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    Evernote's email feature works well for forwarded email, but it's a paid account feature and as you noted, there's no mail headers processing. This is a problem for bcc email; also direct email using a user's enernote address. There's a request for the email feature posted at
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    I agree. The problem I have is when sending an email (via MS Outlook) and I bcc my Evernote account, Evernote does NOT put the email header info into the body of the Note. What I expect, and would like to request, is that Evernote put the same info (that almost all email clients do when forwarding email) at the top of the Note body, like this: Thanks.
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    +1 from me. I absolutely rely on ToC/bookmark navigation within notes for speaking assignments and teaching resources. The workaround using many separate notes and a table of contents note might work for some people. For me, it isn't a solution. Fortunately, jump links are becoming general in other apps e.g. Word, OneNote, Google Docs + Keep, Zoho Writer, Notion, Dropbox Paper, iWriter etc. I'd like to use Evernote as more than a digital filing cabinet. This is a limitation. I would urge Evernote to catch up with the field – and even better, innovate for a change!
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    Most PCs today have a TPM. Besides, this is a red herring. The OP was about installing Evernote on a work pc and not wanting the company to have access. That isn’t Home, it is probably encrypted anyway, and anything you install on your work PC is available to your company. Period.
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    I'm trying! I rant and rail when designers want the scroll bars to do that. Because saying I hate it is being far too kind!
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    Please can I ask Evernote developers (and any other UI developers out there) not to make the scroll bar tracks invisible when the cursor is not over them? If I want to get to the top of the list of notebooks quickly, to see my shortcuts I cannot just click on the top of the scroll bar track because I cannot see where it ends. I have to put the cursor over the track low enough down to make it visible and then go up to the top before I click. There has been a trend in recent years to make scroll bars disappear to one degree or another when they are not in use but it does make using the applications less efficient. Thanks
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    All other 3 platforms received the update Why not Windows Users? is it a bit too unfair to windows users? No timeline for windows Is there no plan at all?
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    Hi. AFAIK this is not possible; you can link to notes, but not to headings, or bookmarks. You could set up keywords at various points in a document and jump with searches - but that's not embeddable in a document. You could also use a document type that includes this sort of linkability - Word documents or PDFs for example - and attach that to your note.
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