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    .. here are my thoughts/experiences. My first note was made 10 years ago June 2009. I've used it entirely for all my personal stuff - travel, finances, kids report cards, music, web clips and on and off I've used it for work stuff - reference materials, meeting notes and even GTD. However, with all the talk and rumors about EN sustainability, I decided to try out alternatives. Here's what I found. 1. Bear. I am an amateur musician (not a very good one). In music a common notation for a sharp is a #. Bear treats this as a tag. So storing your music in bear is a non-starter. You could use other symbols, but why? Also Bear is another company, with a subscription plan that's just younger than EN. Why should Bear last any more than EN? 2. Apple Notes. Pretty good and free. But web clipping is non existent. Scanning is hard. Sync can be slow over icloud. You can't tag easily. Search is limited. 3. Notebooks.app. I really thought this one might be good. Idea is you store your notes in dropbox and then Notebooks creates a little file with meta data (tag, due date etc) for the note. Your notes are in a native format - rtf , pdf, html etc so no proprietary system. People seem to rave about it and it has nice IOS apps. But - no web clipper. There's a script you can use, but it's not great. And the big issue - I imported 1000 notes from EN and while it worked OK ish on the mac, my ipad froze. Suggestion from the developer was - don't put all your notes in one folder. Not helpful. Oh and sync is very very slow because you're layering the app's work on top of dropbox's sync. 4. Devonthink. DT is great if you are writing your manifesto/dissertation/research project and you've got 100s of reference docs (pdfs, clips, notes). DT has OCR and advanced AI to search and find links in all these files. But if you just want to organize some travel details, it is complete overkill. Plus, it's clunky and the learning curve is awful. It's expensive, but there are no ongoing fees. DT is a research grade program. 5. Google Keep. Is a bit of a joke really. 6. Notion. If you like spending a lot of time arranging things on a desktop then it's great. But it's still a proprietary system (unlike notebooks and devonthink where your content is stored in open files). And again - how do you know Notion will be around tomorrow. 7. OneNote. On the Mac it is pretty bad. They finally added search for to-dos, but you can't really create tags. On windows it's pretty good. Exporting from Onenote is not good. For example pdfs get exported as multi page image files. So I am 100% back to evernote. It has issues, sure, it's not perfect, but it's a lot better (at least for me) than the alternatives. Here are a few of my most fave things about Evernote. 1. Drag a note onto another note to create an instant link in that note. This is so awesome - I create master reference notes super easily. 2. You can search for unchecked to-dos. 3. You can save searches. 4. It is fast. 5. Even though your data is in evernote format, my experience has been that if you want to extract it to other programs, you always can. You have an exit strategy. Sure it costs. But I pay for Dropbox, I pay for Lightroom, I don't mind paying for Evernote. If you think you can get a good robust app for no-money then you are kidding yourself. Anyhow, just my 2 cents.
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    Reading the 20 or so posts a day in this thread has become a highlight of my day, please don't take it away!
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    Hi All, The next video in our Behind the Scenes series is here! Ian Small chats with Sasha, a senior product designer at Evernote, about the work she and the team are doing to make the editing experience more flexible, consistent, and fun. We hope you’re enjoying the series and stay tuned for the the rest of the series! YouTube Link:
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    Here, here. We should be willing to pay for services that make our lives better. (Full disclosure, I work in the SW industry). I hope (perhaps naively) it's not too late to put that genie back in the bottle in the Social Media space.
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    Hi, I am a user of Evernote Premium and I love the core Evernote ideology of having the best search around. However, I am very interested in using evernote for digital note taking via handwriting on a Samsung tablet with s-pen. The following are a few features that would make this functionality much more useful to me: 1. More stroke width options - The smallest stroke width is still way too big for me. I want to be able to write small. 2. Ability to set background to lined paper 3. Support for pressure sensitive input from s-pen, asus pen, etc. 4. Ability to zoom in/out and pan - Currently it just lets me add pages. I do not like writing close to the edges of the tablet because it is not comfortable when I am writing on the couch. 5. More pen colors and highlighting. Upvote if you also want one or more of these features. Thank you for making my experience the best it can be. Please let me know if any of this functionality is in the works or when I could expect to see these.
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    I really enjoy Evernote and it is my note/thinking tool of choice. However, I regularly take audio note recordings at meetings to complement my typed/written notes. Audio notes help ensure overall note accuracy and can help validate questions or concerns when others question what was said in any given meeting. I would absolutely love to see options for controlling the speed of playback on audio notes. This would allow users to gain back many minutes when relying on audio notes for transcribing. Nothing crazy, either a global setting in Evernote to select a preferred playback speed or, even better, a control in the playback UI to allow selection on individual notes (since cross talk and background noise can be problematic at times - playback speed on a note by note basis would be better).
