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    Just as a note to that... Sometimes EN will rollout with a smaller auto-update initially (for instance, targeting 5%) and then increase when few/no problems arise. The auto-check is subject to that limited rollout. When you manually check, the limited rollout is ignored. (So, yes. Sometimes EN won't tell you a new version exists - but if you manually check (magic!) a new version is there.)
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    Long story short I'm having a bit of a clear-out in my rather full database (47k notes) and moving away from having most of my note-eggs in one basket. I've done several searches to bulk-move notes into new locations, and it's just occurred to me that I have some notes in local notebooks - around 500 or so - that if I'm not very careful, might get moved along with the rest. They would go from an offline, this-device-only notebook to a fully synced, available to me from anywhere notebook - and that being in the Cloud, it's a little bit more likely to be leaked. Now my World Domination plans are still strictly on paper (and in crayon) so there's limited risk, but I thought I'd try moving a note that I have selected from a local notebook into a synced notebook to check what alerts come up. And the answer is - none. So my proposal here is that notes saved in Local Notebooks need an additional "Are you sure?" alert before being moved out. Users do put notes in local notebooks temporarily when they run out of upload allowance, and then move to synced notebooks when the allowance reboots. In those circumstances the nanny notice would seriously annoy me when moving in bulk, so we also need the 'don't show this notice again' tickbox, and an entry in Options/ Preferences to allow that to be toggled back as necessary. I think this is a pretty important issue since my notes were offline for a specific reason and I do not want them in the cloud showing account numbers and sort codes. I'll raise it with Evernote and post my ticket number here, but meantime please be aware that notes in Local Notebooks look just like any other note - there's no highlight, no alert or any other sign they're unusual. If you have local notes - take care they stay that way. And please vote this issue - top left of the page! Ticket #2893633
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    That and a new I don't care to be told when I am moving a note from local to synced checkbox. Since I'm in Side List view all the time and I have so few notebooks, not much of an issue for me I can sort by location and scan the list very quickly. Something you might try as you move forward, assuming the mod isn't going to be in the near term. You know how us FanBois are with workarounds. Also, I have two stacks - EN Stack and Home Stack. Setting the context to EN Stack solves the problem. Unless I go stupid, which does happen from time to time.
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    This works, as you said, as long as you remember to do it but I would prefer the pop up warning as well. My notes are in local notebooks for a reason. Fortunately I rarely move notes. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
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    I'd suggest excluding local notebooks from searches; except -notebook is not valid We can add a tag to local notes; -tag is a valid search option >>Now as long as I remember to keep on applying that tag to all new local notes fwiw Notebook > Tag is a Filterize feature (third party app for auomation)
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    If you need your device for anything serious, do not use a beta. I am not sure how things will behave when stepping back to a normal release, so there is some risk in this. But if the app is unusable on beta, the only alternative would be to sit it out and wait whether future betas will solve the issue. From my observation, penultimate is not in the focus of development at EN. Personally I use GoodNotes 5 for any handwritten note taking. Once done, I can export it as a pdf (including the search of the handwritten pages) and store it in EN.
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    To check for updates yourself: Help / Check for updates To have Evernote check for you automatically: Tools / Options / General --> [ ] Automatically check for updates
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    Thanks! This time around I got the latest EN for Windows version from a kind person on Reddit. The URL had 'cdn' in it, which I hadn't seen before. In the future, where do I go on the EN site to get the latest versions of EN for Windows? And is there a way to get updates from EN when the latest version is available? With Android it's easy because I get an automatic update. But it seems that with EN for Windows, I have to proactively monitor the EN site to find out when the latest version gets released. Thanks in advance for any guidance you may have about these things. 😊
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    I do hope a Linux client is in the works. As soon as I am finished with my dissertation (which requires Microsoft Office), I am switching to Linux and never looking back. Would be great to take Evernote with me.
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    This is a different request than posted above. Selective Offline Notebooks have been implemented for users with limited storage (small SSDs), on IOS/Android devices. We need this feature for Windows/Mac devices - Offline Notebooks provide access for users when not connected to the internet. - When online, ALL notebooks are available; they "show up" on all devices.
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    Another vote for this feature. Should be able to turn sync on and off on a per-notebook basis so that devices with limited capabilities or roles do not need to have an account's entire note database stored locally. Example: Want to have one notebook on a client-furnished computer, must not update notebooks related to other clients. Forcing sync of everything would violate all sorts of contractual agreements. Example: Don't have enough storage on a small tablet/laptop/phone. Self-explanatory. It's great to be able to compose and edit a few notes on a phone, but it's preposterous to pay a many-gigabyte price for doing so. Example: Don't want to place personal notebooks on a business computer. Requiring this forces people to break company policies, potentially break laws/regulations, etc. Example: Don't want to have "archived" (i.e., obsolete and no longer used, but kept for record-keeping purposes) notebooks show up on every new device. Big reason we have the cloud, y'know, is so we don't have to to keep copies of everything everywhere. The suggestion of using separate accounts leads to a proliferation of accounts and authentication data, which is never a good thing. It is also an abuse of Evernote's free accounts, and an unacceptable cost if non-free accounts are required. And, of course, there is the ever-present risk that Eevrnote will change the terms of those free accounts.
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    "strg" = "Ctrl" on German computers.
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    Have you yet tried to reorganize the EN database ? Hold down strg before clicking on the Help menu. Below the usual items there will be a list of new menu items. You can try if one of these advanced options helps with your problem. They will reorganize the EN database, rebuild the search index etc.
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