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    Hi I'm using evernote for school and I get a lot of handouts. When I drop a pdf into the note it opens it. Is there a way for it to not do that? If I could just get it to show a thumbnail of the attachment that would be great. Any ideas if this is possible?
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    A recent update moved icons from the header bar. Users want the choice of which icons appear. This is currently a feature on the Windows platform
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    I used to be able to use the web clipper extension within the mobile chrome browser on my iPad to save PDF documents to my Evernote notebook. It starts to work but it never finishes saving, even after 10 minutes. I’m not a total idiot, so I checked my bandwidth and the speed test shows over 200 Mbps. What else can I try other than using a different browser? I have been having this issue with all PDFs for over two months.
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    Well, it looks like the problem is more complicated than I thought. @Hermitapp it does look like some EN behavior changed. Unfortunately, based on recent history, Evernote is unlikely to restore that earlier behavior.
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    Funny thread, now running over 3 web pages. There seem to be many that „leave“, but somehow still stay on to tell everybody how badly they were treated. Let us do a comparison, with mobility: - Someone who is on the free account is like a hitchhiker, traveling from A to B on the goodwill of others (of course there is a reason for a free account, be it marketing strategy or an easy sharing option for non subscribers, but I am talking about people who decided for a free account, use it for the core functions and have no intention to ever pay for what they get. With EN, you can stay infinitely, other services will throw you out after a while). Fine, but stop bitching that the seat was with crumbs and a shock absorber needs service. You take it as it is, you may even have some nice talk with the driver, but that is it. - Then there is owning a car. It is as it is when you buy, you will have it serviced, but it will not be upgraded, so newer models will have more gadgets, and sometimes things you would like to have. This would compare to a purchased piece of software, which EN does not offer, other note taking apps do. So pick your choice, but don’t blame others that the decision showed itself later to be not as good as another one would have been. In hindsight we are all little Einsteins. - And then there is renting a car or a ride, or buy a ticket for public transport. Then I get a new service every time I am using it, and I have a valid contract with the other party, money for service. Then I am financing the whole thing with my share, and have the right for reasonable service in terms of the contractual conditions. Translation into this subject: Hey, BASIC users (those who use it as a full service without wanting to pay): Stop bitching, take it as it is, helps to improve it etc. But do not blame others if you do not get what you would like to have. It is your decision to be with EN, and you can stay on for free or leave for good. EN makes sure you have access to your data (even when you came from a paid model with a ton of content, and are now on BASIC), and the possibilities to download your stuff and leave are numerous and well documented. Nobody is locked into anything. All the rest: Use the access to the company we have, help get what you want and need by feeding support with good, reasonable input. My impression is that EN has and is still gaining momentum to improve things, front end (what we are all talking about) as well as back end (which is rarely discussed, but works phenomenal in speed and accuracy). And yes, there is plenty of room for improvement because things are as they are. My feeling is that my data is in the right place, and I invest some time into helping to get things done for better. EN support in general is friendly, reacts reasonably fast, usually has a lot of questions (which is probably needed for reproducibility), and stays with a claim as long as it is settled or clear that it is not a bug, but a feature not built into the current software. I am fine with this, a few providers do better, many are worse.
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    I also finally managed to get it connected via the Wireless Connection Tool. It took a few tries and my trouble-shooting wasn't methodical enough for me to share how I finally got it to work (sorry). Also, it now takes a few minutes for it to connect each time I open the scanner lid (not immediate the way it used to be). But, at least it's working wirelessly... I'd also like to share with the thread that you do have the option to turn the Scansnap Evernote Edition scanner into the regular Scansnap IX500 scanner. You'll still be able to scan directly to Evernote through the Scansnap cloud, plus you'll be more flexible to scan to other "locations" as well. For more on the benefits and draw-backs as well as access to the conversion tool, see the description on Fujitsu website: http://scansnap.fujitsu.com/global/evernote/index.html
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    Finally, I thought I was the only one. The people who run Evernote are capital I Incompetent. I'm sorry. I don't want to be mean. Software developers and UX designers have their own struggles when running complicated apps like this, and it's never easy work. That said, Evernote has officially exhausted any understanding I might have for them. They continue to make the wrong moves, disregarding feedback and mismanaging priorities. I'm inclined to believe the people managing this company are either malicious or stupid, and have completely run out of any and all sympathy for them. The apps are buggier than a hornet's nest across all platforms, and haven't gotten better... but hey, thanks for letting me try "the new Evernote." New look, same bugs ❤️ If you have a problem, good luck reporting it; only premium users can contact Evernote. I understand gating tech support behind a paywall, but this is for all contact requests, which means you can't even provide useful suggestions or feedback. That's easily the single most stupid policy I've ever encountered in my 18 years on the web. I bet Evernote staff think everything's going okay because nobody can actually send them proper feedback or bug reports. But hey, feel free to use the forums which none of you read! You've fallen in ranks on the app stores, and have laid off a large portion of your workforce at the start of the fiscal year. Surely you realize something is up. And how do you decide to turn your pathetic excuse for a service around? This worthless, tone-deaf excuse for a campaign. This is INSULTING. This proves you are out of touch with your actual users. This was the last straw for me. You don't have ANY goodwill left, Evernote. You are the Fallout 76 of note taking apps. I literally hate you guys.
