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    I hate this burger, I really hate it, but I quite like the sauce that comes with it. Some other people like the burger and sauce so they keep ordering it. Some other people don't like the burger and/or the sauce so they stop ordering it. I'm going to keep torturing myself by ordering something I hate and then complain about it. Maybe I should just find a burger and sauce that I do like and that will make me happy?
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    Exaggeration, obviously. And yet you still don't get it. Well, carry on, O Crusader for Truth, Justice, and Windmill-tilting. Just trying to guide you into more fruitful endeavors (you'll note that I haven't taken any positions here on the tags/folders "debate"). But no... Anyhow, obligatory (some more irony food for you): Adios!
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    These are the hated bugs - random. Very hard to repro and fix. Sigh. An alternate to rebooting: Open Task Manager and kill the running Evernote processes. You can leave EvernoteClipper.exe - that's not what prevents EN from starting again. It's the Evernote.exe, EvernoteSubprocess.exe, and EvernoteTray.exe processes. When the main Evernote.exe crashed, it died in such a way that the other processes didn't catch that and proceed to act very badly.
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    That's exactly what I don't understand. If an app does not do what I need it to do, and developers have made it clear that this will not change in the future, I'll go and use a different app. Not complain about it for a decade. It's not like there are no apps out there that do it exactly the way you want. Repeating the same thing over and over again won't get you anywhere - EN is not a democracy, it's a privately owned company, and that means the software will be developed as the owners decide.
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    Just a rant - I know what the final solution will be. The infamous uninstall and reinstall of my 30,000 notes. Me: A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded my Evernote Windows to version (308489) Public. Me: The program would randomly shut down with no warning and no error message a few times during the week. Evernote would not start up again unless I rebooted. Me: So I submitted a support ticket and requested that Evernote tech review my activity log first, before I resorted to the standard Evernote response (a complete uninstall / reinstall / resync). ES: Support responded with 4 bullet points, but no comment about my activity log * Sign out your Evernote account * Clear cache * Perform to reboot * Log back in ES: If you're unsuccessful, please attach the screen recording detailing the issue. ES: You can provide a screen recording using Jing, a free third-party application. Me: Alarm bells going off in my head. Did he read and understand my support request? I did tell him this was a random occurrence. And I noticed there is a warning on Jing's home page. "NOTE: Jing’s current video format (.swf) will no longer be supported by web browsers soon. You can still capture images with Jing, but if you need an all-in-one solution for image and video capture, we recommend trying Snagit." Me: Sounded fishy to me. I wondered if English was his native language. So I asked him what he meant by "Perform to reboot". (Was he using Google Translator to create his replies?) Me: He did not explain, but went in a different direction. ES: Glad you replied back, and sorry for the confusion it has caused you. ES: Can you confirm if you recently created a note with attachment? Me: He asked me to copy the content of each note into a new note, delete the original note, empty the trash and sync Evernote. Me: During the month of May, I created 218 notes. 159 of those notes have attachments. I asked him if he wants me to make copies of the 159 notes, and delete the 159 originals. Me: There has been no Evernote Support response yet.
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    Saved search is displayed normally on Windows and iOs but is not displayed on Android. Because there are no values for saved search, I cannot create a widget that display saved searches. Does anyone know a solution?
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    Yeah. I've had the Evernote application die&disappear with no warning a couple times over the last few months, and killing the leftover processes definitely allowed me to start it up again without rebooting. Helps that I keep Process Explorer running all the time, for various reasons, or maybe just old habit.
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    Actually that's a perfect example of why tagging works much better than nested folders. On my work computer I have my own C drive and the server's "P" drive. I make documents and save them in a folder on C but then have to copy them to P for others to view and use. To get to where I need to put it, I have to tunnel down through P:/spay-neuter clinic/animal care/rounds/2019/June. If I want to view a file in one of those nested folders I have to do the same thing (and many of them go deeper than just 5 levels). But if I use the search function it will usually bring up the correct document if I know the exact title. More often, I know part of the title and my search brings up pages of documents that may have a few words the same. Tags in EN enable me to quickly run a search for ONLY things with that tag, not things that may have that word somewhere in the title or document. No one is saying tags are the ONLY way to go and you MUST use them! But those of us who have tried them and given it a fair shake often find it works better for us. your mileage may vary of course and you are free to find software which does what you want. FWIW, when I started with EN years ago, I too wanted nested folders and made a ton of notebooks and stacks to emulate that. It didn't take long to realize how much time i was spending putting things in the correct notebook, or remembering whether I "filed" it in "Work" or "School" since that overlaps. With a few tags I can now find it for either purpose.
