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    hi it would be quite nice to support right to left writing direction for languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and Persian. it is really hard to write and read when writing in left to right in those languages. thanks.
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    Picture me doing the can-can
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    You all might be interested in this blog post https://evernote.com/blog/2020-update-progress-road-ahead/ The re-engineered web client (in limited release), the new mobile clients (in first preview), and the (as yet unreleased) new clients for Windows, Mac, and (yes!) Linux
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    And the mug! (and LOTS of tshirts...) And who knows how that may change across MS updates...
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    @jefito I don’t know how YOU access Evernote Web on iOS because as soon as I go to Evernote.com and sign in, I’m taken to Account Settings — with no option in the hamburger menu to access Notes. @Scott T. Thanks. Do you know if they are going to contact me via email or will it be a different method?
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    Thanks for this summary, some of them I had forgotten. Nonetheless, I have found it just too tedious to do serious writing on my iPad, particularly getting specific text selected. While, in theory, you can just drag on the markers, in practice, they seem to have a mind of their own, with strongly preferred locations favored, such as the spot immediately before a word rather than in the word. I've decided it's time to get back on my iMac where I have complete control. I guess I was just being lazy anyway :).
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    @Jeshi, I asked somebody in our support team to reach out to you. You should hear something from them tomorrow. They'll help you sort it out and make sure you don't get locked out of your account.
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    Ok, that's it. I'll be telling the evernote folks. Some things trigger Evernote web to include a "HTML Content" notice in the notes on the web. If you were to save that note as a template and then use it, you would get html code (so far just the spaces ( )) everywhere in the note. Your best bet is to re-create the note from scratch, avoiding the things that cause that notice to appear. What causes it? The one thing I know is that if you have text in one cell where you are using two different formats (maybe a different colour, a different font size) in the same cell you will get the notice (when you look at the note on the web). That's what triggered it for me. Once it got triggered, even deleting the row of the table in which the cell appears will not fix it; the space codes appear elsewhere in the table the minute you have a space in a cell (or perhaps only a formatted cell?). My guess is that other things might trigger this, but I don't have time to spend another 5 + hours troubleshooting.
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    I'm on Basic. When I launch Evernote, it opens to the All Notes page. I'd like to open to Notebooks. Is this possible?
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    Yes, you will be able to access (view) your data However, you will not be able to edit your oversize notes Other plan restrictions are listed here https://evernote.com/compare-plans
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    Hmm. I'm not getting those results. I'm redoing my test with explicit steps. I'll report back.
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    Hi @CAVOK. Since you are a paid member, you are not required to use an authenticator app. There's a skip link on the authenticator download page. Please see the attached screenshot.
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    Good bye, good luck I recommend the Notability app; a great improvement on "handwriting" I still like Evernote for storage and organization; I store the Notability documents as note attachments
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    This is exactly the implementation we are working on. We're building a separate system for maintaining entity relationships. This would allow complex, multi-tier relationships like nested notebooks. Performance is a factor that we are very aware of and working on improving. Calculating the full relationship graph/tree is quite complex. We're evaluating calculating and caching the graph based on initial access of one entity such that accesses of related entities would have a pre-calculated relationship graph. When we've completed and launched this service (pretty soon), we will be able to build the more complex features like multi-level nested notebooks on top of it. But, you first have to build the next generation architecture and its various components. That's what we've been working on this past year and will continue in 2020. This is balanced with launching new features and clients.
