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    Doesn't make much sense to refer to OneNote here, although both applications serve a similar purpose. But as Evernote is based on a database (afaik), OneNote is based on file and folder structures on the storage level (even when the notebooks are stored on OneDrive, where the OneNote files are hidden except for a URL link file). In the original OneNote format notebooks are simple folders in the file system, sections are files (with the .ONE extension) that hold all pages and subpages in an object centered format based on XML. So it's natural for OneNote to use a hierachy, but lacks 1-to-n relations. A note(page) has to be in exact one section. If you want to sort a chocolate pie recipe under "pies" as well as unter "sweets", in OneNote you would have to create two sections and put copies of the recipe note in them. All changes would have to be done to both notes separately. In Evernote you simply add both tags to one note. That's the beauty of relational databases. Yes, OneNote does have sort of tags, too. But those are merely an optical marker of certain objects (like paragraphs or pictures) whith almost no way to use them as a filter or for detailied searches. I am not trying to bash OneNote here (in fact, I have been a OneNote MVP for several years, and still very active OneNote user), I am just trying to point out that the underlying data structure/model of both programs are very different and I suppose it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to just transfer organisational concepts from one to the other.
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    Very long time Evernote user, and I’ve found that recently on iPad, it’s almost impossible to use. I have to force quit it several times a day (if it doesn’t crash on its own) to get it to work. Just freezes up whenever I try to do even the most basic things. I’m using the latest iPad Pro, so I know that my hardware can run circles around most laptops. Anyone else experiencing this? it would be frustrating for a free app, but I’m an Evernote subscriber and rely on it for my work.
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    Not sure anyone is asking as much for N:N on notes and notebooks. That request appears some in the forums but is a different topic, my view anyway. This is more about a File Explorer notebook structure. Mox nix to me but I would be happy for others if this mod was deployed. Very early on in my 10 years with EN I became quite comfortable with tags, lucky me I suppose.
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    You can use EN with one notebook and no tags, or two notebooks if you want to have access to confidential data. Then just search to find things. But that can become unwieldy as your data grows. From an EN perspective notebooks and tags enable winnowing down search results in a manageable fashion. Are you a hierarchical thinker or a relational thinker, worried where you put it to find it or not worried about where you put it? Notebooks are physical, tags are logical. Neither way is wrong, just different mind wiring best I can tell. EN opted to support relational thinking and set up the plumbing accordingly via tags. I am clueless as to what the undertaking would be to add nested notebooks. But I have to believe it is a chunk based upon the reticence to do it with all the flak in these forums. Which brings us back to it is what it is and no amount of howling at the moon seems to get it fixed. So keep howling if you like and/or modify your workflow to use EN or find a product better suited. Life be too short.
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    To put it simple: In EN each note belongs to exactly one notebook. It can not have no notebook, it can not have more than one. And the data structure reflects this relationship called 1:n technically. To change this would probably mean rebuilding EN from scratch. With tags, it is different, because each note can have multiple tags, each Tag can be used for multiple notes, and a tag can „belong“ to another tag. This is why on the user interface, one can nest tags (at the moment only on desktop clients), and why tags are much more flexible than notebooks in their use. Conclusion: If you want to use EN as your „second brain“, you have to organize your content based on this structure. If you work against it, you will never be happy with EN - so better move on to another program than start the 1000-and-1st discussion here that nesting of notes and notebooks would be needed. No, it is not needed, if EN is used as it is build. Once you set up things according to the abilities of EN, you will find this aproach to be much stronger and more flexible than any nesting of notes. In practically all „nested“ structures (like the ones created by the file system in most operating systems like Windows), you typically end up with incoherent structures and duplicate documents. Both can be avoided by 100% when following the EN filing logic. A starting point can be found here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209006097
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    Actually, it restarted already When it starts up, it looks for traces that it didn't close properly. If it finds them, it pops up that dialog. Then proceeds to open normally.
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    Interesting. Seemingly not as straightforward, targeted or complete as a simple backlinks map, but worth a look.
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    Yes, some guys get all of the fun ... Currently on travel just with iPad and MacBook, so it will be a week and some until I can give it a try . Can’t wait to do so !
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    Thanks, Dave-in-Decatur. I agree with all you said (I say this, recognizing that I might have suggested that I take issue with the EN terminology or don't understand it, which is not my position at all) and appreciate your comment!
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    Update: CyberSec seems to be fixed, I can now enable it and still sync EN.
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    I really would like feature to pick background for written notes, grid, dot matrix or ability to change ruled line heights. I was told by Customer Service this was the only way to get this option. I work construction and design and out in field all the time sketching and making notes. Evernote not everyone works off Apple
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    Same problem with on iPhone XS and latest everything. The app is slow. I have 15k notes
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