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    Screen shot of security that can be applied to a document via Adobe. Not an expert, never really use anything other than encrypt a PDF myself.
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    Here’s a screenshot from my iPad to illustrate this point
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    No, This discussion is NOT "about Evernote". You do not own the discussion, and thus you alone do not get to decide what is and is not discussed. EVERYONE gets to contribute as they see fit. And many of us are discussing the failings of Evernote, as well as why those failings are not corrected by emulating folders via tags. I am one of them. And as I have repeatedly stated, emulation does not work well for some of us. Thus, we are discussing that failing. As for your insistence that there are no "folders" in Evernote, I refer you to techopedia: Folder Definition - What does Folder mean? In computers, a folder is the virtual location for applications, documents, data or other sub-folders. Folders help in storing and organizing files and data in the computer. The term is most commonly used with graphical user interface operating systems. https://www.techopedia.com/definition/1836/folder You can call an automobile a car if you wish, or an automobile if you wish, but to insist that it is wrong to call it an automobile because one manufacturer always refers to its automobiles as cars, and thus argue they do not manufacture automobiles, is not correct.
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    Sorry, but IMO that would be a waste of resources. The iOS new Note screen is already nearly empty. I think you guys need to learn how to focus. How do you manage to work in an noisy office with cubicles? Learning how to focus and tune-out the world's distractions is a key skill to learn early on, if you want to be successful and productive. Just my 2¢.
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    1. No, It has been explained, it has argued by the fans that it would eat resources. To anyone who champions that, I would steer you to the other posts in here where people have pointed out nesting notebooks are nothing more than an additional field in a record--namely when pulling in records to display for the user it looks at that field of what the parent-folder is, and then displays them accordingly. Most of the good ones even store the records in that order so the cost overhead when retrieving the records is precisely zero nanoseconds. (After the few millisecond overhead of sorting the record when it gets placed for the first time. Oh, and here is the really great part--if you never used nested notebooks, you would not lose that thousandth of a second we lose when our record gets shuffled to its new location. 2. As for why beat the dead horse, yes, I will ask you why are you doing that? Why do you feel a burning need to have the people on my side be quiet and never express our opinions? We've been doing it for 10 years, and just are not stopping any time soon.
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    I think we got it - but we also use a product that doesn't currently have this feature. So the choices are: Hope that Evernote sees the benefit of making it available, goes through development, testing and beta stages as quickly as possible, and offers the option in a year or two... Make the best use you can of what you got. I'm with side 2 again...
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    Well I would say that Evernote is just not for them. I mean, you can always feature request something, but changing to nested folders would change the core functionality of Evernote. It's like saying I want a Lamborghini, but make it a truck. It won't happen. So if someone needs nested folders, they shouldn't be using Evernote.
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    Poked around with this. Found one way to do it, but also some inconsistency. First I made a note link shortcut on my Windows desktop, of the kind you're showing.(evernote://view/...). Click on it, and it opens the note in the main window. Second. I keep a Desktop toolbar on my taskbar. Click on the two >> and it brings up the list of all the things on my Windows desktop, really handy since I always have my desktop covered with open windows: I found that if I Shift+Click on the link in the Desktop list, the note opens up in a separate window (same as in the Evernote application). So that's a way that works. However, if I Shift+Click on the note link that's on the actual desktop, nothing happens. Indeed, Shift+Click doesn't seem to be recognized anywhere on the Desktop, even though it is in the Toolbar list. That's the inconsistency.
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    Yea, I agree. As a developer myself, I was taking his word for it. Have a feeling it’s just an edge case that’s not high on his priorities to really look into. Will update here for posterity.
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    I am uploading image of the issue. There is no saved search section on the android search screen.
