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    Oct 31 Update: Hi All, If you’ve updated your web browser to Safari 13 The recent Safari update removed Evernote’s Web Clipper from your list of extensions. To fix this, please install the latest version of Web Clipper today. This update restores Web Clipper to Safari 13, and is also backward-compatible with most previous versions of Safari. The update includes primary features such as saving screenshots, adding bookmarks, and clipping web pages. But in order to get a Safari 13-compatible version of Web Clipper to you as soon as possible, we’ve had to prioritize features, which means a few features aren’t yet ready. Below is a summary of upcoming releases to get you back to a fully-featured version of Web Clipper as soon as possible. Release 1 (current release, available Oct. 14) The following features are included in this release: Support for all primary clip formats: Article Simplified Article Full page Screenshot Bookmark YouTube (custom clip) Amazon (custom clip) Annotating clipped content Switching between dark mode and light mode Release 2: In addition to the features listed above, this release will also include: Clipping PDFs viewed in a browser Smart filing and tagging Using Web Clipper in the contextual menu (aka “right-click menu”) Logging out of Web Clipper Switching between multiple accounts Release 3: This release is targeted to go live before the end of October. This will be our full-featured Safari Web Clipper extension release and it will restore all functionality, including popular features such as: Web Clipper keyboard shortcuts “Custom clips” (specialized clipping on sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo, and more). You’ll be notified automatically (through the Mac App Store) as updates to the Safari Web Clipper extension are available. If you have NOT installed Safari 13 You can keep using Web Clipper in its present form and wait for the full-featured Web Clipper extension update. However, if you choose to update your extension now, you will ensure compatibility with macOS Catalina and past/future versions of Safari. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and appreciate your patience.
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    The original error was easy enough to replicate. Create a string 300 characters long (0123456789012345678901...", copy it into the Title area, and press Enter. Get the "too long" message. Easy enough to fix: shorten the title.. Never saw any inescapable loop. Folks who *have* seen it on the most recent release (I'm running (308716) Public (CE Build ce-62.5.9981)), should give a precise set of steps to replicate. Oh, and the title length limit is specified in the API: it's 256 Unicode characters (http://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/Limits.html#Const_EDAM_NOTE_TITLE_LEN_MAX). Evidently it's enforced differently in the Windows client (if not others).
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    Just for fun, I created a title with 911 characters, no error, then went over 1,000, still no error, then attempted to copy and paste it again (that's how I counted the characters), then the error appeared, and it truncated the title to 479 characters. So maybe 479 is the limit.
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    Not sure if it’s a the latest dev beta of iPados, or EN, but swiping away from the app and back to it the carrot/cursor is going to last position in the note. Thanks for that
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    Backupery is still working well for me - the important tweaks (in case they aren't mentioned elsewhere) is to set the options to 1) full backups, rather than incremental - purely because if you backup incrementally, you (currently) have to restore that way too... 2) keep a maximum of 10 or less backup sets - my full backups run to 25GB a time, so I chose 6! 3) daily backups at a specific time - preferably when you're not using the system. Again depending on your system and the size of the database, things can slow down while it's happening.
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    Hey @DTLow Thanks very much for your comments/questions, which motivated me to get straight on the subject of EN backup-restore. After reviewing all your comments here, and in another thread I had clipped Automating EN backups?, I agree the 'Print to PDF' format will not be as useful. I confess, I hadn't really applied any logical thought process to this. But believed I should do something, rather than trust/rely exclusively on EN. This is distinct from my PC backup, where I Do trust/rely on Microsoft via MS Onedrive to take care of things (which also includes the EN Db folder/files I occasionally copy to Onedrive synced folder). Your scenarios work for me also. The couple of minor-scenarios that have come up, resulted in me just using the notes-history to recover. But it's the 'Worst-Case' scenario, I want to make sure I have reliable, or functional backups for, that could work on their own, inside just a browser, should EN go dark as you say. I found the HTML 'export-as-multiple-pages' feature works great for that, and all the links, including the in-app links continue to work fine. So if EN never, never, never came back, I could rebuild into another app from there...so the Armageddon solution. I'm looking into getting Backupery as @gazumped recommended (in thread linked to above) as it looks like it can make the whole process simple and give me the peace of mind I'm looking for. Cheers agin
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    Hmmn. You could try syncing the database and maybe signing out of the app and back in - seems like the search index hasn't been refreshed since you deleted the Trash.
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    Thanks for the feedback and the link. Regarding which comments, I was referring to several comments I'd seen regarding the subject that came back after simply searching Forum for "special character" - https://discussion.evernote.com/search/?q="special character". I'm new to the EN User Forum, but seems to be a lot of useful info posted out here. Thanks again for the info and link you shared.
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    That's right. All Safari Extensions are distributed by the App Store.
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    Just wondering how usefult this format is for "back-up process". What scenarios are you preparing for, and what is the recovery process? For example, my scenarios are: Minor - lost some note content and need to recover Worst-case - Evernote's gone dark and I need access to my notes My backup process uses the export feature in html format I have daily incremental and weekly full backups btw My in-app links are still functional Of course they point back to Evernote; which will be useless if Evernote is not functional
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    In the privacy settings of your Mac, enable evernote and Skitch for Screen Recording.
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    I use the following AH scripts, so that shift left click and shift right click navigate back and forwards: ; 2 Evernote mouse cursor scripts #IfWinActive ahk_class ENMainFrame ~RButton & LButton:: KeyWait RButton, L Send !{Left} #IfWinActive return #IfWinActive ahk_class ENMainFrame ~LButton & RButton:: KeyWait LButton, L Send !{Right} #IfWinActive return
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    We're investigating this further. Thanks for the report!
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