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    The latest version release, released on the Play store yesterday and marked as 8.10, is quite horrible. Opening notes, saving notes, adding photos, all cause freezes / crashes. Not every single time, but quite often. Why does Evernote keep releasing such buggy updates? It feels as if even basic testing is not being done.
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    Hey All, There are so many things you can put in a new note, it’s hard to know where to begin. We’re working to change that. In this installment of Evernote Behind the Scenes, CEO Ian Small chats with Aiden, a product design manager, about upcoming changes to the all-important “New Note” button. This small adjustment will make note creation more consistent and intuitive across mobile platforms. Subscribe to our channel to follow the journey, and join the conversation on the Evernote Forum!
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    I have a large note, a few thousand words long, which has notes on topics. For example, in my geography notebook I have one note for tectonics, coasts, etc: Similar for history and economics too. I am wondering if I can create a table at the top of the note to let me jump to the various sections? Or would it be better to split the note up into topics, and then create a table of contents for the topic with a link to each subtopic? Thanks!
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    They've got lots on their plate, but without being able to give a direct quote, I'm pretty sure they're thinking about it. Not sure how high to the top of the list it is at this point given Evernote is one of the most integrated apps with others out there. The existing API definitely has issues, but it's more robust than most also.
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    At this writing, June 2019, this is possible with TaskClone and Zapier together. Soon, you'll be able to do this with TaskClone alone. Today, TaskClone converts your Evernote todos into email. Zapier can parse incoming email and create tasks in 000s of apps including Todo. TaskClone will be adding an API connection to all Microsoft apps (Todo, Planner, Outlook) in the near future.
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    As you can see from the responses, there are as many preferred workflows as there are people. If you want to use Things with Evernote, TaskClone can help - https://www.taskclone.com/evernote-to-things-integration. I'm the developer behind TaskClone and after 7 years, I can assure you, almost nothing is perfect. There are many solutions to similar problems and you just pick one and iterate. Best of luck.
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    gazumped — Thanks! It was actually easier than that: I deleted the earlier "MacBook Pro" from the Sync list and all was well. It (the Evernote god) kept the "Current" "MacBook Pro" so I didn't have to add it back. Case closed!
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    I’ve had apps in the store where I clearly stated not to buy it for a specific thing and they still did and left reviews. I’ve seen apps where there was a long string of people leaving reviews for a place as they thought it was yelp etc etc. You'd be surprised. Also, I wasn’t suggesting Evernote push out a half-baked update. I was simply stating how people act on the App Store. Some percentage acts like children and sociopaths.
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    Hopefully Evernote gets it sorted for ios13 fast because given the nature of the App Store, people will leave bad reviews. Then again, they obviously will for an unstable release too. edit, I forgot for a second you can’t rate an app if you’re running the beta iOS.
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    There are no error messages because Evernote defaults to the (very) old web interface when using Firefox. Open Evernote in Chrome and check out the difference: it's leagues better and we've been stuck waiting on it for 9+ months.
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    It takes at least 1 minute for the app to respond when opening any note on my Android phone. It takes same time for the app to react when push the create new note button. I reinstalled the app. The problem vanished. After an hour or so, the lags started again.
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    If I could add my voice to this also... this is a feature that has been available for years (in a basic but effective manner) in the separate (unrelated) app called MergeEver, which has been a lifesaver as I’ve moved more and more on to the iPad. I’m now using the larger screen (12.9-inch) iPad Pro and with the upcoming release of iOS13 and the extra multitasking features mooted for it, I will be doing most of my work on the iPad). I’ve been a heavy user of Evernote for many years, but always found it lacking in iOS. I have had to keep going back to the desktop computer to do my merging of related content. And I do a lot of this. It would be wonderful to finally achieve feature parity with the desktop version (I’m on Mac) but even if this cannot be done, the ability to merge notes really is a crucial feature. If MergeEver could do this on iOS years ago, why is it taking so long for Evernote itself to incorporate the feature? The ability to merge multiple notes is one of the main reasons I moved to Evernote in the first place (on the desktop). Please push this feature up your priority list.
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    I think a glaring absence is the ability to put stacks inside of stacks. I would to have a "Work" stack that I can then add another stack underneath like "Personnel" with Notebooks inside that stack. I know you can nest things deeper on tags, but it's not nearly as convenient or efficient. Some of my notebooks need to be stacked inside of a stack.
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    There is no real stack element. It only exists as a collection of notebooks. Think of the physcial representation, a stack of notebooks. The stack inside of a stack isn't logical A more popular request is for notebook hierarchy.
