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    Use search term stack:[stack name]
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    I use iOS so I didn't know that dragging a checklist was already enabled on Android - thanks for mentioning that! The changes to Evernote Web are progressing VERY NICELY and I can't wait for the mobile apps to mimic the web interface! An update to the desktop app will be appreciated as well, but I'm starting to move away from the desktop app due to how good the web app has become!
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    Usually when I save a TIFF, it is because I want / need an uncompressed picture file. But then I save it to a disk drive, because handling of file this large is not always practical over an ISP connection. It is even slow using my Gigabit LAN at home. Once I finished working on the TIFF, it will be saved in something like JPG or PNG, shrinking it by as much as 9/10th. But everybody has his own workflow, and needs. P.S. 200 MB is even huge when saved as a TIFF. I sometimes stitch several pictures together to a panorama. You need several pictures to take the combined file north of 200MB. But the new Sony has a 61MPix Sensor, maybe it is time for a change then.
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    Plus accounts no no longer exist, except for folks who are grandfathered in. I.e., they're pretty much at a dead end. See the FAQ. I wouldn't expect them to increase the allocation limits for Plus. Sounds like your use case is more geared towards a Premium level.Is it possible to compress the TIFF files to save space?
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