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    Hey folks, Evernote for Mac 7.10 Beta 1 is now live. You can download it here. Improved Improved note loading speeds Improved search performance in slower networks Fixed Fixed an issue where copying text from Evernote and pasting it on 3rd party app would introduce an extra carriage return Searching Evernote notes with Spotlight now works on Mojave Fixed an issue where tags wouldn't delete using the keyboard shortcut Fixed an issue where the mic access prompt didn't appear Fixed an issue where text was illegible in the saved search edit field Fixed an issue deleting a page from a PDF in annotation mode Known issues: Text is fuzzy in non retina displays. Complex notes are choppy when scrolling.
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    The new Chrome extension (7.10.0, April 1, 2019) still doesn't work for me. Even if I click "Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit:On click" I just turn off the keyboard shortcuts for the Clipper and that seems to be ok (in the sense that it doesn't interfere with Gmail shortcuts). I'm not using the Evernote clipper keyboard shortcuts anyhow. Are other people having better luck?
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    You had hard disks? I started out with one of these...
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    Either that, or don't connect to the Wifi and just use LTE. That is the only way you can guarantee security. Even if you use their Wifi with your VPN, they may block VPN traffic, and if you disconnect the VPN and it stays connected to wifi, your apps, like Evernote, will continue to sync in the background, and that is open to being decrypted by your IT department. Once you use IT resources, be it a computer, phone, or just their network access, you are agreeing to having your traffic decrypted while it is on their network before it is re-encrypted to go to the internet.
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    Please increase tags functionality for iOS devices: 1) We need *simple* multi-tag search. 2) We need auto-populate of tag names. 3) We need the tag library to reflect our desktop organization (e.g. order, nesting, etc), just as with Notebooks. The iOS apps are horridly crippled without these functions in place. Without them, you have only a few options: 1) Do without multi-tag filtering... Do you have something tagged for a person AND as an agenda item (something to talk about next time you see that person)? Too bad, you can only pull up EVERYTHING for that person, which may include years of emails, mtg notes, etc. OR you can pull up EVERYTHING tagged as "agenda", thus including large numbers of items irrelevant to who you are actually standing with. Insert your own example of useful multi-characteristic filtering, then accept that you can't accomplish them. 2) Utilize saved searches... This works perfectly, but causes, as it has caused with my Evernote, your Shortcut list to become monstrously long defeating to some degree the idea of a "shortcut list". In the end, you choose a few definitely needed multi-tag searches and resign yourself to option #1 above for most things. 3) Attempt to use complicated boolean search strings... This works in a highly non-intuitive way AND requires you to remember the exact wording of your desired tags, often difficult in situations where you are looking for a person for instance and don't remember if you listed them as Dan or Daniel. If you utilize an extensive tag list (a strength of the desktop Evernote applications) this works almost never, thus you resort to a few items under option #2, and mostly surrender to option #1. It seems quite strange that this is an unavailable functionality, especially because of how many people tell me it WAS available prior to 2011/2012. It's a very frustrating situation which is crippling the usability of the iOS apps for easy daily use. Please fix, or at least give us some idea of why this oft asked for functionality is still unavailable. Thank you!
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    Recently, the message "You are leaving Evernote. " is appeared when I access to an other website by a link on notes. I don't think the message is necessary. It is just annoying. How do I be disable the message function?
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    I've tried the new web client and I have to say it sucks. I don't see anything closely resembling a "feature". I turned back to old version and everything is good. So is the new web client an upgrade or a downgrade ?
