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    Hello folks, In the meantime I had switched around the server settings of getting reminder via email off and on again ... And look ... today I indeed have received a reminder email ... so, it seems to work again ... Thanks for your help. Yours, Stanley
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    Through the menu system, you just press CTRL-A to select all text, then Formatting, Hyperlink, remove. It will whack them all.
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    Dear Evernote team , I 've been a few years of intensive Evernote users in the private and professional spheres . I work for half a year with a Surface Pro 4 and do not want to miss it . However, unfortunately, very important aspect bothers me tremendously and drove me almost to Onenote : noting the miserable ways handwritten or draw in the Windows version of Evernote . Evernote Touch offers grotesquely no (Surface ) Pen support . The iOS version has indeed integrated drawing function and Penultimate . Is something equivalent for the Windows desktop version plans or ever has in mind ? I need practical advice on how I could solve by other apps by this problem. Greetings, Alex Greetings Alex
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    Phew - I keep getting the image too, but assumed I'd just delete it if I clicked! I'll stop worrying now... 🤭
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    What a nifty little tip, thanks I had to do the thing you said not to... lol ...even just highlighting the image within a cell and clicking 'match note width' achieved the same result... thanks again
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    No disagreement with any of that. I'm just not sure that with my fingers I would ever be as productive on an IOS device as I am with a mouse. 🤷‍♂️
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    But the thing is that mobile devices got so much better over time that people (including myself) are moving away from PCs or Macs. iOS devices are so powerful and capable to do anything. At the same time we have invested so much time in Evernote and there is also a brand loyalty in most of us that makes it so hard to leave. And I don’t want to leave. I just want EN to become a mobile first platform.
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    Well, I'll accept 'us' as being past & present Evernote folks -- heck, you still have the scars, er, tattoo, right? Anyways, yeah, it was always clear that the order came from Windows, but I seem to remember it as pretty reliable (vs. Mac at the time). I seem to recall that Windows would return things in the order that you selected them if you selected one-by-one (via Ctrl+Click), but can't remember anything about order of drag selects. It may depend on whether you drag select up or down (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6128962/how-do-i-maintain-the-file-order-in-windows-explorer-when-drag-and-dropping-file). It might also depend on the file ordering in the Explorer window as well, though I've not found much supporting that either way.. Microsoft seems pretty opaque about the whole thing.
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    ...and surprisingly the EN Image viewer still opens/works when viewing images pasted into different cells of EN Tables (see some screen snips I pasted into a test table). EN continues to displays each image(s), from each cell, going across and down as listed...so that's great...but of course the table doesn't look great on EN-Android as it does not resize for the different screen size.... trying to have my cake and eat it too...oh well.
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    WOW! ... Until this morning, I have rarely edited existing notes on other platforms (EN-Android, EN-iOS etc), esp notes with lots of images. Other clients/platforms have just been for viewing/read only access. This is a real blow and let down... but, your Table-Workaround may prove to be even more effective, as I do like how image sizes displayed, adjust to the table-cell automatically when dragging/copy pasting across. Bugger! Thanks again Gazumped, cheers
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    Got that t-shirt too. There's no actual image size control in Evernote - if you change the displayed size in Windows, that will hold until the note is next edited on a different device - then all bets are off. If you want a specific fixed layout, the best way to achieve this is to use tables. The attached forinstance is my record of a dead laptop battery... The team are (I understand) rewriting the editor, so -hopefully- things will get better.
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    You could try using Word. Found this Searching for remove hyperlinks with word. How do i remove hyperlinks in a word document? To remove a single hyperlink without losing the display text or image, right-click the hyperlink, and then click Remove Hyperlink. To remove all hyperlinks in a document, press CTRL+A to select the entire document and then press CTRL+SHIFT+F9.Nov 3, 2019
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    For me one of the big advantages of the desktop app (which is the laptop app as well) is the local database. I use train rides to sort out things in EN, booking a seat with a desk in advance, putting on my ANC headphones. With the fragile internet connection from the train I could not do it. Using the local database and syncing later when I have stable WiFi works perfectly. It would be nice if at least the iPad app would use a local database as well, allowing for actions on multiple notes at once like tagging, moving and merging.
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    this is insane that its not working already. just think of all the money nexflix spends to get your ten bux a month and the cost of evernote compared to what they actually deliver for that similar price. evernote needs to drop the price if it cant deliver more.
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    Use search term stack:[stack name]
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    If it is plain text, maybe you could copy it to a text-only editor, save it and copy it back into a new note. I am not sure if EN detects the strings and reattaches Hyperlinks again. But you could give it a try.
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    I use iOS so I didn't know that dragging a checklist was already enabled on Android - thanks for mentioning that! The changes to Evernote Web are progressing VERY NICELY and I can't wait for the mobile apps to mimic the web interface! An update to the desktop app will be appreciated as well, but I'm starting to move away from the desktop app due to how good the web app has become!
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    As I remember, the ordering is simply what Windows says. (Keep wanting to type 'tells us' - but I'm not 'us' now LOL!) EN doesn't know how that is sorted. And who knows how Windows actually keeps its internal list...
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    Hi, this is Anshul Kumar once again. I have created a few modifications to my earlier dashboard. Created a table and provided note links for each of the sub-categories created the link with the TOC for every stack Thought of the day is static - i keep changing it once a week - working on making this automated this dashboard can also have your tasks/to-do's but I use Things 3 for that from my weekly planning links 
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    I would love to see a format painter to be able to quickly matching font, size, etc. from one area of a note to another.
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    In a recent Elon Musk interview/video by YT Channel, 'Everyday Astronaut' (view from time-index 3.00 min to 6:20 min mark), Elon Musk talks about how SpaceX is able to get things done so fast. Unbelievably, he expects his new Starship rocket of reaching Orbit in 6 months, and after having just finished construction of their Mark-1, 1st test proto-type. Amongst his tips, Elon-Musk talks about the significance of how "organisation errors are reflected in the product errors"...interesting! So if he/his team can get that done, I reckon @Ian Small & Team, can easily get "Dark Mode for Windows done in 6 months" easily 😉 wink wink, nudge nudge, and elbow to the ribs, for not having done it yet since 2013! It's not rocket science, but I have faith that Ian & Team can get it done! This is obviously meant as playful tongue and cheek, except for the Dark Mode for Windows part! 😉
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    Please, Please, Please - I will pay a premium please give me format painter in the editor, why is it not there?
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