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    As a student of Business Economics, it is necessary many times to write on my notes mathematical symbols and equations; it is not available now, however, wouldn't it be a great feature?
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    The latest Web Clipper for Safari is now available This release supports macOS Catalina/Safari 13 and includes: Clipping PDFs viewed in a browser Smart filing Switching between multiple accounts Speed/performance improvements Logging out of Web Clipper Bug fixes Upcoming releases We continue to advance the Safari Web Clipper and expect upcoming releases to include: Web Clipper keyboard shortcuts Using Web Clipper in the contextual menu (aka “right-click menu”) “Custom clips” (specialized clipping on sites such as Twitter, Yahoo, and more) Bug fixes You’ll be notified (through the Mac App Store) as future updates to the Safari Web Clipper extension become available. If you have NOT installed macOS Catalina/Safari 13 We recommend that you update your extension now to ensure compatibility with macOS Catalina and recent/future versions of Safari.
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    Hi Im using evernote both english and Hebrew. When writing in hebrew, I need to write right to left and I notice that it is not supported by evernote. I believe it is something pretty simple to implement and I’m sure it will help my and many many other users that needs the option to write right to left.
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    Sometimes I'm working on notes which contain programming code or command line examples. The make it more clearly I would like to use the 'Courier New' font for these code lines and the remainder of the text the standard font. Now I have to scroll down to 'Courier New' (first I press 'C' but then you even have to scroll to get to the Courier New). Is it possible to have the last 4 or so fonts used on top of the font list? (there is other software around with this feature).
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    I can say for certainty (having just tried) that this works in windows 10 but not on Mac OS X. Please can this feature be added to the Mac version?
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    I'd like to see this too. Perhaps in the form of markdown/latex support?
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    I have made a website that can help with this problem, to the left there is an equation editor, and the website will automatically generate images that can be dragged into Evernote. https://viktorstrate.github.io/latex-equation-toolbox/
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    Hi All, We wanted to provide some clarification regarding changes to how Dark Mode is handled for Evernote for iOS 13. If you’re still on iOS 12, you can enable Dark Mode via the in-app settings in the Evernote App for iOS. However, for Evernote on iOS 13, Dark Mode settings are only accessible via the iOS level system settings. To enable Dark Mode for Evernote for iOS 13, please see the following information below: When you enable dark mode on your iOS 13 device, Evernote will automatically switch to the dark color theme. To enable dark mode on your iOS device: 1. Open the Settings app. 2. Tap Display & Brightness. 3. In the Appearance section, tap Dark. (Note: Switch to the Light appearance in your device’s settings to disable dark mode.) We’re still investigating ways to optimize Dark Mode in future updates, so please feel free to reach out via DM if you have any questions, or to start your own thread if you have any feedback! P.S. - Don't forget, you can add a Dark Mode toggle to your control center to more easily enable/disable Dark Mode theme: To do this on your iOS 13 device: Tap on Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls From the Customize Controls screen, tap on the “+” button next “Dark mode.” This will enable the dedicated dark mode toggle on your Control Center for easier access.
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