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    I don't know what changed but in the past 2 weeks, whenever I would edit or create a new note, when I would start typing it was sooooooo slow to respond to each character I was typing. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and using Evernote on Android version 5.0.1. I had no other app open at the time so it doesn't make sense why it was so slow. I removed and reinstalled Evernote and that did not help. What is the best way to fix this? Is there a size limit to each note? I made that note smaller in size and now it's responding just fine. If there is a size limit, is there a way to change that?
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    I agree, having sub stacks or being able to stack stacks would be a huge benefit. I understand the use of tags but when you're dealing with 100's of potential notebooks, trying to remember a tag may be difficult. I want to use evernote for Real Estate but I find it very difficult to use, actually counter intuitive. Doesn't it make sense to create a stack first, then create or move notebooks into it? Instead I have to create two notebooks first, then merge them together to create a stack, then rename the stack. I love evernote, but you guys dropped the ball here. I run 3 businesses, I'd like to have a hierarchy Business 1 Buyers Notebooks by address Sellers Notebooks by address Templates Closed Transactions Closed Transactions 2016 notebooks by address Closed Transanctions 2015 notebooks by address Business 2 ETC... you get the idea. If you look at the hierarchy of closed transactions it goes 4 levels deep. This is an abbreviated example. I could go at least 10 levels. I hope evernote will entertain a change or come up with a solution. Tags just don't work for some businesses, for example if I had a client I sold a house to years ago but I can't recall their name or address, I wouldn't be able to find them with tags. But If I had sub stacks I could go to my closed transactions for 2005-2007 and look at the notebooks in each stack until I came across their notebook
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    Larger notes perform horribly; the typing input lag is ridiculous. What's the fix? Not "shorten the notes," that is absurd. I only do normal raw text notes for most of them. A 486 computer from 1995 handled 50,000-character Word documents without issue, but my Google Pixel quad-core SOC phone can't with this application? Wow. Please fix your application. I'm experiencing this on the Android app. I tried this out (Plus version, so I don't even have the context option) because of OneNote not reliably syncing between devices off and on and I love the feature set here, but I am an IT systems engineer and regularly have need to quickly add or edit a small piece of information in one or more larger notes on my phone while I'm in the middle of something, and I shouldn't have to sit and avoid notes that aren't small. This is basic TEXT editing we're talking about, here.
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    Yes - please, add sub-folders / categories / etc. I am getting the feeling from reading these threads that the EN people are 'refusing' to add this? Is that really true? Why would a company alienate it's user base by refusing to add a feature that so many have requested? Well, my position is simple, if I find the program a burden to use, and I will if I cannot find a way to organize things the way I am USED to organizing them, then I will simply stop using it - it wont happen right away, however small frustrations will build up over time, and inertia will take its toll. Probably will happen in about - 2 or 3 weeks I imagine. Meanwhile I am looking for a different service - or unless I can get a different feeling from the EN development team. Also - I can add this feature if they dont want to - just give me teh codez.
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    Has the fact that several of us have asked for subnotebooks been noted as a feature request? Will it be possible in the future? Personally, subnotebooks will be much more useful to me than the tag hierarchy.
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    3 Major issues to Hit Evernote Android and response times : #1 Failing to Clip articles - 1-2 months #2 Broken Search function - 2 months #3 Failing to open notes/Delay in opening existing and new notes - Yet to fix
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    Hi all, We were recently advised by LinkedIn that they are making changes to their infrastructure. Unfortunately, this means that after mid-July, third-party apps like Evernote and Scannable will no longer have any access to LinkedIn data. What does this mean? Any LinkedIn profile information you’ve already added to a note will remain. But you won’t be able to see a LinkedIn user’s details, or connect with them, when you scan a new business card in Evernote. You’ll also lose the ability to add content from your own LinkedIn profile to your Evernote account, or see LinkedIn information using our Context feature. What will happen? Within the next couple of weeks, we’ll be rolling out updates for iOS and Android that will remove the LinkedIn connection. You don’t need to take any specific action other than keeping your app up to date. Mac and Windows updates are currently available. If you haven’t updated your mobile app by mid-July (or if you’re using a desktop app) you’ll still see the option to connect to LinkedIn when you scan a business card, but nothing will happen. Despite these changes, we want to be clear about one thing: business card scanning is not going away. You’ll still be able to: Take a picture of a business card and save it in Evernote Add the person to contacts on your mobile device Email your own info to the person Find the business card later using Evernote’s text recognition feature The LinkedIn integration was an awesome feature and we’re sorry to see it go. But we’re still committed to helping you work smarter and keep your life organized. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me directly!
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