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    Enjoyed the video, and it gives me hope for the future! Some of my thoughts (I hope that EN staff are reading this info for 1st hand feedback) Editor: For someone who uses EN on MacWiniOS, a unified editor would be great (IMHO: iOS is terrible - and even using an external editor and copying to EN takes so much fudging around!) I hope this change is not just for the web interface.... I personally want an app centric environment! I like the idea of 'semantic headers' or styles, but hope there will be a 'easy' keyboard shortcut (which would help with the lack of MarkDown support) - and for non-header text. I understand the need for a reduced font set, but I hope they are not too restrictive with the selection. Only last week Apple announced that they are adding a font store to iOS.... that tells you a lot! Tags: Being viewed by default in the note - yes please! Images: It would be really useful if images could be embedded as attachments, as well as inline. Checklists: Oh thank you!!!!!! Excited to hear future progress, and a potential go live date.
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    :shrug: I always use software on the basis that it's the best I can find for the moment, and it works for me: but I'm always aware that products get cancelled, standards change and systems - and companies - fail. Keeping local backups and an eye on the market isn't 'disaster preparation' - that's just common-sense business as usual. I've used Evernote on that basis for 10+ years because it fits my use case and I see no reason to get Chicken Little over its imperfections. If I ever get concerned I'll switch - and probably I'll leave my little goodbye speech here, because at this rate it looks like the discussion will still be going on... I seem to be running out of popcorn again - back in a couple of pages...
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    Fact: The rest of us are discussing the Evernote service and the backup of our note data 😊 There's also a discussion of note filing methodologies; folders vs notebook/tags >>Wrong--once you are discussing the need to for a backup, unless you are discussing it ONLY in terms of voluntary migration ... The topic title is "Migrate out of Evernote" 😊 I'm also interested in recovery if a note gets corrupted or deleted. Also, access to my notes if Evernote is not accessible. edit: This post pushed me to Level 3??? Based on # of posts? You have over 100 (most in this discussion🙂)
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    This is a feature request and users indicate their support using the vote buttons at the top left corner. Current vote count is 1
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    Hi all, aware that there is often a lot of leaving posts so figured I would post a returning one. I used to subscribe to premier I think it was called but have been away for a year or so. Returning and have subscribed again for the following reasons - background sync on mobile templates for new notes good mobile apps the use of tabs Will use extensively over the next several months and see how things go. Only concern so far is that I am unable to add new rows to tables on mobile? This is a bit of a problem when using the meeting template on an ipad.
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    What can we as users do to help speed up the debugging process here? I have already sent logs.
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    An eloquent assumption; inaccurate, but eloquent. Learning from our mistakes, taking loss prevention measures...all great, necessary, etc. However, I think you're missing the point (and you seem like a smart person, so I'd further suggest that you're doing it intentionally so you can continue trolling), which is bringing a tragedy like 9/11 into a note-taking app's forum discussion about folder hierarchies vs. tags, which is both absurb given this environment, and insensitive - especially in wording such as "ready for the building to get nuked and fall over" - to anyone closely tied to the event that may be searching through this forum for answers about the system they use for organizing their content. As you continue your crusade to fit a square peg in a round hole, please take the examples and inconsiderate comments about world events elsewhere.
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    Anybody who does NOT know how to backup should really stay with EN. At least one important task that will be taken care of without need for further action.
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    One other thing: I love the fact that the old checkbox feature will be left intact for those of us who are used to it. I like the idea of checklists -- and I may use them -- but I also like Evernote's commitment to adding options rather than subtracting them. 😊
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    Thanks for the list. I would like to add to it 6) Solid Apps for all mayor operation systems, including mobile, plus a good perspective that these apps will behave more and more consolidated / similar because management starts to make this a priority. Automatic sync with notes history (versioning) on the cloud server to make sure you do not loose information. Who today is still only working on only one OS and on only one device ? And because search on the mobiles is done server based, it is still lightning fast and as reliable as on the desktops. I am always amazed when if have to access my info base from somewhere, and I just get what I need in a blink.
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    Wish I could 💙this post ~100 more times.
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    None of these changes really mean a lot to me, but nevertheless this video increases my enthusiasm for the new direction at Evernote. For one thing, a greater attention to quality and ease-of-use in one area will, I think, naturally lead to improvements in other areas that are more important to me. For another, I haven't used the note editor extensively (a lot of my notes are just plain text, attachments or web clips) because it's so clunky and has often been buggy. If the editor gets easier to use, more stable and provides a better experience, I may start doing more with Evernote than I'm doing today
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    Hey guys, if this is on an iOS device, then this feature is NOT provided by Evernote. It is provided by Apple in all iOS apps. To confirm, try typing the same thing in the Apple iOS Notes app.
