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    Managing Responsibilities With Evernote Richard L Coonce Introduction The purpose of this document is to explain a different way to use Evernote. This method can significantly improve information management; and provide dramatically better control of responsibilities, tasks, guidelines, and document retrieval. I suspect that I'm not the first to do this, but I've not seen anything published on it, and considering the impact it's had on my office, it's certainly worth sharing. I've used Evernote for a number of years, first in my own business and now in my after-retirement job. For the most part, my previous Evernote experience has been, perhaps like most people, simply documenting information and retrieving it with tags and/or key words as needed. When tables were introduced by Evernote, my initial reaction was that I could find no good use of them. Evernote tables do not calculate; they're not "smart" in any traditional sense, and cannot be command-sorted on content like a spreadsheet. I've worked with Evernote for years without ever using tables. When I learned about and started using hyperlinks in Evernote, I stumbled onto a way to use tables and hyperlinks together to understand, manage, and control data better than I ever have before. As a consequence, Evernote has become a critical and indispensable part of my daily routines, my responsibilities management, my task control, and my historical documentation. It is now at the center of every responsibility I have in my job including all reports and all required annual processes. Tables with Links I use what I call "Control Tables" to essentially make a "yellow brick road" to just about everywhere. In the table below, every item in the two categories is linked to downstream child-level control tables that focus to more detail and finally, to specific records. The easiest way to show the strength of this cascading-control-tables method is to click through one of the items. The table below is my Primary Data Control Table, and Open Records is marked with a red arrow so we can look at the click-through to its linked table. Clicking on "Open Records" above takes us to the child-level control table for open records requests. This table shows a fair amount of data in one place. Each control number above (first column) is a unique alphanumeric identification assigned to one specific open records request. These are actual historical records with the requester temporarily removed for this screen shot. This Document Control table shows each request with the most critical information in view. Each request starts as a task management item for unfulfilled requests and then becomes the historical record when fulfilled. The illustration above shows a small portion of the actual table; the full table contains more than two years of records so far with well over 200 specific requests. For additional details on a specific request, the ORR number is linked. Clicking ORR2019056 in the above table (marked with a red arrow) opens this record below: All contact information in this example is fictitious This detailed record also contains links: (1) the email address, (2) the file name, (3) any historical email records in the box entitled 'Emails,' and (4) text reading "ORR Document Control" in the first column above "Contact Information." Click on any link to go directly to the document or, in the case of the email address, to bring up a new email ready to be sent. Any text or object in a note can be linked to other Evernote notes, to computer directories, to specific files (including executable programs), to websites, and to email addresses. Virtually anything a shortcut can point to can be a link in Evernote. Conclusion I don't think I could possibly overstate the benefits of using tables with links for organizing, documenting, understanding, and using data. The resulting "yellow brick road" makes searching mostly unnecessary. Tables can be set up in seconds, and it takes only a moment to make a new link. If you believe you can benefit by using tables with links, don't let the learning curve be a deterrent! These are just skills and nothing more; anyone can do it. The Evernote windows app is a free download, and I encourage you to download and install it. A word to the wise - use a very strong password for your account because your data is stored on Evernote servers and is accessible by browser.
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    Hi All, In this installment of Evernote Behind the Scenes, CEO Ian Small pulls back the curtain and invites you, the customer, to center stage. Ian chats with Jenn, a senior manager at Evernote, about the importance of our beta program, what we look for in customer feedback, and how your participation helps us co-create a better Evernote with our customers. Become a member of the Evernote Beta Program today at https://evernote.com/betaprogram. Subscribe to our channel to follow the journey, and join the conversation on the Evernote Forum!
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    And sometimes the exact size isn't, that is rounding occurs. I notice this with trouble tickets. I leave the title Ticket # 999999 descriptionofproblem for emails I forward to EN. If enough bytes don't get added between emails they are theoretically duplicates in the title size match. And I'm with you, the juice is definitely not worth the squeeze.
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    Thanks! Saved to my "better ways to organize in Evernote than I currently do if I ever get around to it" note.
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    Try one shared notebook per project, or even better one per class >where each project contains the same folder names There's no support for folders; I use tags for note organization Each project can "contain" the same tag names
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    Hi. Here's a start anyway - a direct link to version 6.1.1, which requires 10.7.5 or later: http://cdn1.evernote.com/mac-smd/public/Evernote_RELEASE_6.1.1_452253.zip
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    If you mean the automatic localization, this can be toggled on and off in the settings: Account (little man in the left column) - Settings - Notes - then it is the second toggle from the bottom that controls this feature.
