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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    Sometimes I use chrome web clipper to clip some pages to my notes, I could not view the webp images in the note. Just try to clip this page: https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/gallery1 And you can reproduce the issue, you can't see those webp images. Very annoying. I'm not sure this is a clipper problem, I think it might be that Evernote doesn't support webp image. I attached two images, that's how it looks on my web evernote and evernote Mac app, it's simliar on my iOS devices. Could you add support to webp format? I think more and more webp images are used on web now.
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    A thing that's been bothering me in this great service ever since I started using it 2 years ago, is that it is not possible to set a sorting order for a specific notebook. To me this seems very basic, so I was very disappointed that it's still not available in the new beta. I mean, am I the only one who wants my receipts ordered by date and my recipes ordered by title? My family photos ordered by date and my art photos ordered by title? I do sincerely hope this can be implemented!! Once again, thanks for the great software.
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    Evernote Community and members have brought a revolution in Evernote and this will create a new phase for this company in 2020 and further! There is still a long way to go, but I am sure EN is hearing all of us. I have been providing consulting on Evernote and have assisted my clients on various different dashboards, setting up the customized workflow, multiple integrati a reference!ons with task management apps etc., Here is one example -
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    This isn't a bug (per se), but rather functionality that has not yet been implemented in the latest web client. We have an open ticket to track the work necessary to implement this and it actually looks like some of the work has recently been completed. I can't promise a specific launch date, though. The team is working hard to bring the new web client to feature parity with the existing web client. This is a top priority, so I hope you'll see a lot more updates very soon.
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    So, it is almost 11/2 year, users are complaining about that missing feature!!! But, EN is working on this, correct?
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    Me too .... A complete waste of time clearing cache and data. Took a full day to reload all the data to my phone for offline use. .
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    1) operating system - Windows 7 Pro 2) Evernote (308816) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) and Firefox Browser 71.0 3) text only, but I don't use attachments, tables etc. 4) don't know where to see version of the editor, web client doesn't indicate anything except v5.27.1 In addition, I wrote previously that the problem dissappeares when deactivating laptop's touchpad. I found this tip somewhere cause had the same problem in Word 2010.
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    HEIC is often described as an improvement of JPG, but it is a replacement. It uses a completely different compression algorithm that is not creating the fractal artifacts found on JPGs. And it uses 10bits instead of 8 to define the brightness of each color of a pixel, which avoids the "burned out" or "lost in black" areas found on JPGs. Furthermore for pictures taken on multiple camera devices like the new iPhones (or many Android phones), the HEIC picture contains the information about which part of the picture was how far away from the camera. This is never saved in a JPG. It was thought to replace the JPGs as the new standard, but up to now the main promoter is Apple. Even dedicated Photo editing software like Affinity Photo does not "know" it. Others are more advanced: I am running GraphicsConverter on my Mac. They know HEIC, can handle it, and even use the depth information (if available) to blur the background creating a bokeh-effect in post processing, like portrait mode on the iPhone does. Pretty slick !
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    In the Windows app, at least, it is possible to change the autosave timing in the options. I have not had the cursor jump happen to me while using the Web beta on my Windows computer. But it did happen when I used it on my Android phone, which I was able to do by using the routine recommended here:
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    Hi All, I wanted to thank everyone again for their wonderful home dashboard submissions! At this time, I am closing this thread from further commentary. However, as many of you have requested ( @prascal@gmx.net) , I've created a special home dashboard forum section that you can access here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/644-home-dashboards/ Please continue to share your homepage dashboard ideas and designs there. As always, let me know if you have any other questions!
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    the problem is across all devices and online. It's connected to the "autosave" function. When a note autosaves, the cursor moves to beginning of the note, making evernote now for about 3 months, useless in taking notes - it's core function. It's unfortunate, but all none of the "new" features are going to help if it doesn't do it's core function well. I do not recommend evernote anymore.
