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    Um, kinda non-news to me. I mean, really -- someone I never heard of before predicted Evernote's demise, and then had to have a rethink because, lo, Evernote's still around? Stop the presses! I do miss Heather being around the forum, though...
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    The guy's got nearly 90,000 subscribers on Youtube so I guess he's doing something right. The main reason I posted him was it's a rare example of the genus pundit punditerri actually backtracking on "The Sky Is Falling" stories when it turns out he wuz... not entirely correct. Agreed I ignore third party opinions on - everything- anyway. The only test is: Is It (insert process / app / diet here) Working For Me? Full disclosure - I was watching Francesco's channel because he covers Notion a lot and I was playing. Still not impressed. All singing, all dancing but not related to my use cases without a lot of jiggery bespokery.
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    You can reply to him all you want (and it's better if you learn to use the forum quoting system if you do reply to someone), but he''s not been around here for a long time (note the date on his post). Sure. This is pretty well-known. Notebooks "contain", in that a note belongs to exactly one notebook at a time. Tags "label", in that a note may have multiple tags. In Evernote, notebooks are required for sharing a group of notes with someone else, or for designating local notebooks on a desktop computer, or offline notebooks on mobile platforms. You can't do that with tags. Flip side, notebooks are also usable for partitioning your note set into discrete collections., but you can do that with tags, and moreover, you can organize those tags in a hierarchical fashion, which you cannot do with notebooks. Also because you can apply multiple tags to a note, a note can be categorized into several different categories, which is very useful, and no, you cannot do that with notebooks. But you can certainly share individual notes. Please define "messy" vs. "clean". And what are the tag and notebook "workflows"? Tags and notebooks are organizational tools; a workflow is a procedure for processing information. No question that this is long requested. Somehow Evernote has weathered the demand over the 10 years or so since the original request, and grown to over 200 million users.Should they add it? Probably. Is it necessary? Not for me to say (I wouldn't use it, but that's just me). It could happen in the future, but if you're basing your decision on whether to use Evernote on whether nested notebooks are implemented or not, I'd say at this point don't hold your breath.
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    Hello, I'm a big fan of Evernote and the web clipper and usually prefer using it on Mac OS with Safari. So when I found out about this issue I researched it and thought I would share my findings after contacting Evernote support. They replied very quickly, even on a Sunday night 🙂. Apple is no longer supporting 'legacy' Extensions on Safari 12.x. This issue is caused by the macOS Catalina 64-bit architecture change. In Mojave, the app architecture takes a hybrid approach, allowing 32-bit and 64-bit, but providing a warning if you are using 32-bit apps. If you are running Catalina like I am, 32-bit apps will not be supported, period. Therefore if you want web clipper functionality on MacOS Catalina, there are two options, according to Evernote support. Neither of them mean that as I write this (Monday September 9, 2019) that you can use Safari immediately with the Evernote web clipper. Third option is don't upgrade right now to Catalina. 1. Switch to Chrome for Mac OS, [which is what I am doing at least temporarily] and use it with Evernote web clipper. Apple has unilaterally removed what it considers to now be 'legacy' 32-bit applications from the App Store. That's why you can't find Evernote web clipper there any more. 2. Wait for few weeks or months for the Evernote architecture and Mac OS Catalina 64-bit architecture / Safari 12.x architecture to get back in synch. 3. If you are running Mojave, you could also delay upgrading to Mac OS Catalina. However, there are other benefits to staying current with operating system updates. Additionally, 64-bit architecture on Apple OS promises to be faster. I'm including a screen shot from the web site MacPaw with a good explanation of the 32-bit vs. 64-bit issue. It explains what the issue is, how Catalina sends warnings of the 32-bit issue, and how to find all 32-bit applications running on your Mac. For me, this non-64-bit list (i.e. legacy 32-bit list) also included: 1. Adobe application manager 2. Quickbooks
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    RavBoy, That did it! Thanks. I use Greenshot to capture screenshots. I like it because it has lots of options and features. You can easily markup your screenshots with arrows, highlighting, etc... It has a obfuscation tool which I used in this post and you can dial in how much you want it to pixelate. Cheers, Bruce
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    And the "Simply the Best" for note-taking is? My definitions are Note-Taking: Writing down important points during an event - presentation, meeting, lecture ... I use handwriting Basic Notes: Evernote's enml/html format. Text Documents: More complex format, beyond markup - word processing, pdf, images ...
