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    Hi... Tried EN many moons ago, then went with OneNote but EN's cloud and accessible anywhere features are bringing me back...Enough kudos... Is there a way to mark a note as "read-only" so I cannot accidentally erase or modify it? Thanks. Alex
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    I might be a little late to the spell check discussion party, but I just noticed F7 doesn't work at all, in spite of being mentioned in the help page as calling the spell checker. Yes, I am aware a different help page says the following: "There's no spell check feature built into Evernote for Windows. However, you can right-click a word to see spelling correction suggestions based on your operating system's capabilities." However, I was trying to see if I could disable automatic spell checking and just use F7 as needed. I guess something that obvious is not possible, huh.
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    OMG! I feel so silly! I totally missed that option. Thanks! AP
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    A little late, yes. 😁 The F7 spell checker was killed in v. 6.8, almost two years ago. A full and fully outraged discussion here: There may be others as well. This was part of the Chromium "update"=downgrade fiasco that the Evernote Windows editor is still recovering from. In that thread, a couple of then-current EN employees did chime in. From @Austin G, in this post: And from @dconnet/@dcon, in this post: But as we know, there has been no visible progress, and no updated information, about this worse-than-regrettable situation. As I understand it, this was a programming environment change that the Evernote developers simply had to adapt to, so not their initiative, although not handled or communicated particularly well by them. Now that they are working on a common editor for all platforms, perhaps they will be able to avoid some of the pulling-out-the-rug messes that each individual platform's developers inflict on the rest of the world.
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    Just chiming in again to reiterate that I still regard this feature as a must-have. Accidental keystrokes while referring to old notes are a major concern for me. Evernote's familiarity, helpful support team, and convenient image editing features have been a barrier to switching, but OneNote is looking more tempting every day that I can't protect my notes by making them read-only.
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    Here is the PE phrase. The steps replicate what you would do manually - double click to highlight the word under the cursor, copy, find in note, paste, select next, close find in note. {#LEFTMOUSEBUTTON -count 2}{#CTRL -chars c}{#CTRL -chars f}{#CTRL -chars v}{#mouseposition -x 2755 -y 775}{#LEFTMOUSEBUTTON}{#mouseposition -x 2510 -y 775}{#LEFTMOUSEBUTTON} The mouse positions at the end are specific to where you have the EN on your setup so the EN window needs to be in the same position for this to work. Since I always have EN open full screen on the right monitor of a two monitor set up, not an issue for me. For the demo attached I shrank the EN window and simply modified the locations. I use a tool called MousePos.exe to determine location. I use _ as a prefix so that the word is unique. Sounds and looks more complicated than it actually is. You could actually copy/paste the above into a new PE phrase and modify the positions and be good to go. Demo. I copied a bit of this page and added the jump link _Answer to it. Then executed the PE macro triggered by Shift+Alt+RightMouse. Hope it helps.
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    Screen snap doesn´t capture the screen, but the desktop behind on Mac Catalina. Please fix.
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    I like to use evernote to log my experiment in the lab, because I can put everything from lab like photos of my experiments, scrap of notes on paper, and a short voice records about the problem in my experiment. So I think a feature to prevent accidental note changes is also important for me. Furthermore it would be great that this kind of locked note have a detail time stamp.
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    Hi I am having difficulty with evernote desktop on windows. It keeps red lining words that are UK spelling and when I go to options and language english UK isnt there only English US. I am not sure why this is? How can I change this? It is not due to the system as the PC has had English US removed completely from it. Thanks.
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    Hey, you're right. There's no UK English setting in the User Interface, but there is one for the spell-checker. Kudos.
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    Tried to find something: Menu Extras, Options, Language, Button "Choose language" (or whatever, I'm on the German version) allows to choose among others English (GB). Just do not know if this will make the spellchecking to shut up. There is multiple selection possible.
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    Feature Request: I dont know where to submit feaure requests, so i sent it through here. Evernote's notetaking capabilitites are amazing and versatile. Within the text note, users can create outlines with the bullet feature. I would like to see a new feature where after users create bullets, indented bullets, and sub-bullets, users are able to collapse and expand the indented bullets in order to create a more simplified view of the their created outline document.
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    Hello everyone, I found a solution to have a dark mode for evernote on windows and on the web. In Chrome install the " Midnight Lizard" extension which turns ALL websites into dark mode. Open Web Evernote then go to More tools -> create shortcut, tick open in new window. Drag shortcut into your launch bar. Enjoy!
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