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    Hi All, I am BRAND new to evernote and I was wondering if there was a way to have evernote copy all the checkboxes I make in a note and combine them into a separate note that I could use as a to-do list. That way I could have individual notes from separate meetings, but since all of my check boxes (or tasks) would be copied and combined into one easy access note. If this is not possible, how could I suggest this to Evernote. I would be totally willing to upgrade to premium for this service. Thanks Casey
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    I frequently use the Evernote webclipper on my Mac but wanted something which: A. Would work instantly i.e. eliminate the wait for the webclipper to capture, upload and sync the page B. Could be triggered faster with less interaction / fewer mouse clicks than the webclipper So I’ve strung together an alternative solution which instantly clips the full contents of the current browser tab as a long single-page PDF and automatically saves it to the relevant Evernote notebook in the background. There’s no need to wait for clipping or syncing: the browser tab can be closed immediately. I want to explain my solution here, and throw it open to improvements from the community: I’m sure it could be improved! There are really two parts to this solution 1. The ‘trigger’ i.e. how the workflow is activated My approach could be entirely customised or replaced in order to broaden compatibility to Macs without touchbars. There’s probably a way of creating an equivalent trigger for Windows too - if the Windows users on this forum have got suggestions? My approach requires BetterTouchTool (for the Touchbar integration) and Alfred, but could be implemented as a keyboard shortcut or Alfred command, without using BetterTouchTool 2. The automated page capture and upload to Evernote This users Zapier (at least a Starter account), PhantomJSCloud (free for up to 500 pages per day) and a Dropbox account. How the trigger works 1. User taps ‘Evernote elephant’ button on the touchbar 2. User selects destination notebook on the touchbar ("Web Clips") in this example 3. BetterTouchTool runs the following AppleScript tell application "Safari" set _pageURL to the URL of front document as string set _noteTitle to the name of front document as string set _pageTitle to the name of front document as string end tell tell application "Alfred 3" run trigger "webclips" in workflow "com.zapier.alfredbasic" with argument _pageURL tell application "System Events" to key code 36 end tell 4. The AppleScript activates an Alfred Workflow which triggers a Zapier web hook (instructions here on how to set up Alfred with Zapier webhooks How the page capture and upload works 1. The trigger has now activated the Zapier webhook. Your zap should look something like this its fully set up 2. In the Zapier zap, the webhook trigger should be configured as “Catch Hook”, with “Silent Mode” left unticked, and the “Pick off a child key” field left empty 3. The second stage of the Zap is a “Custom Request” for “Webhooks by Zapier”. This will use PhantomJS to capture the page as a PDF. The custom request template should be as follows: Method: POST URL: https://PhantomJsCloud.com/api/browser/v2/Your_PhantomJS_API_Key_Here/ Data Pass Through: No Data: {"url":"ZAPIER_STEP1_QUERY_STRING_NOTE","renderType":"pdf","renderSettings":{"pdfOptions":{"format":"onepage"}},"outputAsJson":false} Unflatten: yes Basic Auth: leave empty Headers: Leave empty 4. The third stage of the zap is to upload the resulting PDF to dropbox. The Zapier template should be: Folder: [your_choice_of_dropbox_folder] File: Select “Step 2, Exists but not shown’ from the dropdown Overwrite: yes Specify File Name: Select ‘Step 1 Querystring Keywords” Specify File Extension: .pdf 5. The final stage is to create a new Evernote note and upload the PDF from Dropbox to Evernote. The Evernote action is ‘Create Note’. The template is: Notebook: select the relevant notebook from the dropdown Title: select `Step 1, Catch Hook, Querystring Note` from the dropdown Content: `Step 1, Catch Hook, Querystring Note` Tags: whatever you want Reminder time: leave blank Reminder Done time: leave blank Attachment: select: Step 3 > Upload File > Direct Media Link Limitations of this solution 1. This solution won’t work with any pages which require a login 2. It requires a separate Alfred workflow and separate Zapier zap for each destination notebook which you want to make available to the TouchBar trigger Obvious room for improvement 1. The current trigger mechanism is pretty inelegant in the way it uses Alfred as a ‘middleman’ to trigger the web hook. I’d prefer to trigger the web hook directly from BetterTouchTool - but couldn’t figure out how to do it. 2. Capture the name of the page, and use that to name the Evernote note and the PDF.
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    Hi, In first I want congratulate the Evernote staff for the idea and bring the web application more close to the desktop version. Back to topic , the organization on side bar under notebooks in alphabetical order is not comfortable, specially when using on the desktop version notebooks organized under stack. It takes time to find the right notebook and also with tens of notebooks some names are similar but belong to different topic. Will glad to see improve on that.
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    I'll echo the requestto post one idea per feature request topic. Keeps things a lot clearer. With that said, I'll address the first of your requests. In Evernote for Windows, building a note link hierarchy is made easier by the use of the Note History feature. For example, I have a table of contents type of note, and I want to add a new note link to it: Go to the table of contents note, copy its note link Go to the note I want to link to, and insert the parent note link somewhere in the note Copy the note link of the child note Use the note history (left/right arrows in the toolbar, or Alt+LeftArrow or Alt+RightArrow keystrokes) to go back to the parent note, and insert the link to the child note Since note links arre part of a note's content, that makes automatic note lining problematic, because the application must try to guess where to insert the links. As far as I can tell, Evernote doesn't do any automatic text insertion of that kind, and that's understandable. There's no guarantees that wherever you left the cursor in a note is actually a good place to automatically insert a note link. One other awkwardness is that notes need not form a strict hierarchy: a note can have more than one other note pointing to it, so there's no distinguishable parent. That being said, it would be a nice feature to have a single UI that presents the notes that link to a particular note, and the list of notes that it in turn links to, so that navigation in any direction would be easier.
