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    My impression is that this discussion is kept alive (zombie-like) by one forum user, and has run it‘s course. Off to greener pastures 🐎
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    Hello dear developers, The current sharing features available for us are : **copied from standard documentation ** Feature request: Is it possible to have a fourth option "Can add new notes only" Reason: I have a lot of notes, technical and write-ups, and when I share notes, I never know if sometimes, the shared users make some changes that are not correct or some information is lost from the note, however I want to let them add their research, ideas, etc in new notes to this shared notebook. Tracking the history of all the notes and reverting changes would be a big pain. So I humbly request for this feature regards, Eugene
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    @dconnet has posted on this a number of times -- basically, Windows shortcuts are first-come-first-served (and another program cannot then hijack them), and Win+Shift+S is now reserved for the WIndos lipping functionality. You can cange the shortcut key in options -- I use Ctrl+Alt+S, as it's easy to reach with my left hand.
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    `` Both in EN Helper and in regular Evernote, for me the shortcut for clipping a screenshot (the one with the cross-hairs) is Win+PrintScreen. I've customized some of these shortcuts, but I don't think that is one of them; I believe Win+PrintScreen is the default. The Help articles online are unfortunately sometimes out of date. The key definitions in the Windows program can also be seen in the settings: Tools > Options > Shortcut keys.
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    @PinkElephant Ok, good to know, I wasn’t sure what was the state of this issue since for some other users like @Don0819 the uninstall/reinstall only fixed the issue temporarily. I know my log files aren’t very useful here, just wanted to add my 2 cents because I saw log files almost like mines on another thread, so I guess there are many users facing the same issue. From what you say, I guess the dev team did not come back to you with a solution other than the uninstall/reinstall method, so I am gonna open a ticket.
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    Before this becomes a moderator action This is a discussion on Multi-Level Notebooks in Evernote You shouldn't be hijacking it for other purposes Find a more appropriate place for these posts Also, it's tacky to use Evernote's forums for these purposes
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    According to the EN article Jefito shared above, re EN Helper, the shortcut to 'Clip Screenshot' is: Win + Shift + S -or- just right click the tray icon and select menu option. The shortcut key does NOT work for me... as my MS default installed app 'Snip & Sketch' activates instead (perhaps this shortcut sequence is hijacked). Beyond this, I think you're comments refer to the 'EN Browser Web Clipper' extension for chrome/windows... My last question to Jefito was to distinguish between Browser web-clipper screen capture (just captures area of web browser window) & EN screen capture (captures anywhere on PC screen, including EN app-window). I just didnt know EN had such a thing. But when I tried it I realised it didn't work as well as my existing method, tis all. 😉 cheers mate
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    So, your source for your opinions is the opinions of other commenters, not from Evernote itself; which means you don't really know what Evernote's initial design architecture was, only that it didn't include stacks, which we knew already, hence these years of requests. The gist of your excuse for the company is, "It would be REALLY hard to do." But you don't know how hard, exactly, since you don't know the code's design except for what other commenters, also not from Evernote, have speculated. In short, you're talking through your hat. Which is your right. But your opinion, by your own admission, is not an informed one, except by the opinions of other non-informed commenters. So, I'm happy that you're happy with Evernote's refusal to implement nested stacks. Use it in good health. Bye. I know I should let @gazumped reply for himself. But the fact that you reject advice without trying it is too much. @gazumped was, I'm confident, referring to this post from June 17 in this thread: Evernote staff, it says, so not just a poor ignorant user like the rest of us. Evidently you joined the forums solely to issue these ill-tempered and ill-informed posts. You ought at least to read Scott's post before you go. You could then apologize for your gratuitous insult to a guy who spends his time here for free trying to help people. Or not, up to you.
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    Hi, I am a Premium subscriber to Evernote Business. Everything that BradGad said is true. Evernote has been my fav app forever. Now, paying hundreds of dollars of year, I can't get to any form of support, any where. This is a sad day, indeed. All I want to do is understand why my zap that sends email to a specified notebook humms merrily along, yet since a few weeks ago (at that time the icons for our accounts mysteriously changed to defaults) when I manually try to forward an email to Evernote - which I have done for years now without fail - rather than have it end up in the notebook of interest, it ends up on my personal side as if the @Notebook name in the subject line is related to a notebook that does not exist. Again, I've been forwarding email to EN for years. Zapier is working. Manual forward from Gmail is landing in the bit bucket of my personal side. Please help. Attached confirms our Premium subscription.
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    This seems to be correct. I've tried it twice, and it works; and it does remember to create specifically an Evernote note. They key is to push the Google Assistant button, i.e., the Google widget on the screen. If I just say, "OK, Google, note to self" without using the button, it creates one of its own notes, not an Evernote. So it works -- but not if your hands and/or eyes are too busy to tap on a widget! In which case I might just as well go directly to Evernote and use the speech-to-text button on my keyboard.
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    The Evernote Windows application, when installed, also includes the Evernote Helper (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005067-How-to-use-Evernote-Helper-for-quick-notes-and-screenshots), which includes a separate screen capture (or screen clipper) utility which can clip images from your Windows screen; that's what " Windows based EN Screen Clipper" refers to. It is super useful: you can clip to a new Evernote note, to the clipboard, or save the clip to a new image file on the Windows desktop. You can define an area to clip by drawing a box, or just click on a window to capture it. The screen clipper is wholly separate from the web-based clipper extension, which can only clip from web pages. It's configured in the main Evernote application: Tools / Options / Clipping, and the settings there don't have anything to do with configuring the web clipper.
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    Actually, it's dragging the photos to an Evernote notebook You might get better results in Windows by dragging the files to an Evernote import folder
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    Here are the steps I use on my iPad 1. Select the list option 2. Start typing list items 3 For sub lists, select the indent button
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    I had previously moved it to the web clipper forum, as it's also a web clipper issue. It probably makes no difference, as it will be seen either way. But my experience is that the web clippers tend to be separately configurable from the applications; for example, on Windows, the web clipper doesn't appear to use the default notebook as configured in the Windows application (Tools / Options / General / Default Notebook). On Android, configuring the default web clipper notebook is not obvious, but you can do it by tapping on the web clipper "elephant" icon while it's clipping, and you can set the notebook there. It's different from the default notebook in the Android web clipper application, at least it is on my device. And that's why I consider the Evernote applications and the web clippers to be different application, and try to push web clipper problems towards the web clipper specific forums, in case they're different teams (I don't know how the teams are split up, or how the forums here are covered by Evernote staff). But it's your post, so I'll leave it alone...
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    Does Evernote even have support? No way to get in touch... responses saying if you need immediate assistance open a live chat, but no way to do that... I researched options and decided to go all in with Evernote for my records and free form database, been a premium subscriber for a couple years and so have paid a few hundred dollars. It’s time for Evernote to hold up their end.
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    Well-known issue, one of the arch problems this application suffers from and one that is certainly not related to hardware issues. All one can do is stop syncing at start-up. The Evernote server(s) are amongst the most sluggish and unresponsive of all data hosting servers one can come across these days. So, do not blame your machine, just hope for improvement. All the complaints of notes lost and so on point to transmitting errors due to server overload.
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