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    Oops... 🤓
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    Ahem. @gazumped, please see my post earlier in the thread.
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    Unless something changed since I left, the Windows EN installer does not create a send-to item. Never has.
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    I use iOS so I didn't know that dragging a checklist was already enabled on Android - thanks for mentioning that! The changes to Evernote Web are progressing VERY NICELY and I can't wait for the mobile apps to mimic the web interface! An update to the desktop app will be appreciated as well, but I'm starting to move away from the desktop app due to how good the web app has become!
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    Oooo. That one looks nice - I'll have to keep it in mind when it gets time... I do often bring mine to dog shows (where I'm secretary) - that would travel _much_ better!
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    For me a history entry is created right after a change, unless I also changed the note a bit earlier (hours). Then the change will be added to history on the next not specific time interval. If you Change a note frequently you will NOT get a commensurate number of history entries. Don’t know if size of change has an impact. It’s been this way as long as I can remember, history to 2014 supports that.
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    I read that now and all the comments, I'm very happy to hear that! Very curious as to what comes in the beta version regarding reminders! Would be lovely to see location reminders, maybe even user location based reminders? Adding reminders for other users when they allow it would be nice and very important allowing more than one reminder for every note!
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    It's an incremental backup. At set periods, changed notes are backed up. When accessing the Note History data, we are presented with a list of note backups available. The screenshot is from one of my notes that's updated weekly The Note History backup is run multiple times daily, for all accounts I run a similar backup daily at 7am
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    @jefito Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to get to every single post in the forums, but we do our best to make sure we're aware of trending issues.. That being said, it's always a tremendous help when users like yourself can tag me in when there's something going on that doesn't seem to have our attention yet. 😉
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    I'm able to reproduce this issue in the latest available Mac version. That version is not using the latest note editor that we have running in the web client. The issue does not exist there. We are actively working on new desktop and mobile clients built on top of our latest code base. This is a top priority and I hope that we'll have a Mac version available soon. Unfortunately, that means the issue in the existing client will likely not be addressed since we want to actively move our users to the newer clients, and not spend too much resources on fixing non-critical issues in clients we hope to replace in the very near future. I apologize that we can't immediately address this issue for you, but I hope you understand our priority is to get our users newer clients on which we can more quickly build out the features the community has long been requesting.
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    This is the first Note I go to everyday. I have so much in my Evernote and this helps me either stay focused on work or avoid work if I am supposed to be doing personal stuff.
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    Hello I keep getting these tips about buying milk etc on iOS and can’t work out where to turn off the setting to make it stop. Any ideas? It’s REALLY annoying.
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    I just came back to Evernote to seriously use it this time around as my main note taking application. It's clean and simple, things I look for in apps I'm considering using. After using it for a while now I'm noticing that every time I open up Evermore I'm greeted by a mess of notes! I agree with everyone here, it's not the logical approach. In the physical world you go to your organized shelf with labeled notebooks, select the one you to work with and then you open up to all your notes. This is how I would like Evernote to work. And it's a simple feature to implement, just add a "default view" feature in settings allowing users to either start Evernote in Notes or in Notebooks. That's all I want and I'll be a happy camper! Why has this been an issue for such a long time?
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    I am new to using Evernote, and am trying to learn using a Premium subscription on a MacBook Pro under OS X Sierra (as well as an iPad and iPhone). With the Mac, I have figured out how to save a PDF into a note on the desktop version of Evernote, and have it entirely open first and every time I use that note within the desktop version only. However, whenever I either try to download a PDF first into the web version of Evernote, or open a note with a PDF file that I had previously saved under the desktop version, all I get is a PDF icon that when clicked, allows me only to download the entire PDF to the computer and use the PDF within Adobe Acrobat. I have not yet tried to annotate PDFs within notes, but this would imply that I will only be able to annotate PDFs within either the desktop version of Evernote or within Adobe Acrobat. This is not how i thought Evernote Premium would work. From write-ups, I had understood that I should be able to attach a PDF to a note within my Evernote Premium account on one computer and be able to open it and have it appear intact within the note on another computer. What am I not understanding or doing wrong? If I am describing accurately the way that Evernote works with PDFs, then what is the advantage to using Evernote for PDFs instead of another cloud service, such as, say Dropbox? For example, if I download a large number of professional journals within Evernote, will Evernote's OCR in fact be able to index all of that; or are there not-well-documented limitations to that feature as well?
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