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    Use PhraseExpress or the like and it is a hotkey away....
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    For me, "basic notes" is note-taking; anything more elaborate than "basic" is no longer a note but a document (given that "basic" can include bold/italics/underline, highlighting, lists, and more).
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    The app does what the user asks it to do. Especially on mobile the task is not made easier by a) small screen size b) the mobile Internet Connection c) the fact that the notes are synced to the server immediately when you leave the note. There is no room for mistakes, because they will not only happen to the local copy, they will sync as well to the server. The desktop apps have more margin for error. This is the price to be paid for a multi devices app that in general does miracles in keeping everything aligned. Fortunately the background functions not depend (mostly) on your account status. The server will OCR even for Basic, the server will keep copies of older notes to allow for reversing changes, the server will have everything searchable even when the client can not use it for account restrictions etc. From my point of view it is a big plus for EN that by only paying for one month, you are able to get all this, and as well for all the notes created when the account was still on Basic. From most other programs the policy rules you get it once you upgrade, but only for new stuff added while on full payment. I hope you will be able to recover everything you need to help your client.
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    I just changed the auto sync from 5min to 15min, and the search delay to 0 seconds... thanks for these tips. I'll see how EN behaves now, and if this works to stop freezing, I'll report back here
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    Leave it to this crew to argue semantics about a positive article lol.
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    I have a new HP Chromebook X2 which comes with a stylus. In the stylus settings menu within Chrome OS there is a way of setting a default note taking app for taking notes directly from the login screen. The only option from the drop-down is Google Keep. Is there a way of getting Evernote onto that list? Interestingly, in the settings there is an option to "Find more stylus apps". When I click that it takes me to the play store and Evernote (amongst a select band of others) appears on the list.
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    I have been thinking of getting a Chromebook since I use Evernote for everything and wouldn't need a lot of programs, but I was thinking I would just use the web version. So, if I get one, I can use the version from the Play store, yes?
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    I also use a chromebook though a different model. I find the Evernote experience on Chrome to be seriously lacking on many levels. From what I can gather, your two main options are the android app which has limited functionality compared to the Windows app (no experience with Mac) or the web version, which has a similar problem and also suffers from a lack of offline features which are a big drawing feature to the premium version. I do not have a model with a stylus but a possible work around could be to use keep for the note and an automation service to move it to Evernote so you don't have to.
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    Shortest response to all speculation above: we have been investing for the last several months in replacing the plumbing in client apps, including in the modern web experience. When we are done (we aren't, yet) this will mean a common codebase shared across all the clients for cloud-client functionality such as sync, which should help us both isolate and stamp out bugs as well as driving more consistent behaviour across any user's Evernote experience that spans multiple devices. None of the previews put out to date incorporate any of this work, which is foundational to implementing the local data store for desktop and mobile clients that we all know and love. We plan to shoot a Behind the Scenes video that talks about the new plumbing, but the architect we need for that is ... ahem ... busy right now, or else you would have seen it before this one! Side by side installations on desktop machines of the beta and of a current production release will have distinct local data stores; you will be able to use both at the same time (I do that, right now). Back to lurking ian
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    @ballard there were a couple issues going on. The first is that Geeknote doesn't comply with our API license, which requires the developer to protect their consumer secrets. Geeknote is a standalone app, so the secret is in the source code (config.py). To properly protect it, the developer needs to remove it from the source code and set up a web service to authenticate users. In situations where someone is using an app to abuse our service, we work with the developer to stop new logins on their infrastructure. With Geeknote, we can't do that because there is no infrastructure. We also couldn't reach the original developer that registered the API key. There is a path forward. For standalone apps like Geeknote, we support a downloadable personal authentication token called a developer token (http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/dev_tokens.php). With some app modifications, you can use this personal developer token to authenticate Geeknote to your account. We've had abuse issues with dev tokens in the past, so we whitelist who can use them. Before we revoked Geeknote from our service, we enabled dev token downloads for everyone that had been using Geeknote. Jeff Kowalski, the maintainer of the forked version, has reached out to us and we are working with him on a path forward to get Geeknote working again.
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