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    Hmm I counter this problem for a while. It seems to me that I can only change the color of the font rather than the highlight when I call out the "show colors" option under format. Does it mean there is only one color available for highlight at the moment?
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    I use Scannable almost every day. The camera app in Evernote doesn't compare. I can arrange pages, etc. and ensure it all comes in as a PDF. It is not just about taking a picture and putting in Evernote. That isn't what Scannable is for.
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    Thank you. Will try this
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    I don't see a change in the inline syntax, just the container being immediately responsive with partial results and the ability to select filters suggested responses.
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    I've been holding off a switch to Bear and/or Dropbox Paper for months in anticipation of this editor update. My patience has run out. For years they've been cluttering the apps up with excess features while ignoring basic stuff that other note-taking software has introduced. Initially, Evernote's success killed Info Select for Windows, which had become cluttered with features nobody wanted, now they're inflicting the same fate upon themselves. Less is more! The only thing Evernote does better than the competition is tags. What about markdown? It's hard to understand why they'd ignore such a popular new facility.
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    Thanks @Scott T.--search is working for me again!
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    @DaJoLo Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I raised the issue with our search team yesterday and they jumped right on it. They told me this morning that this should hopefully be fixed already. Can you please validate and let me know if it is working for you? Also, please continue to send us any feedback you have. We very much appreciate it.
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    @jefito Thanks for your thoughts. I'll look into populating suggestions for search syntax. Regarding deleting the search terms, it is in fact as you described - you can easily delete any of them by clicking on the "x" and the search will automatically adjust.
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    I have an update for this! I downloaded Skitch from the app store rather than from the web, and IT WORKED!!!!
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    Skitch is working for me under Catalina: Downloaded from the EN website Logged into my account, which created a Skitch Notebook in my Evernote. But it did not show in the systems settings security page. So I tried something: I closed Skitch and moved the apps icon from Downloads (where it had stayed) into the Programs folder of my Mac. Reopened, then (!) it showed in system settings, security. In system settings of Catalina, in Securitiy I authorized Skitch as posted above by Shane. To allow this, the lock has to be opened (admin user), and Skitch has to be closed temporarily. Initially Skitch did not show, which was caused by the fact that it stayed in the Downloads folder. Maybe this is because it is not delivered as a DMG-file, it is a ZIP. When you open it, the app starts, but is not transferred to the Programs folder.
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    2020 Calendar Template 2020 Calendar Template.enex
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    @Beatriz123 Thanks for reaching out! Could you see if the steps in this thread fix the issue?
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    Hey All, Thanks for reaching out! Yes, Skitch should work for Catalina. However, you may need to toggle/change a setting. Please go to Security & Privacy> Screen Recording, and allow Skitch. Let me know if the issue persists after doing this.
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    Is there any hope of a modern, REST API coming to Evernote - even if it provides limited functionality relative to the full APIs? It would dramatically ease the process of supporting Evernote in a consistent fashion across platforms. It's becoming more and more difficult to support Evernote in my apps. The iOS SDK does not properly support being embedded in a extension friendly framework. The Mac SDK is abandoned. And on the whole I would rather not included any third party SDK to support basic capture functions. I know there are some wrappers that have been written, but I'm not interested in passing data through additional servers to reach Evernote. It seems it's table stakes for a tool focused on capture like Evernote to provide at least basic REST API endpoints to create new notes and do some basic queries for notebooks and existing notes so that it can easily be incorporated into a variety of workflow and automations without the heavy overhead of an SDK. Thoughts? Finger-crossed we'll see something on this front in the near future.
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    It's not a completely fluid experience by I use Keyboard Maestro macro for this. It looks like this:
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    Oh my God. It's so stupid, that I can't choose the color...I'm amazed.
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    With the recent changes in pricing and the 2 device restriction I decided to eliminate a few of my devices to get down to the 2 device limit and then just use Evernote Web on the ones I removed. I need Evernote on my Desktop and my laptop. So when I try to use the Evernote Web on my iPhone using Safari or Dolphin I can get logged in but I can't see my notes. I can't get pack the initial web page to the actual webpage showing the notes. I searched around and can't seem to get past the first page. What am I doing wrong?
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    First off; you should be aware that - We can continue to use all our devices. I added more details here This is the method I would use to access Evernote on an iphone If you insist on using the web site on a mobile device, here's my method There are two versions of many websites, mobile and desktop When you say "first page", I think by default, you are seeing the mobile version of the website On my ipad, to switch to the desktop version; I hold down the refresh icon
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