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    Hey gang - There is some useful feedback in this thread which I have read with interest. Thank you! There are also a lot of concerns raised, whether it be feedback to the specific content we showed, or all sorts of interpolations and extrapolations built off what we showed (and in some cases, what we didn't). I don't have time to respond to every possible angle raised in this thread, but here are a few quick responses: 1. Roughly 12% of Evernote usage is on web sessions. 2. No one ever said anything about making Evernote a web-only experience. Just because we demo a set of improvements to search on web (which is the least adequate search experience, btw) doesn't mean this is the only thing we are working on. In a series of videos that may well have a lot of episodes by the time we're done (depending on the response we get, I guess), we judged it to be a reasonably approachable initial subject for a first video. Why? It's relatively easy to understand. It's visual. 3. Following up on #2 above, we are NOT planning on eliminating Windows and Mac versions of Evernote with local stores, nor Android and iOS versions with local stores, etc. Being able to use Evernote whether online or offline is a major feature/benefit and in a million years that's not going away. Of course, having a local store would be even better if sync was fully robust. Working on that. 4. Having the kind of interactive search capability we outline here doesn't mean we're taking away your power search capabilities. It means we're trying to find ways to (a) more quickly get to the content you're looking for *without* needing to know quite as much of the search instruction arcana (b) give more people more powerful search tools (c) get there in fewer keystrokes. I'm sure we'll get some things wrong along the way, but we're trying to have our cake (improved UX, improved relevancy, more interactive search tools) and eat it too (powerful command line syntax) on this front. 5. As I said in the first video in this series, some of what we choose to show in this series won't relate to a problem you in particular are facing. Hopefully some of it will. I recognize it's frustrating if the first video we drop doesn't relate to your top pain point, but you can rest assured that there are others amongst our millions of users who do. Otherwise we wouldn't be working on it. We can only do one topic at a time. 6. One of the reasons we prototype a lot of new stuff on the web first is because it's absolutely the fastest way for us to design/test/validate/deploy something new to a limited set of customers in order to get a feedback loop going about a particular design direction. As I said in the very first video, we are trying to test - with users, live in the wild - as much of what we are working on as we can prior to release. If seeing what we're working on in a web setting disturbs you simply because we are showing a concept in a web build, I'm guessing that for your own peace of mind, you should probably stop watching much of the Behind the Scenes series of videos. 7. If you *do* get invited to participate in a Preview release of some kind, as part of that we will point out to you that Preview is definitionally pre-Alpha. Which means more than "it's buggy". It means it's not even close to feature complete. It's not performant. It's so early there isn't a proper name for it. But if there's enough in there for us to get directional feedback early in the process, we will do our best to put it in front of some users, live and in the wild. Because the earlier we get feedback, the better chance we have of being ultimately on target. All we will ask of you is not to pre-judge the eventual release of something by its Preview release, a release that may come months before we lock down direction, functionality or performance. Previews usually come along with non-disclosure requests, too, because they're so early. Which is one reason you (appropriately) don't hear a lot about them. I'll return to lurking now (and get back to my day job, which ultimately is where I have the best chance of generating value for you all). Thanks for watching, and for caring. I recognize that the last part - that you care - comes through in every comment. ian
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    Why are there always a few people who feel compelled to tell us what to do? No one here is driving off a cliff, but some of us do have some valid concerns we want to express. If Evernote did not want feedback, then they would not have posted the video in this forum.
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    This is exactly why companies hate sharing information. They put together a nice short video about how they are building a new feature. Somehow that then develops into Group Fear that something awful is going to happen. Before you know it, The Verge will have 500 words and a clickbait headline about it.
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    Now if I could only get an SSD for my brain...
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    For me, notebooks are organizational: Import new content here, sync this into the cloud, but that not, share this content, make that group of information available offline etc. Tags are logic: Relate this bit of information together with those X others, when search will not do it. Or show me that on searching for „open“ notes because when filing it I still regard it as „unfinished“ in some aspect etc. From a practical view Tags work like multidimensional folders („notebooks“). And surprise: Tags can be nested, whoever feels that world peace depends on this humble feature. That is how it works for me. I even jump between organizing the same information for some time by tag, then by notebook, and later by tag again. Example: As a habit, I collect a lot of information about possible or desired future travel. As long a I prepare for a trip, it is tagged (Travel_Spain) and not separated from other notes. Before I leave, I create a Notebook „Andalusia 2019“ and set it „offline“ for my i-devices. During the trip, additional information will go there. When I am back, I will tag everything „Andalusia2019“, move the tagged notes into an archive notebook and erase the travel notebook. As I said before: Notebooks are about organisation, tags are about logic. If somebody can not find / define his personal way to organize and retrieve information in EN, there is a simple solution: Stop paying and leave.
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    I have stopped submitting support requests. I get the equivalent of "is your PC plugged in" canned responses that clearly indicate one of a few things: AI is answering it based on keywords in my request Someone is scanning it quickly for keywords and pasting a canned reply. They have zero actual knowledge of Evernote and their reply makes absolutely no sense in the context of the support request. That is a true shame for a paid customer too.
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    PLEASE add a distraction free mode for writers with no menus or other content on the screen. Just give us an editable version of the “presentation” mode. This should be incredibly simple to implement and make your app very useful for writers. It’s been too long of a wait for this important feature.
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