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    You didn't indicate a device/platform, but I don't think there's a switch. btw I believe this is a feature of the OS. Evernote has no assumptions.
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    Hey folks, We've received some reports of users logging into the new Evernote Web and noticing their accounts are not displaying some notes and notebooks, even though these notes exist in their accounts and display in other devices. This is a known problem that we're addressing. If you run into this there are two solutions to resolve it: The simple solution is to log out of Evernote and log back in using a supported browser such as Google Chrome, Opera or Safari if you're on a Mac. If this doesn't resolve the problem for you, open the JavaScript console in your browser, type Cupboard.clear() and press Enter. After this refresh the browser page. We apologize for the inconvenience, but know that we're aware of it and working on a few things that will ultimately address this. Thanks,
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    Hi All, I wanted to take some time to announce some changes you’ll be seeing in the discussion forums that we hope will help to improve your experience! First, we will be enabling a feature called Best Answer that will enable the person that starts a thread to mark a specific reply/comment as the ‘Best Answer’. This will then mark the thread as ‘answered’, and enable other users to quickly see that the question has been answered. To mark a reply as a Best Answer simply click on the 'check mark' icon in upper left hand corner of the post you're marking: When marked with a Best Answer, the thread will look like this: Then, you can see the 'Best Answer' clearly marked in list of forum posts: Our hope is that the Best Answer feature will better enable users who are asking questions to get the information they’re looking for, while also enabling users that have similar questions to find that same information more easily. Secondly, we’ve received a lot of feedback on the similarities between the FAQ’s and Best Practices sections. As there is a lot of overlap between the two, we’ll be merging the FAQ’s and Best Practices into a single forum under the banner FAQ's: Best Answers Moving forward, the FAQ's: Best Answers section of the forums will become a repository for the Best Answers we see in the other parts of the forums. Essentially, think of the FAQ's: Best Answers sections as a sort of best answers hall of fame.
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    Another +1 from my side. I am an Evernote premium user for many years (it is literally my extended brain, I place there all my notes, daily planing, and anything I want to note down.... I love it). Recently I got a Samsung galaxy tab s3 with s-pen (Android), to further improve my note taking flow and especially to be able to also add handwritten notes directly on my notes. I think more and more people will do this. In my case I want to stop taking notes on paper then take photos and copy them there, etc (go paperless) and get all my notes where they should be - Evernote for me. I am really underwhelmed by the basic handwritten support of evernote... I actually like the simplistic interface. However, it is so basic and writing is not even very responsive for me, which makes the experience of taking notes directly on evernote practically impossible (for me). This really means not being able to use it properly, especially after trying Samsung notes or any other reasonwble note-taking app... So my current workflow is rather fragmented and error-prone: take my handwritten notes on samsung notes, export them as image to a special notebook on evernote (manually) then (when I remember) copy the image to a note where I have some pre-meeting/event notes and points of discussion already.... I tend to forget some of these steps, and even worse, sometimes I revisit handwriten notes and make changes (recapping things, etc) and then need to again go throw all the steps and replace the image... It is not nice... but I really tried to use evernote handwritten notes but they are just too far from the others that I have to go through this painful set of steps... I know there is Penultimate for ios (which is also a product by evernote), but I think the idea of having this feature within the product will make many people happier (instead of using another app, sync the note to evernote as an image...). I think the original message pretty much covers my request for features extensions, I leave bellow some extra remarks (some redundant, sorry): Improve responsiveness (maybe it is just me and one can get use to it, but there is a real delay, which makes it difficult to write...) Pressure sensitive Thin pen, it is really think now (even the thinnest one...) Maybe multiple pen types (I don't care so much, but it is nice to have two or three types) If I can give any other feedback please let me know... As mentioned above, this is becoming a rather popular way of taking notes and it is really a pitty to have these limitations (basic support) on our beloved Evernote. Cheers.
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    This would be amazing. I have daily, weekly, monthly and other ad hoc checklists. Would be very, very useful. I just leave them unticked now when I run through the list, but there are 10+ items in some.
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    I just fired up Evernote after almost 2 years of inactivity. I just got a Samsung Tablet S3 and I love the pen. I would consider upgrading to Premium if Evernote supported the s-pen using the Samsung Android SDK. This would reduce the lag greatly and probably offer more features. http://developer.samsung.com/galaxy/pen
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    I totally agree with this topic. I just bought a Samsung S3 Tablet. I tried OneNote and Samsung Notes. Evernote product is much better in many aspects, but the handwriting support of evernote is really worse. The lack of support for pressure sensitive input from s-pen is disturbing. And the pen could have more lower thickness. I almost migrate to OneNote this year. Please improve handwriting support.
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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