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    You can share one or more notebooks. But it is a widespread misunderstanding that notebooks are the prime organisational tool with EN. The main tool to organize notes are tags. Tags describe content, and you can assign several of them to one single note. You can use them independently, or you can create a hierarchy of tags, nesting one into another. Example: You could tag a cake recipe with „nuts“ and „fruit“ plus „cake“. This allows independence of one tag from another. Or you could create a 1st level Tag called „cake“, and beneath it one for „cake:fruit“ and one for „cake:nuts“. Then you may find it easier to break all cake recipes down into sub categories, but you may have to decide whether a cake belongs more into fruits or nuts, or both. The advantage of tags is that you can assign as many tags to a note as you see fit, and they can be of very different types. For example you could use tags like „new“, „planned“ and „tested“ to set up a workflow to try out new recipes, a ranking structure to assign stars depending on the result, a set of effort tags to describe how hard it is to cook it etc. Tags give you complete freedom. Maybe read this https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314388-Organize-with-tags For powerful tagging (tag assigning) it is better to use a desktop client (Win or Mac) instead of a mobile client. In the desktop clients you can select a number of notes at the same time, and assign the same tags to all of them. On the mobile clients this has to be done note by note. Advanced search will enable you to to find only those notes that carry all tags you specify. See https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828 Conclusion: Set up one notebook to control how and with whom the content is shared. Use tags to organize the notes in that notebook into a logical meta-structure. Use search to retrieve information. For this a Premium account helps a lot, because it makes all content fully searchable, including pdf and picture files.
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    Please help me out on this! Evernote has been counting my single iPhone as if it were two different devices for a while now, as shown on the attached picture. Both “iPhone” and “(name)’s iPhone” are the exact same phone-they have the same log-in times, not to mention that I only have one iPhone and nobody else has access to my account. Up until recently, the unsync devices pop-up would come up, I’d de-select the “second” iPhone, and everything would work fine. However, with Evernote now limiting de-syncs, I’m afraid I’ll get locked out of my account if I don’t get this fixed urgently. Any advice? Anyone else had this bug?
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    Hey everyone, issue resolved. I was actually able to find a ticket submission option through the Evernote website; I think my browser just failed to load this option the first time. I apologize for my arrogance - Evernote was actually quite available for me and helped out. As for the strange tech issue: It wasn’t a bug at all - my account was compromised by a third party apparently, so what I needed to do was reset my password.
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    So here's what I have noticed since my previous post: If you screen cap your selection, you need to go to the EDIT button at the top-left of your screen. In the drop-down menu, select COPY IMAGE. You can then paste in MAIL and in iMessage. However, what I have noticed is if you screen cap and attempt to DRAG into MAIL/iMessage, this will not work. Further, if you attempt to COPY IMAGE from drop-down menu, after having attempted to DRAG, it will also not work. You will need to capture again followed by the EDIT / COPY IMAGE / PASTE (into Mail or iMessage). Hope this helps some of you! Mac Catalina 10.15 Skitch 2.8.4.
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    Thanks for your feedback! Evernote has the searchability, which we need, and some organizational/layout things that make it very appealing for recipe collecting and sharing. Thanks this is very helpful! I have a question though - from what I can tell, you can't create Notebooks within Notebooks. Is this correct? It seems like a very useful function. We need to create a way to separate our groups of note recipes (soups, beef, breads, etc) and I don't want to have to go through the sharing Notebook process with my partner every time I create a new Notebook (unless I have to). We will have up to 20 shared notebooks eventually - is this even possible? THANK YOU!
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    Google help? What's that? Well, of course, it's forums, just like this only with less helpful people.
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    I'm not sure whether anyone here can address this. I just updated to Android v. 8.12.3. The version notes in Google Play had the usual idiotic "We came, we saw, we conquered bugs." I thought maybe the developers might post in the beta forum what bugs were "conquered," but apparently not. So can anyone point me to release notes with any actual substance to them? There are a couple of serious issues regarding notes refusing to sync and horizontal lines being inserted at the ends of notes that I hope they're working on. They're not fixed yet, but when they are I'd like to be informed! And why not at least let us know what general areas the bugs being fixed pertain to, e.g., user interface, editor, etc.?
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    +1 for professional, rather than jokey release notes.. If Evernote wants to be seen as more "relatable", maybe staffers should treat us like grown-ups? 😒
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    Hi. Have you seen that anywhere other than in these Forums? Because even our Admin doesn't seem to know whether it's policy or not. As to the general question, I'm not aware of any way to show Evernote that these are the same device. If you do get locked out while only using two devices we can escalate a support request here for you, but my advice at present would be to disconnect that device and see what happens...
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    I only have a laptop and a phone using Evernote, there is no third device on my account but Evernote randomly duplicates my phone sometimes so it shows up as two different devices. It happens repeatedly every few days after I unsync the duplicate. i don’t see any way to contact support without a premium membership (which also leads me closer to leaving Evernote at this point, that’s a terrible business practice...) so please let me know if this is the right place to post bugs or if this is a better point of contact.
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    This seems a bit odd. I have no limit, but registration of devices should work the same. And I find only those that I own, no duplicates. As a first step I would go to the web client at Evernote.com, and unregister all devices there. Then register your 2 devices again, and see what happens. Once you are there: Under security, access you can check whether the registered access to your account matches your usage. Not that I think there is a security problem, but maybe check whether you are really alone in your account.
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    All accounts can contact support at Twitter @evernotehelps
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    Sure slippery slope. But I want to use Evernote as a scratch pad to refer back to things and use as I speaking to clients. I need to SUM quickly and refer back to without creating a spreadsheet just for a quick calculation.
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