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    A recent update moved icons from the header bar. Users want the choice of which icons appear. This is currently a feature on the Windows platform
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    No, the thing is definitely not bad on the Internet. Okay I will try. Thank you very much.
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    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Fall 2017)
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    There's an advanced button somewhere early in the sequence (I'm pretty sure - I haven't done a clean install in a long time - and I'm pretty certain that option isn't offered on an upgrade)
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    Ok, I'll contact support and see what they say. Thanks!
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    This seems to be a note; not a notebook So, tags within the note contents. I do this with keywords, for example keyword_aaaaaa within the note contents
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    And millennials, and you don't know the half of it. My town of just under 70,000 people has at least 5 roasteries that I can name off the top of my head in the city limits, and 20 or more craft breweries and I'm not even much of a drinker. And then the restaurants -- I could go on. Anyways, the coffee I get is roasted about 30 miles away, but I can get it at my local grocery store, and I wouldn't buy it is it wasn't good.
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    Hi, and welcome to the forums. Take a close look at the original post in this thread. It's talking about adding a link to a selected bit of text, like this: Evernote Help on sharing Android notes. Links as such can be pasted into notes in Evernote Android, but URLs cannot be attached to text. But you are apparently asking about something else, sharing links to Evernote notes in Android. For info on that, click the link above.
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    @Z.Rot - with an Android app you can do whatever you would like to do with links... except add them to a word or a sentence as a hidden link. Just a missing function - for the moment - of the Android editor.
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    No; there's no configuration option for default reminder date/time There's a request posted at the link below. You can add your vote
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    Again technically spoken, if the note-notebook structure would be changed from 1:n to n:m (in relational DB speak), there would be an additional table needed to keep the data for the new flexibility. To read this, all syncing and search routines would have to be altered, and probably most of the back end supporting the EN servers as well. All of them, and it would for sure cost search performance, because it would mean another link table needs to be read out in each search job. It would probably be easier to create a new SW with this features, than try to rebuild the existing one. P.S. Just a user, not EN staff ...
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    In terms of a tool, I'd have to go along with the suggestions by others for Backupery, although I have NOT used it myself. This is mainly because I'm a Mac user, and don't have the need for a 3rd party tool. IMO, there is no question that the ENEX format is best for backup, since that is exactly what it is designed for. HTML is good for use with other apps, but not nearly as good as ENEX for recovering Notes. Keep this in mind: Other than Notes in a Local Notebook (NB), all of your Notes are stored in the cloud by Evernote. So you can download a fresh copy any time you like from the EN Cloud. So, the only issue is the one you raised: a corrupted Note. Note Corruption I suppose a Note could become corrupted, and then upload to Evernote. But I've never encountered a corrupt Note in my 10+ years of using Evernote, and I now have 20K+ notes. But it could happen, most likely due to user error, like force-quitting the Evernote app, improper shutdown of your PC/Mac, etc. And also, from use of Evernote Beta Versions (which I never use). So it is up to you to decide how risky your situation is, how much insurance can you afford? Full vs Incremental Backups With regards to doing all full backups vs incremental, remember that if you have to do a full restore, then you start with a fresh download from the EN Cloud. If you have just a few Notes that are lost/corrupt, then you just need to recover the ENEX file that contains the good version of the Note. You do the recovery to a Local NB, and then move the target Note to its normal sync'd NB. So I would backup only Notes that have changed since my last backup -- incremental. For EN Windows, Backupery would seem to be a very good tool for this. Use of External Drives If your Evernote data is very important to you, and you want to keep for many years, then just buy a large, multi-TB external drive -- they are very cheap these days. Of course, you now have to worry about another problem -- failure of the external drive. I have addressed this problem by getting an external drive that houses two physical hard drives, and run it in Raid 1 mode -- mirroring. I am betting that it is very unlikely that both drives will fail at exactly the same time. More Info All of this has been discussed many, many times before, ad nauseum. If you do a forum search on backup, you'll find many hits. I, and others, addressed this issue extensively a few years ago. See Backing up and restoring Evernote data (Reference article)
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    I also use Backupery for a daily full backup, and Macrium Reflect (I'm on Windows 10) for a weekly system backup which includes the Evernote folder. Notes about Backupery - it can fill up your storage fast. It will retain backup copies for as long as you'd like, or forever. Make sure you have enough disk space! I use 6 generations of daily backup, because I already have the weekly system backup as cover. related to the above - IMHO it's better to do a full backup each time. Unless the system has been updated, to restore incremental backups you'd need to restore the last full backup, then import the changes from the first incremental backup, then the second... and so on. With a full backup you import once. Backupery allows you to choose which notebooks to back up and saves the output in ENEX files, one per notebook.
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    Evernote has an Note History backup that runs automatically multiple times daily. Problem: accessed using the note info/detail; so it's not available if the note has been lost. Automated backups using Evernote's export feature can be run by third party Backupery. I use scripting on my Mac. - Daily incremental; no deletion - Weekly full backup; single copy I store the backup data on a cloud drive (iCloud) Format (html, enex, database) - I use the export/.html format, with a separate file for each note. The notes can be read by any web browser app, .html is best used for restoring corrupted data of individual notes. - The export/.enex format is more difficult to work with, .enex is more suited for the recovery of mass amounts of notes. - A backup of the database folder is also difficult to work with, and is also more suited to the recovery of mass amounts of notes. Warning: Local Notebooks are not backed up on the Evernote servers, and are at risk of being lost. I have recovery addressed by a backup of the database folder (Mac TimeMachine)
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    Right now I'm torn between using Evernote and Notability. Notability is the best app I've found for using the Apple Pencil and being able to write over / around the text. However, I love the organization of Evernote and being able to tag notes, etc. ***The Request: could Evernote beef up the writing ability to a Notability-esque level?
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    Disabling is not the same as hiding, jefito. And csihilling, Evernote definitely has a choice over what tray processes their software creates (just FYI). In any case, I found a workaround to get rid of the Evernote Tray icon. I remember the setting existing before. I don't know what happened to it. But anyway... Close Evernote and Evernote Tray. Go to your Evernote install folder, delete "EvernoteTray.exe" Create a blank text file, rename it to "EvernoteTray.exe" (make sure the extension is now .exe and not .txt) Put the new file in your Evernote install folder. If the blank file isn't put there, Evernote will reinstall the tray program whenever it starts.
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    Hi All, I too am very frustrated with this new *feature* and decided to find a work around until Evernote give us the option to disable this feature (although I suspect that they have introduced it to gather statistics so may never will). However, if like me you use Google Chrome this works quite well: Install a Google Chrome extension called TamperMonkey (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tampermonkey/dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo/related) Open up the TamperMonkey settings (Left click on the new icon shown top right in chrome) Create a new script and past in the code shown below (copy paste everything in blue) The TamperMonkey extension allows us to inject and run our own Javascript on page load. The @inlcude bit in the script below tells TamperMonkey to only run this script on any pages that have a URL that starts with https://www.evernote.com/OutboundRedirect.action. The script then grabs the target destination (i.e. the link we want to show) and tells the browser to immediately redirect there (bypassing the need to press evernotes continue button). // ==UserScript== // @name Evernote Outbound Clicker // @namespace http://harristribe.co.uk/ // @version 1.0 // @description Avoids the evernote outbound page // @author Rob Harris // @include https://www.evernote.com/OutboundRedirect.action* // @grant none // @run-at document-start // ==/UserScript== (function() { 'use strict'; var urlParams = new URLSearchParams(window.location.search); window.location.href = urlParams.get('dest'); })(); Hope that helps Rob
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