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    I'm not a fan of static ToC note lists I use dynamic note lists - Project notes are assigned a tag (tag:Project aaaaaaaa) - A search generates the complete list of project notes. >>Can we not make it easier, and I mean, much easier in linking internal notes backwards and forwards with each other, like a web page. Screenshot shows note navigation arrows on my Mac There's no support for links within the note contents. A request for this feature is posted here >>What's with the 'right mouse click' option called, 'to do'? All it does is add a checklist , or check one off. Is this a joke? Who actually uses this? Confirmed. This function inserts a checkbox icon within the note contents (☑️) It is useful for creating a checklist note; also known as a list of "to do"s Screenshot is from my daily journal note
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    Hello, good input. All of this would help to make EN even better. But to be able to vote issues up the ranks, you should split the post into one for each feature idea. This would help to push it up, one vote per feature. Thanks !
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    We've released 7.10 Beta 1 today with several fixes. Please see the link below:
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    I’ve invested heavily into Evernote and Penultimate. And I’m about ready to move it all off to something else, because of the lack of updating Penultimate and the non-communication of what the roadmap is for it and Evernote. We received an announcement awhile back about a new logo and a “Renewed sense of purpose”. Evernote folks, if you are listening, it’s time to act with more than a new logo and a promise. Penultimate is now acting up with latest iOS update and is virtually unusable to me. Are you going to update it? Are you going to add pencil support to Evernote? What is the plan? Regards, Dan T.
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    If Evernote is not running (check the task manager to make sure it's not stuck - evernoteclipper.exe doesn't matter). If you can't delete the exb at that time, then the issue is with the OS filesystem - or a virus checker (if you can exclude the evernote directory from scanning, it can improve things)
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    What is physically on a company computer is practically owned by the company. This includes means to have access to all data even when the employees are asked to encrypt. It is no problem (even quite normal) in a managed IT-environment to save a general key to all data in the IT department. Who controls the certificates installed will have access. So I would rather rethink my usage of any service by local means when on the job. The first, best and only „clean“ solution would be to use a mobile device (if allowed by riding the WLAN-Waves of the company, maybe protected through your private VPN-solution). The next option is to use the web access into your privat EN account. One should be aware that whatever goes up or down can be read by others with admin access to the machine ! And especially on windows machines a data trail will be left even after logging out. On top of all, if someone from IT installs a keylogger or a screengrabber, you will not even notice that all and everything you do is monitored and recorded. I would never - ever install any private IT-service on a computer owned by my employer, even when I will introduce my login information every time I use it. And finally: It is practically everywhere and anytime a violation of your work contract to copy any professional information into a private (cloud) service. One can be fired just for trying to do. So do your job, and keep your private life private.
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    I submitted a bug report for this a few days ago. I'm frankly shocked that there has not been any official Evernote response here. This lack of transparency and communication is really inexcusable. It shows a profound lack of interest in customers.
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    It's also a menu option: View / Left Panel Double-click on the panel to toggle on/off would be a handy shortcut... *hint, hint*
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    "New" web client is horrible. Been that way for years, right ? I just tried it again and it painfully slow. How can a company go backwards for so long and so consistently ?
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    I would like an Evernote Add-on for Gmail that functions just like Google Keep, meaning that my Evernote notes would appear in the collapsible right side panel in the Gmail. Annotated screenshot here: https://www.evernote.com/l/ABjhhGBwxDxBj48HNK_nHZdsXeUe3hUxpgQ
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    I want to thank everyone who concentrated on this issue (including up-voting the top post) and Evernote for fixing 2 of the 3 problems originally identified (we still don't have the same desktop organization in iOS but that was the least important of the requests). Great evidence that Evernote is watching and responding where they can to user feedback! 👍👍
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    I was coming here to post this exact idea! This would be awesome!
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    There is a beta version available for testers. It's not a complete version - some of the features are outstanding. If you're not interested in testing this version, downgrade to the previous version
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