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    Have to disqualify myself right out of the gate as I'm Canadian... but... here's my current dashboard note. As you can see, it is setup with basically just a slew of 'note links' - I wanted it to be mobile device friendly too so no wide table columns where I would have issues with scrolling left/right too to get to notes - so the two left columns are the high important items that I can scroll and tap on with mobile devices. I have a basic image banner on the top of the page (I do this with a lot of other 'master notes' as well - just to add some splash of color/etc), then a basic 3 column table with some note links - each of those note links are for a master note too - I run everything from my grocery list to major multi million dollar project management out of evernote and the bulk of it starts right here (well, main work stuff has it's own dashboard). Example: my "scuba" entry under reference get's me into my scuba diver "log book" - which is a master note showing me all my current scuba diving certifications, planned certifications, tasks (rescue course re-certifications), and a link out to my scuba diving travel ideas note. Of course, my scuba log book master note wouldn't be complete without a link to my scuba diving log book - with details and photos from every dive - and yes, this is all in Evernote too. Evernote also is a CRM for me - so you can see a few people listed under "Important" - I have another master note that breaks down my people based on friends, professional, business, etc. Significant actions with "people" get tagged with their name and a "-chronology" suffix (ie ejohn-chronology) - my CRM section assembles all those notes into a chronological list so when I drill down to the person in the CRM (or the main dashboard) I get a chronological list of my communications with that person - and even other reference notes that I may have tagged with their info (ie assigned work projects, home projects, etc). Anyway, I could go on and on about this, but shall cut my rambling short here. Let me know if you have questions on more of my setup or want some 'secondary' master page photos. Thought I'd update my post and show a 'secondary' dashboard - this one shows up when I click 'health' on the main dashboard. All those other links on the primary go to a second 'dashboard' note like this one - just related to the topic instead:
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    My so-called dashboards are pretty simple, but I did start using tables to do divisions to demarcate things that should be kept separate. This seems to work out better than horizontal rules for me, because I can then have horizontal divisions if need be, rather than only vertical divisions.
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    Hi. AFAIK you do need to keep the browser tab open on the page you're clipping until Evernote pops up with a confirmation that the clip is done, but there's nothing (again AFAIK) that stops you switching tabs or opening a new one to look elsewhere while you wait... Most of my clips seem to complete fairly expeditiously anyways so I don't recall any need to find something to do in the interim...
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    I like beautiful minimalism. I have a work dashboard and a personal dashboard. This one is for work as viewed on my phone.
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    I’ve invested heavily into Evernote and Penultimate. And I’m about ready to move it all off to something else, because of the lack of updating Penultimate and the non-communication of what the roadmap is for it and Evernote. We received an announcement awhile back about a new logo and a “Renewed sense of purpose”. Evernote folks, if you are listening, it’s time to act with more than a new logo and a promise. Penultimate is now acting up with latest iOS update and is virtually unusable to me. Are you going to update it? Are you going to add pencil support to Evernote? What is the plan? Regards, Dan T.
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    I use Penultimate every day for note taking. I love it. BUUUT I wish it would incorporate double-tap. I'd be very bummed if EN stopped supporting Penultimate entirely.
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    Still seeing this on Chrome on Mac. Very annoying. This should be a simple setting adjustment in Clipper. Evernote could you please make this default to full width? Chome is the most-used browser. Thanks, SMM
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    My work here is done...
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    Hi, Am an Evernotenote lover, and I use it almost everyday. But there is no option to write from right to left, for Arabic or Hebrew languages. Yes there is an align option, but still writing from right to left is difficult. And to clarify my point more, I snipped my screen for an option exists in adobe programs, and others like Microsoft's. Thank you.
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    It's painfully frustrating that Evernote cannot find a developer who could spend a week to create the option allowing users (especially paying) to have the app open to a specified note or notebook instead of the jumble of "all notes", I see this thread has been open for two years. I've started to notice many bugs and UI issues that make me wonder if Evernote has any concern for the end user and real world functionality of their product anymore.
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    As I read the organizer gurus who recommend Evernote, one topic continues to be repeated. "You can't use Evernote for daily tasks. You must use... todoist, Bullet Journal, etc" I would like to be able to open Evernote to my Daily notebook. That has a note for everything I need to accomplish today. Rather than the disorganization of All Notes. Without displaying my notebook to everyone. Thanks
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    Yes, for something to help keep you organized, it sure is a chaotic mess upon opening. Opening to a list of notebooks seems like such a better default. Or at least give the option to choose how it opens.
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    I also wish to have the option to have my opening screen display the notebooks list. I have hundreds of notes, organized into about a dozen notebooks. And yet when I open Evernote, it's like a disorganized file cabinet with papers strewn everywhere rather than sorted in my carefully made, tidy folders. I was astonished to see that someone wrote that 'the notebook list is a click away.' A basic tenet of usability is 'don't make me think' and its parallel is "don't make me click.' Besides opening to a mess rather than order, there's a privacy issue, mentioned in a previous post. I may have sensitive information in a recent note that I don't want someone to see when I open the app. Please allow users to customize this! A related matter... once I get the notebook list, I prefer not to see a set of recently used notebooks at the top of the list. This all too often requires more scrolling to get to the notebook I truly want at that moment. I would like to have the option to turn that feature off for a smoother user experience.
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