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    Thanks for sharing. To the last sentence I would like to add „For an additional layer of security, use 2-factor-authentication to protect your account.“
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    Hey @RCoonceTX wow, that's awesome ...and thanks very much for taking the time to share this, great stuff :-) I'm also using tables with embedded links a lot, linking to downstream child notes, for workflow management/process steps etc. But right now I'm a one-man-gang, or at least don't need to share/collaborate with others to implement projects. So my question, if indeed you have a team, is how do you protect the data-integrity/lock-to-editing, all that i.e. esp the parent control table-note - but I guess the downstream notes need to be edit-able. Is it simply a case of making backups? Also, I like your pseudo form design...nice. Even light grey font use. My only preference would be to sort your primary table 'down-then-over'...haha Also like how you drag the emails in as an attachment. I have been saving emails as separate notes then also linking to them...but maybe this is better, thanks again
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    Thanks very much @gazumped Yeah thought of that... thing is EN-Android can create a NEW Audio Note - but on my EN Android App, there is no ability/icon to add audio to an EXISTING note!? And another observation, is that afterwards when viewing Audio Note on my Win10 PC, the audio note and attachment is in a format that can not be downloaded to PC, should the need ever arise... guess the solution there would be to use another audio app as you suggested. My PC allows access to microphone for a long list of other Apps yet EN is not on the list so no sure why EN is kicked out as you say. As luck would turn out, trying out your advice led me to an accidental solution to an earlier forum-post you helped me with re Speech-to-Text Dictation. So... when in a new/existing note on my phone EN-Android...just tap anywhere on a note and then the phones keyboard (I have Samsung Note8 - not sure if that matters) pops up, on top of which is a mic icon, that when pressed causes speech-to-text dictation to start...awesome. Cheers again Gazumped
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    Essentially master Table-of-Contents notes; nice formatting with the table >>linked to downstream child-level control tables I know these as dashboard notes. I keep these dynamic via an applescript on my Mac. As @gazumped mentioned, third party Filterize is a solution. >>Correspondence I also store a pdf of the email message in addition to the .eml file >>The Evernote windows app is a free download, and I encourage you to download and install it. Also available as a Mac app. There's also Android and IOS apps but they don't have the full featureset. >>A word to the wise - use a very strong password for your account Also, a unique password for Evernote; don't use the same password on other sites For additional security, I encrypt sensitive data. Evernote has a text encryption feature and I use the native encryption in file attachments (pdfs, office documents, ...)
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    Hi. Much kudos for the detailed explanation. I have a similar application with far fewer choices. I also use an app which may be useful to you - Filterize - which will automatically populate 'dashboards' (essentially Tables of Content lists) so that all my notes with a specific tag, or title, or in certain notebooks will be added to my current list for that category. Forinstance every note I create with a 'priority 1' tag will wind up on my current to-do list.
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    When I paste directly from a SQL query to a code block in Evernote, it introduces spaces in some places So a term like 'Special Formula' will become 'Special Formula' with two spaces between the words Unfortunately, this has a big effect if the space is introduced between terms in a string you are looking for. SQL wouldn't match 'Special Formula' with two spaces. So you can't copy back and forth between SQL and Evernote code block text. The normal text seems to not make that error, so I've switched back to using tables to store my code snippets (or saving text files/query files as attachments)
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    Hey All, Thanks for reaching out! @mmmaak I'm going to merge this thread into the thread that @Dave-in-Decatur linked to in order to keep everything together. That being said, I've reached out to our teams and they are currently working to address this issue. I'll follow-up once I have more information!
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    I sit corrected... 🙂 And you may very well be right...
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    Hi. No great help in solving the specific issue I know, but I would use my mobile to record an audio note, leaving the PC free for additional options - search, adding text notes etc. (Actually I'd probably have a script or supporting notes on view to help me talk coherently...) Several reasons, not least that I can wander around carrying the phone - which has a better close-up mic than my laptops. The phone file - which might be an Evernote note, or one of the several other audio apps that have better pause and admin options - can be merged with or attached to another main note as necessary. In this case I'd think it's likely that dear old Windows has hijacked the microphone on your device for verbal commands and kicked Evernote out of the picture. As ever with Windows, an uninstall / reinstall might fix it. - Having said which I'm using Evernote v6.20 public and I just got an audio note without any problem. If you're just exploring, I'd say its not worth the effort to try and fix this - if you do want to record anything I'd recommend the smartphone anyway. If it's important to you, an update to 6.20 might help, otherwise I'd try a complete Revo uninstall (don't forget to sync and backup first!) and reinstall from Evernote.com. Worth raising this with Support if none of that works... Let is know how you get on!
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    EVERNOTE DEVS - ADD A DARK MODE AND MAKE EVERNOTE BEAUTIFUL AGAIN! I loved Evernote, but its UI now looks very dated and looks ANTIQUE on Windows 10... Every other App I use now is "beautiful" in Windows 10... And in dark mode (Office, my DAW, Chrome, you name it...) I give up, I'm switching to Microsoft OneNote with a beautiful Dark Mode:
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    I have given up and have now migrated fully to Bear. (http://www.bear-writer.com/) Highly recommended if your tech stack is macbook pro / ipad / iphone.
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    Yeah, I'm reaching the point where I might abandon Evernote in favor of something that DOES support markdown.
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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