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    Try the below to create a link for the search. Then drag the link into a note. Double click from there.
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    You might take a look at Evernote Windows ENScript . This would provide you with the Windows command line tool to create the Notes, so then all you need is a method to schedule it. I'm sure Windows has tools to do that.
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    Hi, It seems that when a user presses ctrl+N to create a new note on windows, that the initial focus should be placed into the Title textbox just like the Mac client does. Currently the windows client places the initial focus in the body of the note, which results in a poor UX. There is no easy way with a keyboard shortcut to switch from the body (where the initial focus is placed) to the title box, because [Tab] and [Shift-Tab] get captured in the body text box (because of rich text and the support for indentation). The upshot is that there is no way to easily name a note and put some text in the body without using the mouse to select the note's title. If the initial focus was in the title, the user could quickly type the title and press [Tab] to then start populating the body. It seems the Mac client has the default correct here. Thanks for your consideration, Brian
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    Markdown is a markup language, extremely simple, used globally by almost cloud platforms actually and, as developer, I can say it is a simple feature to be implemented, maybe the biggest difficult is to make it compatible with current Evernote markup, so a possible solution would be adding an option "File > New > Markdown note" isolating this markup. I can afirm that many people do not use evernote and end up opting for an alternative (like Inkdrop) that offers fewer features because don't live without a markdown. I'm using evernote premium for some years, but currently I just have my old notes stored with Evernote, because I'm using just a markdown software and putting my files in cloud. Very annoying. It's regrettable that users don't have voice here. For now I do not intend to renew my license after expiration (2020 January) because I realized that this request is old and never satisfied. Many users asking for, so my request also will not be considered, just one more. Anyway I hope I'm wrong, in this case you will continue to have a loyal customer to keep recommending Evernote. I have a good networking today. Attached a competitor (Inkdrop) screenshot that is picking-up your customers, like me when my license expires. Let's keep Evernote as leader. Certainly moderation will not approve my message, but it would be smart to understand the problem and pass it to the responsible team for analysis. I'm here because I like Evernote, but currently it can't be useful for my use. I have thousands of developers in my networking and if we have Markdown support many of devs community will use it.
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    @PinkElephant @taden @rubendny @JMichaelTX Hey All, Wanted to let you know that I've merged your feedback/comments on this topic from another thread, into this thread so that we can better track user feedback/sentiment. Let me know if you have any questions!
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    I'm not a Business subscriber but my contact point is https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
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    Looks great, Jeff. I wish I still had a Windows machine to test it. Any ideas on how to schedule execution of this script on a daily basis? For those, like me, unfamiliar with PowerShell, this provides a good intro and summary: PowerShell Commands Cheat Sheet
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    A simple PowerShell + ENScript solution: # You may need to modify this according to the location of ENScript.exe $ENscript = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe" # Create an empty file for input into ENScript command $out_file = "blank.txt" $pre_file = "" $pre_file | out-File $out_file -encoding ASCII # Get the System date and format it to the Evernote expected format $CurDate = Get-Date -Format "yyyy-MM-dd" # Create notes... $Notebook = "Work - Journal" $NoteTitle = '"' + $CurDate + " - " + $Notebook + '"' # DEBUG: write notebook and title to console #Write-Host "NoteTitle = " $NoteTitle " Notebook = " $Notebook & $ENscript createNote /i $NoteTitle /n $Notebook /s blank.txt $Notebook = "Work - TO DO" $NoteTitle = '"' + $CurDate + " - " + $Notebook + '"' & $ENscript createNote /i $NoteTitle /n $Notebook /s blank.txt $Notebook = "Personal - TO DO" $NoteTitle = '"' + $CurDate + " - " + $Notebook + '"' & $ENscript createNote /i $NoteTitle /n $Notebook /s blank.txt $Notebook = "Personal - Notebook" $NoteTitle = '"' + $CurDate + " - " + $Notebook + '"' & $ENscript createNote /i $NoteTitle /n $Notebook /s blank.txt #TODO: delete blank.txt if desired #EXTRACREDIT: Make an array of notebook names so you can use a loop to create # each note title and the associated note Not particularly elegant. I am not an expert PowerShell programmer.