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    I found the command "merge", that entirely hits the spot. Thank you!
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    Just saw this last post and downloaded the update. Yay!! So far so good! Thanks for alerting us! But you raise a good point! This has been an awful time waiting for the bug fix!
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    I've used Evernote since the beginning. I started paying premium street a couple years. I've had a Synology NAS since 2012. The new Note Station is pretty amazing! AND there's a *DIRECT IMPORT* from Evernote to Synology. Oh, and Note Station it's "free", "unlimited"storage, and you can have as many users as you want for no cost. Is it perfect? No. Is it for everyone? No. But it's darn good replacement that fits my workflow. If you have a Synology, you NEED to at least try it! Sorry Evernote, but I doubt I'll be back.
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    After all this, next time they will throw the pure code at us, and make us find out what it means ...
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    The way that this generally works is that, when copying to the clipboard, an application can put the clip onto the clipboard in one or more formats. Then, when pasting, Evernote will scan the available formats, and pick whichever one works best for Evernote. Evernote does not scan to try to detect code clips in text, and I don't know of any code editors that generate such a "code" format. You can examine what formats are available using one of any number of clipboard viewer utilities I(I have something called "Free Clipboard Viewer 3.0). So, for example, with Visual Studio, a copy operation will put the text onto the clipboard in several formats, including, most importantly, Text, OEM Text, Unicode Text, and Rich Text. On the other end: as far as I can tell, Evernote will choose Rich Text if it's there, because when I paste into a standard text area of Evernote, I get monospaced (Consolas in my case, which is what I'm using in VS), colored text from syntax-colored source. But the code block is currently "special" in that it doesn't use the colors, and -- I think -- uses a standard monospace typeface (Monaco). That's the way it works right now, and I doubt very much that they're going to specially change that behavior and release it within a week...
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    Fujitsu, the manufacturer of the ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner is working on making the scanner's software and hardware drivers fully compatible and 64 bit. More information about 64-bit updates from Fujitsu can be found here: http://www.fujitsu.com/global/support/products/computing/peripheral/scanners/scansnap/faq/macos10134.html For this scanner's general compatibility and wi-fi compatibility with macOS 10.14 Mojave, please see the article on Fujitsu's website here: http://www.fujitsu.com/global/support/products/computing/peripheral/scanners/scansnap/faq/ssee-mojave.html Peripheral updates to any hardware device from 3rd parties like Fujitsu after Apple updates their operating system can take some time past the initial OS release. This is outside of Evernote's control as the drivers are developed by Fujitsu. It is recommended to keep an eye on the device manufacturer's compatibility page to wait until they confirm full compatibility with that OS before updating, to hopefully not encounter an OS update causing issues with your hardware in the future. For the installation issues it sounds like you're encountering, please first check your Applications folder on your Mac to ensure the ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition software is not already installed. We've heard some similar reports of this. Past this, please ensure Evernote is also installed first before installing the ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition software. I've followed up in your support ticket to further troubleshoot.
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    I am having the same problem with search in V7.6. The comprehensive search feature is THE reason I use Evernote. This needs fixed!
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    we need this. just realized I did a grammar mistake on my podcast after copying my intro into WP today... too late
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    Agreed - these two essential tools for today's professionals need to work together. For me, it isn't just the spell-checker implementation; it's Grammarly's grammar-checking functionality that would be so helpful.
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    Yes, that makes sense. But I watch plenty of sports, and have yet to see a team promote their great huddling as a reason to support them. EN's brand refresh may have served a useful purpose, but I think they'd have done better to just do it, and let those of us users who are going to notice it say something about it. Otherwise, it feels like they're saying, "We've redesigned our packaging, but don't expect anything better on the inside." There have been so many unfixed bugs in the Windows program for the last year or so that many users felt that the highly-touted rebranding was an indicator of misplaced priorities.
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    I checked out evernote support but the form was too restrictive for this request to be submitted, so going to leave this here. Grammarly no longer works on the evernote webApp (chrome or safari). It's a bit ironic because grammaly IS working in this forum :(. Could y'all fix that, please?
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    +1000 I downloaded the Windows app presuming it would integrate with EN desktop. If you post a link to your feature request I'll +1 that too.
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    I would totally pay for Evernote Premium if they had a grammatical checker like grammarly. Would you guys?
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    @hcchen5600 Thanks for reporting this. Do you happen to recall when this issue started? On this same machine, are you able to access your account on Evernote Web: https://www.evernote.com/Home.action using your PC's Internet Explorer browser. Evernote uses Internet Explorer for background sync services even if you use a different browser Let me know if you see errors when trying to get to https://www.evernote.com/Home.action using IE.
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    You can view and manage all of the devices associated with your account from: https://www.evernote.com/Devices.action
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    +1 This would be very useful. For me, there is little point in displaying the PDF within the note. I would rather doube-click and open in Preview (i'm on a Mac).
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