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    Interesting follow-up. I was at the dentist today and took a photo note of my next appointment card. Upon taking the snapshot, it wanted to append to the 'buffered' previous 'crashed' process. Two of the three images I had taken previously were still there. Unfortunately, the missing one was the most significant, but the other two could provide some context if someone were to try to scam me, so better than nothing. It was only upon taking a new photo, that there was any sign of remnants hanging around.
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    Some background on the character substitution: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_urlencode.asp https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Percent-encoding URLs can only be sent over the Internet using the ASCII character-set. Since URLs often contain characters outside the ASCII set, the URL has to be converted into a valid ASCII format. URL encoding replaces unsafe ASCII characters with a "%" followed by two hexadecimal digits.
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    Just want to reiterate the point that building the new editor on WebKit-exclusive functionality is a VERY BAD IDEA. Mozilla is pretty much the last bastion against Google's complete dominance of the browser market. You are actively hurting the concept of an open internet by choosing not to adhere to web standards when building you product.
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    I want this feature, you have my vote. Any news on how the integration is progressing?
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    Hi all - First, Shane's question relates to the new "checklist" feature which was demonstrated in the second Behind the Scenes video on the new note editor. (Hint: if you haven't seen that video, go watch it now, none of this thread will make sense otherwise! I'll wait until you're done.) Internally, everyone at Evernote can participate in testing by "dogfooding" new builds, so we've all had access to the checklist feature for a while now as our development and design teams work out the kinks in that and other parts of the new Note Editor. So for Shane, it was a reasonable followup question to ask me about one of the features we demonstrated in an earlier BTS video - a feature which created a lot of response from the community. Second, to try to help sort out the apparent confusion around "betas": The Evernote web beta - what I tend to refer to in the videos as the "modern web experience" - is broadly available to any Evernote user and has been in place for about a year now. We still label this build beta because we do not view it yet as feature complete - there are a few key features missing before we would consider it our GA web experience. Nonetheless, as you've seen in a number of the videos, the Evernote web beta is what we are using as the basis for our forward-looking web work. A preview release of the new note editor has been available by invitation only (and under NDA, which is why you haven't heard about it broadly outside of the relevant Behind the Scenes video) to a relatively small audience for the last several months. Over that period, we've been collecting feedback and modifying our implementation in response to that feedback, working on bugs, and converging on performance levels that we are happy with, all while continuing to work through the feature punch list which we believe (based on the feedback we have received to date) will constitute a complete version. At this point, the new note editor has been released as an optional beta to a small % of users who are using our modern web experience (the Evernote web beta). So, as some posts have commented above (and shown screenshots), if you are using the Evernote web beta, you may have access to the note editor beta in the bottom right corner of the window. Early versions of the new note editor have also been bundled into preview releases of an early Windows client, released to a very small number of users by invitation only (and also under NDA). At this point, there is no other way to get access to the new note editor. We are not looking for individuals to sign up to the note editor beta at this point. We have transitioned from small numbers of individual users invited one-by-one to the preview into small percentages of the entire Evernote web user population being given access to the beta. We still have a lot of work to go for the new note editor to be ready for broad release; we appreciate your patience while we continue to work on bugs, performance, and remaining functionality. Third, you can expect *more* betas, not less. One of the things I've been pretty consistent about in our communications is that we're adopting a posture of testing everything we're working on - from very early stages where we test design mockups with individual users, through to very early prototype builds that we test under NDA on an invitation-only basis (thanks to all of you who have been participating and helping in one or more of those), through to phased beta rollouts to larger segments of our audience - all of which happens before we go GA on a particular component. We have restructured the way in which we do development at Evernote so that multiple subsections within the product can be driven independently, which in turn means that we can beta different "parts" of the product independently. Our ability to beta subsections of any build independently of the rest is something that you will see more of in the future. It's part of what we need to be able to do in order for Evernote to return to innovation at speed. Fourth, with respect to tags, my Spidey-sense detects the beginning of a small-scale twister as members of the community, with the best of intentions, take two sentences I said in a video and start to extrapolate what they could possibly mean. If there is an actual twister, it's always wise to take cover. But at the same time, we should probably try to avoid creating man-made twisters when it's not really necessary. In order to attempt to defuse this twister mid-formation, let me re-emphasize what I said on the video: (1) tagging is super important to a big chunk of our users (2) tagging is supported in wildly varying ways across different devices (just try Android vs. iOS, if you don't believe me) and (3) we'd like to take the best of tagging from across various devices and make a more consistent, coherent tagging interface across all devices in the Evernote family. What I specifically didn't say: that we were somehow going to rework the theory of tags. No. Not happening. Fifth, one more observation that I suspect is generally applicable beyond this particular thread: if I say that one of the things we're going to focus on in an *upcoming* episode of Behind the Scenes is topic X, and that episode hasn't aired yet, it's probably a safe bet that whatever you can see in a production version of Evernote you have downloaded today regarding topic X is probably *not* representative of what we're going to talk about. After all, we wouldn't need a Behind the Scenes video series for that... we'd just point you at the software. Hope all that is helpful. I'm going to go back to lurking now, and to lighting off fireworks. To those of you reading this from the US, happy holidays! ian
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    I hope the tag restructuring that Ian was talking about (there was a phrase to that effect anyway) is limited to ensuring that tags are available in the same way across all clients, and not to some "improvements" in the theory and application of tags. In Windows Desktop I have cycled through various systems over several years until I now have a combination of notebooks, tags and note titles that define my library of information quite nicely for me. I'd be... unhappy.. if the nature of any of any of those items changed. (Having said which, it's high time tagging in Android was as simple and effective as tagging in Windows.) And hey - while you're into tagging, how about improving Note Linking so we can jump from note to note (and maybe from heading to heading) when browsing our data? But I'm with @PinkElephant. Please spend your cash on engineers, not marketers; and take the time you need to make sure the next iteration of the product is (reasonably) bullet-proof and fit for purpose!
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    Hello there, Sometimes, I have to send material to my Evernote account via email. If I don't write @ notebook in the subject line of my email, a note is created in Evernote in any notebook, apparently chosen randomly.... There is worse : apparently, Evernote choses arbitrarily a set of tags that it adds to the newly created note, without ever prompting me. Is there a specific algorith Evernote is using to assign such or such notebook or tags to any incoming mail based material ? Thanks in advance for your kind support, BTW, it has been impossible to log in to the Evernote website in order to send this request directly to the support team, as it keeps looping back to a suposedly log out page...
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    There is a sort of AI option that will try to choose a notebook and even tags based on content. From my experience, it works bad, and will not learn even if you correct the pick several times, and the notes are pretty similar to each other. It depends on where you deliver notes from, and on which client you are working. There are even settings in the webclipper to control this. But in any case you can switch off the „intelligent“ options and revert to just define a standard notebook, that can of course be overwritten by tools like the @-notebook-entry when sending yourself an e-Mail. I prefer to import into my standard notebook called @inbox, and then move it further after tagging using GTD philosophy for the daily and weekly review.
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    PLEASE add the ability to change highlighter colors. It sounds like a small thing but it would help productivity and boost the usefulness of Evernote.
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    Since 2013 and it's not yet present on the latest release? Please Evernote Team, please add the ability to change highlight Colors on our Evernote Apps
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    I've opened a ticket on support channel and they told me they've made some changes and the Drive integration isn't working on Google Chrome anymore. But it's still working on Safari. Has anyone received any information about any correction forecast?
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