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    Hi All, Some of you reached out concerned about not being able to provide feedback for this issue. In general, we close replies on community announcements as they are meant to be informative, and not a location for ongoing discussion. In the past, when we've allowed commentary on announcements the conversations tend to get off topic quickly, and make it more difficult for users to easily find the information they're looking for. If you have feedback on this issue, please provide that here: As always, feel free to reach out to me via DM if you have any other questions!
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    Some of us like to use the free macro program AutoHotkey for such tasks, it can handle that easily.
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    So. There were no other changes to the app? Anything you;d like people to look out for? Any release notes at all?
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    F2 changes the focus to the title, from the body, tags, Note List, or Search Notes, and also from anywhere in the left panel if pressed twice. To start a new note with focus on the title, go to Tools-Options-Note-Set new note focus to title https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004807-What-are-the-keyboard-shortcuts-in-Evernote-for-Windows-
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    Have you checked your options to see if checking "Set new note focus to title" this does the trick?
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    Except that the clean shutdown process with EN sometimes takes longer than the time Windows allows when it's rebooting. End result - the registry settings don't properly get flushed. (Ever tried debugging a program during shutdown? Yeah, it's a problem... 🤣) Before I left, I was working on a "stealth" project to always write the settings to the registry when they changed. That change was getting big/scary. Design advise: Never allow direct access to member variables in a C++ class.
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    Ooo that is very creative! I was aware that you could perform internal references, but I had not considered this use. I may go with this as it offers more flexibility than the shortcuts option, and I can organize right from my home screen. Thank you ^-^
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    https://discussion.evernote.com/announcement/72-issues-accessing-evernote-support-channels/ Contact points for Evernote Support All Accounts Twitter @evernotehelps Paid Accounts Contact Evernote Support
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    Sure .... yeah .... that’s the story. 😂
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    Hey @Adjusting, I just noticed you posted this update. Have not seen you for a long time. Hope you're doing well. Do you have new duties, or are you just pinch-hitting?
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    You are welcome... Your turn next time!
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    The news that you will not be ready with a new extension for the next OS is unacceptable. You knew it was coming. Is there an ETA on it? I have been an Evernote customer for almost 10 years. I rely on it. And now, because of this I can't upgrade until you get your $&#! together and release an update. This is ridiculous. Makes me regret ever touching your product. I doubt a moderator will approve this. But I don't know how else to complain. I read these articles about how Evernote is in trouble and I've ignored them. But now I'm not so sure.
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    Hi, yes I did see that post. That is what sparked my initial outrage. Catalina has had a Beta version for developers for quite some time. Evernote wasn't blindsided by this release. They should have been prepared. The web clipper is a major piece of the Evernote puzzle, and so is compatibility with versions of MacOS. As a long time customer I am very upset that they don't even have an ETA just a "we're diligently working on it." The whole company has gone down hill since Phil L. left. I feel trapped. I'd leave but I'm so invested in the ecosystem so I can't. Evernote knows this and is taking users for granted.
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    In the very moment you install Safari 13, Webclipper is gone. This has nothing to do with any beta, but with the fact, that Apple does not support "Legacy Extensions" (= 32bit- browser extensions) any longer. Safari 13 is free of 32bit-code and does not support it. This move was announced quite a while ago. Thus it is hard to understand why EN does not have a 64bit-version of the WebClipper ready for download. IMHO it would be better to have ANY new web clipper available (even one with a reduced set of functions, that could be improved later) than NONE, which is the current situation. Not having a clipper is taking an important piece of the EN ecosystem away from many workflows. Instead EN support tells you to install another browser. Very weak argument ... Fortunately the "Share" functions still work on iOS.
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    Before "shaping the future", how about addressing issues that Evernote paid clients already have, like the Web Clip in Safari. If you pay for a service not provided, are we going to be reimbursed? There were no alerts from Evernote Mac users about this coming. We were taken by surprise but I doubt Apple took you guys by surprise, if so you really have a bad relation or "incompetence" may be the subject. Sorry to share this Web Clip comment for Mac Safari to land here but ShaneD left no room for comments or shares in an absolutist way of communication. Thank you for your time.
