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    I did the firmware upgrade today and got things working. I ended up doing things differently on the two computers. On my Mac I have things set up to put the scans into Evernote wirelessly via the cloud. My wife is a minimal Evernote user, so I configured her connection to be wired with the USB cable and not using Evernote. She gets the standard set of ScanSnap Home choices to save to a file, email, etc. We still have to plug and unplug the USB cable as one or the other of us scans, but at least now the cable just stays by her computer.
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    Managing Responsibilities With Evernote Richard L Coonce Introduction The purpose of this document is to explain a different way to use Evernote. This method can significantly improve information management; and provide dramatically better control of responsibilities, tasks, guidelines, and document retrieval. I suspect that I'm not the first to do this, but I've not seen anything published on it, and considering the impact it's had on my office, it's certainly worth sharing. I've used Evernote for a number of years, first in my own business and now in my after-retirement job. For the most part, my previous Evernote experience has been, perhaps like most people, simply documenting information and retrieving it with tags and/or key words as needed. When tables were introduced by Evernote, my initial reaction was that I could find no good use of them. Evernote tables do not calculate; they're not "smart" in any traditional sense, and cannot be command-sorted on content like a spreadsheet. I've worked with Evernote for years without ever using tables. When I learned about and started using hyperlinks in Evernote, I stumbled onto a way to use tables and hyperlinks together to understand, manage, and control data better than I ever have before. As a consequence, Evernote has become a critical and indispensable part of my daily routines, my responsibilities management, my task control, and my historical documentation. It is now at the center of every responsibility I have in my job including all reports and all required annual processes. Tables with Links I use what I call "Control Tables" to essentially make a "yellow brick road" to just about everywhere. In the table below, every item in the two categories is linked to downstream child-level control tables that focus to more detail and finally, to specific records. The easiest way to show the strength of this cascading-control-tables method is to click through one of the items. The table below is my Primary Data Control Table, and Open Records is marked with a red arrow so we can look at the click-through to its linked table. Clicking on "Open Records" above takes us to the child-level control table for open records requests. This table shows a fair amount of data in one place. Each control number above (first column) is a unique alphanumeric identification assigned to one specific open records request. These are actual historical records with the requester temporarily removed for this screen shot. This Document Control table shows each request with the most critical information in view. Each request starts as a task management item for unfulfilled requests and then becomes the historical record when fulfilled. The illustration above shows a small portion of the actual table; the full table contains more than two years of records so far with well over 200 specific requests. For additional details on a specific request, the ORR number is linked. Clicking ORR2019056 in the above table (marked with a red arrow) opens this record below: All contact information in this example is fictitious This detailed record also contains links: (1) the email address, (2) the file name, (3) any historical email records in the box entitled 'Emails,' and (4) text reading "ORR Document Control" in the first column above "Contact Information." Click on any link to go directly to the document or, in the case of the email address, to bring up a new email ready to be sent. Any text or object in a note can be linked to other Evernote notes, to computer directories, to specific files (including executable programs), to websites, and to email addresses. Virtually anything a shortcut can point to can be a link in Evernote. Conclusion I don't think I could possibly overstate the benefits of using tables with links for organizing, documenting, understanding, and using data. The resulting "yellow brick road" makes searching mostly unnecessary. Tables can be set up in seconds, and it takes only a moment to make a new link. If you believe you can benefit by using tables with links, don't let the learning curve be a deterrent! These are just skills and nothing more; anyone can do it. The Evernote windows app is a free download, and I encourage you to download and install it. A word to the wise - use a very strong password for your account because your data is stored on Evernote servers and is accessible by browser.
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    I'm using windows and chrome but when I am writing my notes on evernote web, I cant use Ctrl z, ctrl b and Ctrl i. I'm sure there are other shortcuts that dont work, but those are the ones I regularly use. However, when I use ctrl backspace, it works. Anyone know why these shortcuts aren't working?
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    Hey All, Thanks for reaching out! @mmmaak I'm going to merge this thread into the thread that @Dave-in-Decatur linked to in order to keep everything together. That being said, I've reached out to our teams and they are currently working to address this issue. I'll follow-up once I have more information!
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    Two alternate views on this A mid price tier will add paying customers A mid price tier will cannibalize the Premium Tier
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    Please read through this thread: With deepest respect, @gazumped, connection is not the issue (assuming that this problem is the same as the one in that thread). @mmmaak, are you getting popup notifications about note upload failing? I've reported this to Evernote, and they say they are working on it.
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    Image OCR is a feature for all account levels I used a screenshot of your image and "like" was recognized and indexed for searching
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    It's the latest version, sucks ass. I've narrowed it down to seems to involve using the windows cut and paste options for me that is what causes evernote to crash, when I go to paste something into evernote it crashes
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    Probably got merged, as happens with frequently requested requests (and as this one probably should be). I don't follow RTL status, but this sounds like something that thay'd want to tackle with the common editor, which should then propagate out to the different platforms.
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    haaaa I'm not a developer, actually I'm not sure what "voodoo" is , but I think your assumption is pretty correct ? I tried to save the same website on my desktop later and find that the only way to save all images is by scrolling though all the contents and use the web clipper to save it.( I'm using Mac with safari) It will increases the successful rate but even that 1 or 2 images were still missing randomly .... Sorry for my bad English =P , But seems like saving to PDF and use the "share to Evernote" button on iOS is a sadly compromise right now..