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    Thanks for your request @s2sailor. Reminders are a hot topic across a number of different forum threads and social media conversations related to our efforts to converge the UX. Thread tone ranges from the productive ("what are you going to do with reminders?") to the understandably impatient ("why haven't you implemented reminders yet?") all the way to imminent doom ("oh no! they're going to take reminders away!"). In response to your constructive question - thank you! - let me provide the following update: 1. Reminders are used by a relatively small cross-section of our user population (about 1%, believe it or not). That's why it's not the first thing we've focussed on. 2. We believe reminders are important. Partially because some of those 1% are our most engaged users, but also because reminders is functionality that helps you do more than simply remember things, by asking Evernote to surface something back to you at a relevant time, they help you accomplishing something. And we think that is important. A better design for reminders might get more than 1% of users taking advantage of it. 3. Finally, as they are implemented today, reminders are one of the most divergently designed functional elements of Evernote across all the devices we support - both from a UX and a functionality standpoint. Reminders are implemented, displayed, and controlled very differently across Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and the Web. Part of our journey this year has been about trying to converge the UX across all our devices, so that Evernote users can expect to access a common set of functionality in a predictable and coherent way across all the devices on which they use us. Obviously, we are applying this as a design principle, not as a design constraint - mobile phones have built-in cameras, and so we need to expose functionality on mobile devices for which there is a less-than-obvious corollary on a desktop system. The same applies to OS-specific capabilities (eg. Siri, Android widgets, etc.). But as much as possible, we'd like to make common features - like reminders - work the same way with the same UX and the same functionality across all devices. The reason we haven't shown anything about reminders yet is because we haven't yet decided how exactly to do that, both for the functionality that already exists and in terms of future-proofing against where we'd like to take reminders in the long run. When we have a design for reminders that we think satisfies all the criteria we have for it, we'll be more than happy to put it in front of you. Given the timelines we are on, it's hard to predict at this point whether that will be via a video or through an actual beta release. And a quick word of reassurance to anyone focussed on the imminent doom scenario: No, we're not taking reminders away. We're just trying to get them right. Back to lurking ian
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    See attached for dashboards like @Atif dashboard-2l8hrlgomov.compressed.mov
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    Completely support adding this feature. I also use Evernote for all my recipes and hate that I need to unlock the phone each time I want to peak back at the recipe. Especially since Evernote in iOS seems to refresh after an unlock and goes back to top of the note or even worse closes out the app.
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    Might be time to implement reminders on the web beta?
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    Yes thank you. I'm between a rock and a hard place. I like using the web. The old version has reminders but no table functions (add rows and columns) The new beta version has table functions but no reminders ... :-)
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    As previously mentioned, you don't want to be using the new beta version; it doesn't have the full set of features Focus (mouse pointer) on a note in the note list and you will see a reminder icon
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    Unfortunately, it has been that way for a while. I'm running Evernote 6.11.1 (455059) on macOS 10.12.6, and when EN syncs, everything else pretty much stops. Clicking on a different Note will NOT display the Note, for example. ATTN: @Evernote: ( @Chantal Leonard, @Johnathan Hebert, @Jason Miller ) Rather than working on new features, like changing the toolbar UI (which no one wants), how about fixing major issues like this sync issue.
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    Dear Devs in Evernote. Evernote is the best note taking app out there hands down. But for anybody working in development one big issue is missing markdown support. Nowadays Markdown is: a standard, a convenient, fast and reliable method to write tech docs That's why any developer I know, including myself, is using some additional Markdown editor trying desperately to fit it somehow into Evernote workflow. There is plethora of such tools: Atom iA Writer Bear Writer Byword Day One Markdown Pro Marxico Quiver Ulysses etc. Which means that there are libraries if not the whole ready to plug-in text editors supporting markdown. All the above applications are great for note taking in markdown, writing tech documents, essays or even books. However they don't integrate with Evernote at all (with exception of Atom and Marxico) and they all lack (to a different degree): powerful image support not to mention stellar Evernote OCR advanced Evernote search easiness of sharing notes in Evernote Evernote notebook feature Please put some pressure on the product managers to prioritize this feature. Integrate Markdown editor into Evernote to make great product even better.
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    Yeah, I'm reaching the point where I might abandon Evernote in favor of something that DOES support markdown.
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