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    This can absolutely be done already. There is a bit of setup but it is worth it if the link will be used repeatedly. Step 1: make a shortcut in Windows to the desired search using ENscript. For example, to search for notes tagged as "bookmark" make a windows shortcut with the target "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe" showNotes /q tag:bookmarks whenever you run this shortcut, evernote will display just the notes that match the search. (You probably want to make sure in your EN options that "Open note links from other applications in a new window" is unchecked Step 2: Get the full windows path that points to the shortcut. Go to it in file explorer, then Ctrl-Shift-RightClick and "copy as path" Step 3: Use the path obtained in step 2 to create an Evernote link out to the file system the syntax is "file:///pathFromStep2" highlight whatever you want to be the link in your EN Note. use Ctrl-K to insert link notice that you have to take out the quotation marks that windows puts in That does it! Not that bad and it will really allow you to organize!
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    I have been an EN user since Beta, and became a Premium user as soon as it was offered. I do not understand why EN is lagging with simple security options, such as easy encryption of notes and notebooks. This really should be as easy as a Right-Click or selection in properties for a Note or Notebook. The existing method of selecting text in a note and then using a Right-Click option to encrypt it is cumbersome at best. Yes, it is a nice feature if one wants to encrypt only a portion of a note. That's fine. But there should be an easy way to (1) encrypt an entire note without selecting text and (2) encrypt an entire notebook. I would be willing to pay a few bucks extra a year for this additional encryption ability. Seems this should be a no-brainier for EN, both as a tech matter and as a business/profit matter.
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    I copy and paste a lot of email addresses and have notes whose content is largely email addresses. They are maintained as plain text so that I can copy them to other places (without the blue formatting) but - most important - so that l can click on the note to make it active without triggering an new email. I used to be able to put a semicolon after each address and it would not recognize it as such. I could then copy/paste the addresses around and they stay plaintext. The new version broke this. Now, copying/pasting these triggers the hyperlink formatting. I then have to laboriously select each one - making sure NOT to click, as that triggers an email - and being sure to include exactly all characters in the address, not missing any and not having extras, then remove the link that I never wanted in the first place. I would be happy with any of: 1) restoring the previous behavior 2) being able to select a region of text which includes links and non-links, then removing all links in the region 3) having a preference setting to disable automatic link creation
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    @rezecib, awesome tip. Thanks a million! I'm actually on a Windows machine right now, but can confirm as @boaterva added that it works on Windows using ctrl + a, ctrl + shift + r. Will test Mac (using relevant Mac keys) tomorrow when I get back to work. You made my day, and again, thank you. And thank you @boaterva for providing helpful input too.
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    There's another post on this same topic. An evernote guru (don't think it was an employee), replied and said if it's important to you, it needs up votes. Automatic hyperlinks are a huge problem for me. Wish they'd work on it or at least let us know what the status is (or if they plain don't want to implement that feature).
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    I need the Evernote team to start thinking about adding a note or notebook encryption. This thread is going on since 2014 and still not getting any results from Evernote side.
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    I would upgrade to premium for this feature. I have sensitive information that I consolidate into a notebook, but I won't use Evernote over mobile or from my work computer because I can't encrypt that data. Heck, I'm even a little paranoid keeping my home computer unlocked when I have visitors. -chris
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    Hi All, Starting with Apple’s upcoming release of Safari 13, many extensions will no longer be supported in their current form. Due to the nature of these changes, if you choose to update to Safari 13 it will affect your ability to use the Evernote Web Clipper extension until we are able to implement an update and publish it to the Mac App Store. Please note: 1. We are diligently working to update the Evernote Web Clipper to meet the new extension requirements for Safari 13. Until that time, users who upgrade their browser to Safari 13 will not be able to use the Evernote Web Clipper. 2. If you are not updating to macOS Catalina/Safari 13, you can continue to use the Evernote Web Clipper extension. 3. For a small number of Evernote Business users, it may be a few months before they are able to use Evernote Web Clipper in macOS Catalina/Safari 13. If you are one of the affected users, we will send you a separate email with more information. If you are affected by these changes, you can still clip/send content to Evernote by doing the following: Keep using your current version of Safari Use the Evernote Web Clipper on a different web browser Use our Gmail and Outlook email integrations Forward messages to your Evernote email address (Premium & Business only)
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    @jstncwlcx Thank you for reaching out, and for sharing your feedback. As Gazumped mentioned, we're working to centralize feedback regarding the clipper issue here: That being said, I'm going to lock this thread so that other users can be directed there. Feel free to reach to out to me if you have any other questions, and keep an eye on that thread as I will provide further updates there about the Safari clipper issue as soon as they are available.
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