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    I would like the ability to copy all the tags from one note and paste them into another note. Here is how I imagine this functionality working: Right-click a note in the Note List. Select Copy Tags from the menu. Right-click a different note in the Note List. Select Paste Tags. Both notes now contain the same tags.
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    Pinned like how for what? IAC, you can copy the note link, by highlighting the note in the note list and press Ctrl+L. Then create a shortcut on the desktop and paste in that link. Clicking on the shortcut will open the note in EN. If this is what you are looking to do.
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    Hi. No, but new accounts don't get access to sharing immediately - there's at least 24 hours delay; that's to avoid one user spamming others. Try again and it should work... check spam folders for invitation emails.
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    Too bad I'm in Canada. On this side of the pond we are left swinging in the wind for this stuff. The only thing that can be done is to cancel the card. I suspect Nimbus is very close to shutting their doors and are just trying to grab as much cash as they can before shutting down their servers.
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    Not sure why I didn't think of this immediately, but realized that I do have a version of Evernote loaded on a computer that I hadn't used in about a month... so YES. I was able to use that computer (with internet turned off to prevent syncing) and see a list of all those random reminders set far off in the future, and set my mind at ease by resetting all of those items that did not jump out when I skimmed through my lengthy "All Notes" list this weekend. Thanks for the help.... I will definitely be more carefully with any enabling/disabling any connected accounts from now on.
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    Hi. This has been raised before; not sure if there is a conclusion. See https://www.slipstick.com/problems/outlook-is-sending-winmail-dat-attachments/ for some history on this. It will probably be of no help at all to you that I send emails to Evernote using Evernote's Outlook Clipper, and a snazzy little function* in Outlook 2013 called "Quick Steps" that gives me a one-click way to forward emails with (within limits) specific additions to email subject lines like @<notebook> and #<tag>. Attachments come along fine. I'm actually using Gmail, IMAPped through Outlook, and some automatic forwards go direct under Gmail account rules - that's less fancy; just the bare email to my default notebook, sorted later. There's also an Evernote Browser Gmail Clipper which I use from time to time. You might want to check to see what similar functions Hotmail has. * Quick Steps got renamed and possibly replaced in later Outlook versions...
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    I merged your two discussions for this topic Evernote is a generic digital filing service; storing and organizing (computer) document/files The target market is anyone with a collection of document files; which is basically anyone with a personal computer, tablet or smart phone. Evernote provides a note editor; another target market is anyone who wants to create content However files of any format can be stored; images, pdfs, word processing, spreadsheets, ... Evernote supports document sharing; this is another target market >>Is it more targeting business professionals or other users? Evernote is attempting to move into the business market. I don't know how successful this is; the 200 million plus user-base is mostly non-business
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    Mine is certainly not the most fancy, but I created a ToC (table of contents) for my most frequently used notes. I use this on my android devices, web interface on Linux, and full client on windows and mac. When I built this, I opted for easy thumb scroll ability, so I made it narrow and long rather than landscape.
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    Hi. And hmmn. Not a multi-screen expert, but I also have a Dell (Inspiron) running two external screens: HDMI and USB (via an AOC driver). My screen grabs work OK when I use them - I'm getting a 'cross hair' that I can use to outline any part of any of my screens. We're a (mainly) user-supported forum here and as a subscriber you should be able to raise this with Evernote - they may have some suggestions as to settings. Do your screens all have the same resolution? How are you initiating the screen grab? Via the hotkeys? No idea if any of that is relevant, but it might help spark some suggestions this end...
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    Have to disqualify myself right out of the gate as I'm Canadian... but... here's my current dashboard note. As you can see, it is setup with basically just a slew of 'note links' - I wanted it to be mobile device friendly too so no wide table columns where I would have issues with scrolling left/right too to get to notes - so the two left columns are the high important items that I can scroll and tap on with mobile devices. I have a basic image banner on the top of the page (I do this with a lot of other 'master notes' as well - just to add some splash of color/etc), then a basic 3 column table with some note links - each of those note links are for a master note too - I run everything from my grocery list to major multi million dollar project management out of evernote and the bulk of it starts right here (well, main work stuff has it's own dashboard). Example: my "scuba" entry under reference get's me into my scuba diver "log book" - which is a master note showing me all my current scuba diving certifications, planned certifications, tasks (rescue course re-certifications), and a link out to my scuba diving travel ideas note. Of course, my scuba log book master note wouldn't be complete without a link to my scuba diving log book - with details and photos from every dive - and yes, this is all in Evernote too. Evernote also is a CRM for me - so you can see a few people listed under "Important" - I have another master note that breaks down my people based on friends, professional, business, etc. Significant actions with "people" get tagged with their name and a "-chronology" suffix (ie ejohn-chronology) - my CRM section assembles all those notes into a chronological list so when I drill down to the person in the CRM (or the main dashboard) I get a chronological list of my communications with that person - and even other reference notes that I may have tagged with their info (ie assigned work projects, home projects, etc). Anyway, I could go on and on about this, but shall cut my rambling short here. Let me know if you have questions on more of my setup or want some 'secondary' master page photos. Thought I'd update my post and show a 'secondary' dashboard - this one shows up when I click 'health' on the main dashboard. All those other links on the primary go to a second 'dashboard' note like this one - just related to the topic instead:
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    I already do a reflection, but I like the concept of a Bad/Average/Great indicator I'll borrow that for my daily journal notes >>Each card ends with a picture of a coloured square which Evernote automatically picks up as the card picture in the middle column (Evernote layout). I'll just add an icon to the note title 🔴 🟢 🔶 >>My mantra is to get some really good weeks in a year I like that. I'll work towards 🔸 days each week Cue John Denver, Some Days are Diamond
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    Great convo folks and thanks for the kudos. A few points to clarify about my Evernote usage. I use Evernote on my mac, windows, android phone and iPad. Hence, it is interoperable across all devices and form factors. A dashboard for me is a notebook, not a note. I call it 'Weekly'. Each week is represented as a single note in the notebook. I use a single color coded metric (Good, Average, Bad) week based on a qualitative assessment at the end of each week. At the end of the year, I just count the number of good, average and bad weeks and thats about it. Infact, I keep an active counter, incremented weekly. Its the first thing you will notice on each note. e.g. '[G] 15 [A] 23 [ B ] 11' . My mantra is to get some really good weeks in a year, those will have a greater impact and ensure your bad weeks are contained or spaced out. Thats it! The most important thing for me is to track recent weeks and what small changes or nudges i can do in my life to recover from bad and average weeks and get to atleast one good week a month. Its similar to Seinfield's don't break the chain concept but applied on weeks instead of individual habits. I have decided to format each week (each note) as a single column long table to make it nicely formatted and scrollable on mobile, nothing else. I achieve the above views through built in Evernote layout options on desktops (both mac and windows) The view consists of three columns, the middle column is changed to card view and sorted alphabetically in descending order Note that this is Evernote's application layout, not an individual note's layout. @robinnj Each card ends with a picture of a coloured square which Evernote automatically picks up as the card picture in the middle column (Evernote layout). The middle column's width is adjustable with drag and drop, at the expense of the note's width. This is not a problem since I am already using a single column note and can accomodate squeezing the note to make more room for the middle column. I also use a set of tightly controlled tags and saved searches to keep me 'in the flow'. 've been evolving this system since 2016, all on Evernote (<:3) and have become better at practicing my own system with inspiration from David Allen's GTD, 'The One Thing', 'Atomic Habits', 'The Habit Loop', ''The Secret Weapon GTD', etc and above all this article from Scott Adams. Too bad this is a US only thread, could get some Evernote love here in Down Under (that's Australia for the uninitiated).. Thanks @Sayre Ambrosio for answering @robinnj correctly.
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    If you have data that you are ... uhmmm, concerned about either use local notebooks or avoid cloud storage all together.
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    My takeaways from that posted article - "As part of a dark web drug case the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) obtained a search warrant compelling cloud-based note taking app Evernote to provide a user's data, according to court records." - AFAIK every web app's T&C's include a caveat that they'll hold user data completely secure except (some legalese to the effect of) "when compelled to do so by law". Good luck with Joplin. To get a warrant the DEA would have to have had enough evidence about this individual to convince a judge that it was legally correct for the authorities to raid his account. So - no mistakes by Evernote, no volunteering of account information... I'm utterly shocked. That a user would so blatantly disregard Evernote's terms and conditions, which (IIRC) specifically forbid use in connection with illegal activity...
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    Just an update to my experience with Nimbus Note. They released an update a few months back that erased ALL my notes. I complained and got the usual (for them anyway) "We reserve the right blah...blah...blah". So I stopped using it. I sent them an email via their website telling them I did not want to renew. Well, I just got a charge on my credit card for another year. I used one of those "prepaid" cards when I signed up just in case they were a fly-by-night outfit. They must have tried a few times to charge it as the card didn't have that much on it. So they must have tried lower and lower amounts until one went through. I'll have to scrap that card. So, if you want to go with Nimbus, good luck. They have no respect for your data and the only way to stop your subscription will be to cancel your credit card. I suspect that Cleveland address they use is just a mail drop to give the impression they have an American presence.
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    Doh. Android forums. That's about mobiles... I'll check where I am next time!
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    Fair enough, although it's still only a copy and paste action at heart. It just feels like one of those more basic features you would expect to be available.
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    Despite the various workarounds referenced in this thread, I still think it would be worthwhile to have this option available, particularly for anyone who deals with a lot of tagged content. Having to, for instance, duplicate a note with the desired tags, wipe the note contents, and finally paste into this note the content from a desired template note could be quite the annoying process when performed many times. Other workarounds would seem to be similarly annoying, even if effective. I can't imagine such a feature being difficult to implement, even though I'm sure the Evernote team has better things to do with their time.
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    Look into the Import folder option, Tools - Import folders. You need a foider on your system and a notebook in EN. You an delete the files after import if you like. You can then drag the four PDFs to whatever folder you set as your import folder and each PDF will be added to EN in its own note.
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    Is it possible insert file (like PDF) per drag and drop (multiple selected....maybe 4 or more) to evernote in differnet notes. I use version 6.0.4. for Windows and each time i try only one note with all selected PDF files will create.
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