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    If Evernote's team think this will be so hard, just look at this application be reference: https://leanote.com/ It able to styling the text with markdown: The normal rich text editor also able to apply predefined styles to texts:
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    Thanks so much for everyone's input. Sounds like a hassle, but a worthwhile workaround.
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    It looks like Evernote tries to retrieve the web page - Bloomberg detects something unusual (robot) and launches protection This did not happen on my iPad/Mac Personally, I've encountered problems with many web sites/pages and no longer capture/view web pages in Evernote format (enml) I use: pdf, screenshots, web archive
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    Thanks for your replies!
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    Recently Skitch has stopped working for me in that when I take a screenshot it ignores the active window and actually only takes a shot of the desktop underneath. I thought this might just be on my laptop but it's happening on my desktop Mac as well. Is there anything I can do?
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    Seriously, why doesn't this exist in the Evernote Mac client or the Evernote iOS apps? It's obviously not impossible or undesired by users. Just look at how text styling is implemented in Apple's Notes application for Mac and iOS, for example. The Evernote development efforts seem to be focused on edge use cases while ignoring simple, obvious features that a large number of users have been requesting for years. I really am curious why this doesn't exist for Mac and iOS users.
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    I know EN does not try to be a word processor, nevertheless I think it would be very handy (in PC versions at least) to define text "styles". I have a number of text styles I use in my notes that involve a particular font, color, size, etc.. At the moment I have to select each piece of text within the note and repeatedly set the same font, color, size etc. in order to have consistent formatting. In the case of the font itself, this means having to scroll through a long list of fonts to find the one I want every time (usually Courier because I want fixed pitch on that section, but I don't want the whole note in Courier). I try and use the same styling in most of my notes. Does anyone else think being able to define a handful of styles would be handy ? They could then be selected in a drop-down list on the formatting toolbar.
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    Pdfs in Evernote (on Mac and iOS) are pain in the … . I heaviliy wish that it gets improved. „Skitch-Engine“ is outdated. I currently use PDF Expert for annotations. But the drawback is, that I have to send my files back to Evernote – which is also quite time consuming/annoying as there‘s no way to send it back to the same (originating) note. The pencil is a great tool/device for annotaions. Hopefully Evernote will get it done in the very near future.
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    I think you guys totally missed my point. By pointing out that having styles is old technology, I was trying to make the point that: (1) it should now be relatively easy to provide; (2) It is very common in today's apps; (3) Evernote is really falling behind the curve by not providing something so common. In NO way was I suggesting that "old" is bad. Old technology that has survived the ages, like the wheel, is a very good thing, and most of us expect it to be adopted in today's products. Wouldn't you be shocked if someone offered a car (for use on the land in thawed-out climates) without wheels, especially if all of their competitors included the common wheel technology at no extra cost?
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    I'm not sure the reason Evernote has not implemented styles is due to technical difficulty. There are many, many apps that offer styles with a rich text editor and that support Markdown. On the Mac, styles are even built into the OSX, but EN Mac does NOT use them. Styles is actually very old technology. It was built in to HTML virtually from the beginning, and has been in Microsoft Word from its beginning in the late 1980's.
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    The originals should be in your Trash.
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