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    Hi. Reported by others - seems to be an occasional issue with Evernote notes that were saved maybe over a bad connection; the note is corrupted slightly, so doesn't 'look' to Evernote like a valid note. If you can copy the content into another note and re-sync the new one, business should continue as usual. That note may be editable on a desktop where it's not on the mobile. No 'third party' software involved, just a glitch.
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    On the iPhone you will see the mobile version of a website. This is what is send to your phone. To force seeing the desktop version, you can press and hold the circular dart right of the URL in Safari. Then tap on the share symbol, and then on the EN apps symbol. If there is „Voodo“ behind the website, the result will not be much different from Safari on the Mac. Alternatively you can save the website into a pdf using the „print“ function, and save this pdf into EN. This often looks much cleaner, but is a pdf, which means you can not go back to the original website through it. Most links will not work etc.
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    On EN-for-Windows, when you are in a note, and you do a CTRL+ALT+L to generate the CLASSIC (In-App) note-link (evernote:///view)... well, at this stage, you already have 'Retrieved' a classic note link... so to answer your question YES it's possible. I think the issue you're having, occurs when wanting to paste the 'actual' link-syntax, as opposed to the notes-title-anchor-text thingy. Hence why I think you are using your current '2-Step-Shuffle' of 1st pasting to notepad...as i believe notepad somehow strips everything away and just keeps the link-syntax. The easiest method I have found... when wanting to paste a classic note-link to either another app on your PC (assuming PC - not MAC), or a web-app, such as Asana (my online workflow system), simply Right Click and select 'PASTE AS PLAIN TEXT' -or- CTRL+SHIFT+V ...that should now show the classic-link syntax in 1 step. NB this however wont work if wanting to paste the classic link-syntax into another note on EN itself...don't know why!? ...and so back to your 2-step process 😞 My issue is, that unlike locally installed apps on my PC, such as MS Outlook or Word, that I can paste the classic links to fine, and have them open the note on the desktop... Classic note-links pasted to online web-enabled apps such as Asana...are not recognised!!! And no amount of configuring my browser has resolved it thus far...
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    Evernote is a cloud service and stores/processes our notes on the servers; possibly the same servers used by iCloud (where do you think iCloud data is stored?) Platforms have different data configurations. Metadata is maintained in an SQLite database, and notes are maintained in enml/html format. Mac and IOS have no option to change the data location. >>Then I know if for some reason I cancel an Evernote subscription my notes are 'mine' and available. I have personal backups and use the export feature to maintain an html data copy external from Evernote. I can store this data copy "in iCloud" >>I don't want any of my notes "scanned" by a third party like Google. Our Evernote data can not be accessed by third parties unless we provide authorization >>I like Apples's privacy policy more than Google's. How do you feel about Evernote's privacy policy? >>Apparently Google scans everything on its servers. Apparently you are misinformed - Where do you get your information from? As to the NSA, Russia, China, ... 😦 >>Also, Evernote features should be integrated into Apple's native apps. Have you talked to Apple about this? fwiw An Evernote note can contain files of any format. For example, I store Apple Pages documents in Evernote; also Apple Numbers spreadsheets If working in Apple Notes, I use the share menu to send to Evernote. >>I can't simply contact Evernote with feature requests. You are posting your request in Evernote's forum You can contact Evernote support on Twitter @evernotehelps
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    Tested it both ways: Open a new note in the EN app, tap on „plus“, choose take a photo, take it, tap on „safe“, go to the note, type a header, leave note. The note is there, the picture is there, both as thumb and as full copy in the note. And it syncs within of a blink (on WiFi). IPad Pro 10,5, iPhone 6S+, tested on both devices, checked on the same device and on the other. Everything as it should. 2x iOS 12.4, app 8.22. Usually on i-devices, when it works on one of them, it will work on all of them. So your options seem to be: - Complete uninstall and reinstall of the app - Support ticket
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    My answer is a cautious YES. Why cautious ? My setup is a standard ix500 (not the EN edition), and EN installed on a Win10-desktop plus on my MackBook Pro. All devices are in my home WiFi. Scanning works to both computers, but to one of them only at a time. So I start the scanner, connect to it from the computer I am using at this moment, and do my scanning. When I pick a profile that has EN as target, it will send the scan right there and put it into a new note. What I do not know is about switching computers during the scanning session frequently. I see no reason why it should not work, but have not tried. So maybe you and your wife have to communicate about who is going to „own“ the scanner link when.
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    @RavBoy... always lurking. But also not inclined to make commitments until I know we are going to deliver on them. Trying to get us into the underpromise and overdeliver habit, which is harder than you might think! Right now we are 100% focussed on trying to make the existing Evernote we have work better, by stamping out bugs, unifying the codebase, and making the Evernote experience more coherent and more consistent across devices. Hence the focus of pretty much all the Behind the Scenes videos so far. That being said, let me take your specific question under advisement.
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    I realize this is a bit redundant, as I can create an import folder for my files or install the traditional program, but whenever the Windows 10 App updates, the shortcuts I create for it manually break because the version number is embedded in the folder's name (C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Evernote.Evernote_[Version Number, etc]\VFS\Evernote.exe). I use said shortcut to add an option in the SendTo context menu so that I can send lots of files to Evernote (as independent notes) from explorer. It fits into my workflow very conveniently, but I grow tired of the frequency at which I have to keep setting it up. Out of curiosity and versatility if I run into scenarios like this where there isn't an easy fix, has anyone found a creative solution to this issue?
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    I agree - I often copy text from another application to paste into an existing EN note. I then want to re-format the new text to fit in with the old. on Mac I can generally copy style of existing using alt/cmd/C and then highlight the new text and use alt/cmd/V. Such facility would be very good in EN
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