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    Hi folks, I lead the security team at Evernote. If you, or the people in your network receive an email from Evernote mentioning that we’ve detected suspicious activity, please know that this is not a hoax or spam message; it’s from us. The Evernote service and our apps are still secure; however, we discovered an unauthorized person testing a list of usernames and passwords that they stole from a site not associated with Evernote. If this person had the correct password for your account, they connected an iPhone app to it; and then used that app to search for cryptocurrency credentials. You need to take some actions to protect access to your account. Change your password to a unique one. Make it one that isn’t easy to guess. Make it one that you don’t use on another web site. Consider using a password manager to keep track of your passwords. Revoke any Authorized Applications that you are suspicious about or that accessed your account from an IP address you don’t know Install an anti-malware application on your computer and run it periodically to clean up any known malware. Setup two-factor authentication on your account, especially if you don’t want to use a unique password on your Evernote account. Then, even if someone learns your password, they won’t be able to access your account without also stealing your phone.
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    Yes Dave, you're not alone. It happened to me in the past few days. Like yourself using Version:58.0.3135.79 of Opera. I don't use the web version that often, preferring the windows client, but I did think it odd that it had been working and support seems to have been withdrawn.
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    Hi, I installed the latest Beta version and got it working. I wrote a diary notebooks every day and there I tried to search for some ocation. But now it seems ok again.
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    I'd like to be able to dictate a note to my Amazon Echo Alexa-enabled devices and have that note posted to an Evernote notebook. I sometimes have ideas for blog posts while I'm falling asleep. I have an Alexa-enabled device at my bedside and would like to be able to tell Alexa to make a note of the idea.
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    @gazumped I did a couple more tests over the last few days. Now, when I open Evernote on Mac, occasionally, I will receive "?" images, but they recover after a while. Also, now edits on Mac_client make it to PC_web.
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    I'm trying my best to be honest and give what information I can. I'm not an official spokesperson in any way. Just an employee who genuinely cares about our customers wants and needs. I try my best to vocalize concerns raised in the forums and bubble up issues to people when necessary. However, I always need to make sure I'm not "revealing our hand" in such a way that a competitor might be tipped off to our future plans. Or in any way to jeopardize my job. 🙂 But I can assure you I'm actively pushing for more people to get involved in the conversation with our customers. This forum has gone way too long with virtually no participation from Evernote employees.
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    Ha, no probs at all! Just a quick update - it's now been 24 days since I excluded the Sticky Password executables from EN, and I've had no freezing at all. In my case at least, I'd say the issue is fixed.
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    In looking for a solution to the ongoing "list sort" problem I've found several threads on this topic/issue here. Some of the threads get quite wound up. I'm not really interested in debating teh issue, just want to clearly state that there is a clear desire for this functionality among users, is implied in the presence of the checkbox functionality, and that it could be fairly simply accomplished. An alphabetical and/or numerical sort option within the "checkbox" style list option would make lists considerably more useful for me (and i suspect for many others). I've seen the question "how would an alphabetical sort help with organizing a grocery list?"... easily... by the user prefacing the item listed with a letter or number that allows organization into a group (e.g. user could preface the item on the list with a "1" or "F" to designate items that would be found in the freezer section, a "2" or "D" for dairy items, etc.). ...and to follow up, I'm not really looking for a response or rebuttal to this, I'm hoping that Evernotes designers are reading here and just want my "request" counted as another user interested in thsi functionality. Thanks!
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    Along with the requests here for alphabetical and default ordering of checklists, I'd also like an easy grab point to manually re-order checklist items.
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    ATTENTION EVERNOTE DEVELOPERS!!! PLEASE ESCALATE 'SORT LINES WITHIN NOTES' FOR NEXT RELEASE!!! This feature is CRUCIAL for using EverNote as an effective Provisioning List!!! Thanks for your time & efforts in creating this great product
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    Sorting items in a list would be very helpful. I use Evernote in meetings all the time and topics come up during the meeting "out of order" but I tag them in a way that makes them easy to sort later if I use an alpha sort. Hoping to see this at some point because many text editors support this and I am constantly copying and pasting out of and back into EN to accomplish this task. I would be a happier user. That being said, Evernote is a GREAT product, so keep up the good work!
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    I'll agree with gazumped that Evernote has indicated it has no interest in becoming just another to-do system. But don't take that to mean they have no interest in To-do's. More on that in a sec. But first I'll also echo that for now you likely want to look to third party tools that sync with Evernote to do things with your checkbox items. Now there are plenty that sync with Evernote. I'm not sure there are plenty of good ones. But these are very personal preference oriented. I have a set that works for me while I await on the promises of better future solutions. You'll want to do your own survey. I can't make too many suggestions as I tried many and haven't kept most. Ironically Evernote bought one of them, Egretlist, when they acquired Minds Momentum, and I did quite like that on my mobile devices. But at least for now, they've killed it, and you won't find it in the app store now. But you can see there, they have some interest in something. Now you'll need to decide what speaks louder, their words or their actions. But their words say (about the time of the Egretlist acquisition), when asked by Business Insider if Todo lists were coming, the CEO paused and said "To-do lists are coming", but it wouldn't look and feel like traditional to-do list apps. "I don't want a to-do app, I want a DO app. I don't want a list" And that was a about a year ago, and the last we've heard about it.
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