler to do on a MAC 😉
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    Woo. That's a good question with a pretty long answer. The short(ish) version, like a certain pink pachyderm around here, is that I use passworded PDFs just like you. My casual security is down to the fact that of 48,000 and some notes in my database only a relative few(hundred) are in need of protection, and my library is part of the billion or so notes in various languages on Evernote's proverbial books. Even an AI process is going to take a while to work out where my stuff is, and which notes hold the plans for World Domination. Plus anything I hold really dear (like The Plans) is on paper and in a drawer near my desk. Anything with bank details is in an unsynced local notebook regularly backed up to a local hard drive, and my passwords to everything are with Bitwarden - which puts out some useful random sequences for passwords, like @Dq3J&N@&R (not otherwise in use!).
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    +1 same issue! Just spent hours making a note on what I'm learning about TensorFlow, and half of the note is gone! Same symptoms as described in this thread
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    Hi there, Thank you to everyone who participated in our Home Dashboard Contest! We were so impressed and inspired by the creative dashboards you all built to organize your information and maximize productivity! Our panel of judges included Ian, our CEO, and representatives from Product, Engineering, Marketing, and Design. We had a blast going through your entries – and also some good healthy debates. (Talk about a tough decision!) Here are our winners* (drum roll please!): Professor of productivity Joe Leondike: Just looking at your dashboard already makes us feel more productive! We love how you draw ideas from a few approaches from the Eisenhower method to Stacey Harmon’s system to really make it your own. This is the epitome of a straightforward, no-frills, get-things-done home dashboard. See Joe’s dashboard here! Captain of creativity Sayre Ambrosio: This dashboard is creative on a number of levels! First, we love how visually creative it is - each of the distinct categories are paired with a perfectly matched visual. Additionally, we are inspired by how you set up a shared Evernote note to essentially have the functionality of a website for your community group. See Sayre’s dashboard here! Everything but the kitchen sink - It’s a tie! TK0047: We love your unique take on a home dashboard and were impressed with how comprehensive it is for something that is clearly very important to you: your breadth of software tools. It’s cool that this dashboard makes Evernote the place where you start everything - whether you’re going somewhere within Evernote or to a destination outside. See TK0047’s dashboard here! Dandrade: This home dashboard is incredibly simple yet effectively organizes your most accessed content. We love that it is structured to separate work and personal as well as current tasks and reference material. It is simple and yet has everything you need to maximize productivity! See Dandrade’s dashboard here! We think each one of these dashboards provides great inspiration for how Evernote can help make Evernoters more organized and more productive. A huge thank you to everyone for sharing their work and letting us all see the breadth of ways in which Evernote can be used. We hope folks are inspired and managed to learn more than a few nuggets from each other. Happy holidays and cheers to making 2020 your most productive year ever! * Contingent on successful verification of US residency
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    I keep mine very basic and simple with internal note links and links to files in my Google Drive I update this as needed. It makes accessing needed info very easy too - one stop shopping for the info I use most.
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    This is the dashboard that I have in the community notebook that I keep. Clicking the different "tiles" takes you that section of the notebook.
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    Like most people people, I am juggling multiple aspects of my life; career, advancement, school, family, etc. I have found the Eisenhower method helpful, with a twist. I use it as my dashboard for GTD and add a side of Kanban. That way I can see what is coming up and what has been done. Linking between the notes is the glue to maintain my sanity. Reminder dates allow me track what is due in the future. I consider it a compilation of different methods to meet my demands. Below is the system I follow to keep current. I did not create this system, that was from a podcast I heard from Stacey Harmon at https://www.harmonenterprises.com Let me know what you think. Get Focused Task Management - Active v. Reference: To do lists Either Active v. Waiting for (Reminders) Project Management - Active v. Reference: Projects have a defined beginning to end. Open are active and closed to go reference. Consider Active v. Waiting for Process Management - Active v. Reference: Are an ongoing items that reoccur. Phone call list, bills Consider Active v. Waiting for Reference Management - Active v. Reference: Is there really an Active Reference management system? Either Reference v. Waiting for (i.e. date) Waiting for - Can be a person, place, date/time. So maybe the Who, What, where, when why & how should apply here
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    This is incredibly frustrating! And all I can do is complain here because I don't have a paid account. Refreshing the page eventually worked but wow that was a pain, and now I don't really trust it.
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    I am a huge Evernote user and have been waiting for encryption for years, along with everyone else. It is incredibly disappointing that it is still not a base feature of this product. I don't know the reasons why full notebook encryption (not just text) isn't available, but in this day and age it is irresponsible for a cloud service company of this size to not offer a way for their customers to protect their personal information. There are other solutions out there, albeit not as feature rich as Evernote - but as soon as one of them catches up and offers encryption... AND should they have a streamlined process for transferring note content out of an Evernote account into their solution, I predict a mass exodus of Evernote users.
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    A note to Evernote ;) The lack of this feature is why my company chose Quip over Evernote. And it's why I am finally getting around to moving my personal Evernote content to some other (yet undecided) service. I've been a software developer for quite awhile now, and no, just no. Things as simple as moving deeply nested subfolders around, dragging and dropping files from one folder to another, become a painful exercise in trying to rename tags. I'm sure EN made an early mistake in software or db design that makes this feature nigh impossible, just letting the product team know that it is affecting your bottom line.
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    I don't understand why after almost 10 years this has not been implemented yet. Also, I don't understand why workarounds such as tags are considered a good solution. Is it that complicated to add more hierarchy levels to the structure?
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    To all Guru's that keep saying the same thing about being able to do the same thing with tag. This maybe so but is not the point. Clearly for at least the last 9 Years people have been asking for the ability to nest stacks. We pay for this product and this is what we want so do it already.
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    Hi GrumpyMonkey, Thank you for your insights and for introducing me to Yoga journal! To start, I wanted to use the notebook to aggregate a list of resources - sites, videos, books, etc. as you said- as vauable reference points for different poses and workouts. For example, I know that traditional Bikram yoga has a very structured routine made up of a few poses. A PDF file or instructional video for the workout would be a great thing for me to have and look back on. From there, I was hoping to start a more personalized workout plan for myself based on what my body needs (i.e. I have lower back problems and could definitely use a stronger core). There's actually a yoga instructor on campus who offers free weekly yoga classes and is open to drawing up short, personalized workouts for students! I'll be attending this Thursday's class, so his recommendations will definitely go into my Evernote Some workouts I'd like to design are a 15-minute morning workout for busy days, a longer 1-hour one for the weekends perhaps, and then a nighttime breathing exercise before bed. Are there any other websites or books that you, or anyone else, would recommend? I'd be particularly interested in understanding the specific benefits that certain asanas provide. Thanks for all your help!
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    Unfortunately the plugin to block Google Analytics has not resolved the problem for me. Although I have managed to successfully use Evernote Web Client lightly for a few days, today the problem has returned. The cursor still jumps to the top of the page, even though no calls get made to the Google Analytics domain. The only domain called now from the web client is www.evernote.com, and the problem is still present. This refers back to my previous comments describing the problem, then pointing out some coincidental activity with Google Analytics, and lastly trying a couple of solutions.
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