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    Hi, Could the owner of the "Evernote for Android App Beta Test" community please be sure to preserve this community before Google disappears it in April, 2019. Instructions for how to download and save the content are here. Thank you.
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    You'll find that Evernote/IOS is missing some features available on the Windows/Mac platform As to tables; there is a feature available in Settings>Notes This allows table creation using [] In anticipation of your next question; No, we are unable to adjust table column width
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    Hello, fellow Evernote users! My name is Marcin, and I have been using Evernote for almost a decade now. I still love it. There are many ways to use Evernote, but the thing that was missing for me is that I have hundreds of notes, moments of insights, quotes that I have stored or highlighted from various sources but very little ways to use them in creative ways. I wanted some lightweight operation on top so that the Evernote content - that I worked so hard to input over the years - works for me in real life with minimal effort, even if just a bit. I was interested mainly in two aspects : - Spaced Repetition for notes and highlights (using Ebbinghaus forgetting curve https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forgetting_curve) - Priming myself with notes and highlights in a lightweight way (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Priming_(psychology)) Since I'm passionate about mobile experiences, what could I do? I built a tool for myself that fills that void for me. If I found it valuable, I thought it might also help others. So today, I've submitted Android app to the Google Play store as a free app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.idearoots.neuracache iOS app is in the works. Let me know if you find a tool like this useful or not. It is very basic at the moment, but gets the job done and I have few ideas how to push it further. Here is a video showing basic features Thanks! - Marcin
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    [Updated with more details on the "situations" I get issues] Hello, I am having some a rather "undesirable behavior" on my Evernote (on Android devices), namely: I open a note (go to "edit mode)) Edit note Click on save it, which (should) bring it to a "non-editing-mode" (i.e.: I get the go to list sign "<-", or even sometimes go directly to the list of notes) GET (randomly) THE PROBLEM: I see some "flashing lines" on top of the app, looks like Evernote is saving the note... and then the note goes back to Edit mode, without any explicit action on my side to do that, i.e.: I do not touch anything on the note, which I expect to be required to go back to edit mode this behavior can go back and forth without me touching the "save" or "go back to list of notes" button... When does this happen? This seems to happen when I have notes with "Evernote handwritten entries" or add Attachment (e.g.: photo)... these are the two situations I tested (maybe there are a few other situations). When I have a note with only text, I am not seeing this behavior... actually I did a test where I updated the note by removing a photo and make it "pure text" note, which resulted on the note stopping to "misbehaving". This is causing some problems, e.g.: sometimes after I click save I move to another application, or just lock my Android device (while the note stays doing this "misbehavior" on background...). Then I use/change the same note on another device (I use three devices on a regular fashion), which means I end up having "conflicting notes" once I come back to my Android device... which is really annoying. The device where I see this happens the most is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (Android 8.0.0, Latest Evernote version - 8.7.0), but it also happens on my Mobile phone, and I would assume this is probably happening on any Android mobile device... Is this a known issue? If so, is there anything happening to address it, or maybe already a solution/setting I can adjust to stop having this... @Evernote Support: if this is a Bug (and not some misconfiguration I have), shall I open a bug somewhere else with this info, or is this enough for you to take action? Thank you in advance! Cheers, Eduardo
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    Please consider adding recurring reminders as a feature in Evernote. I have been using Tick Tick to set reminders for tasks that need to be completed (receive a ping and the option to snooze and re-ping me at a later time). The reminder feature in Evernote is not robust nor does it have the option to snooze. Also, I noticed after an Evernote reminder goes off (android) it disappears from my status bar. I like to have the option to either mark my task as complete, snooze, or change date. I'd like to use one platform. Thanks for reading!
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    Yes. You can always set it to whatever key combo you want.
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    You may be using the beta web version, which doesn't have the full featureset. To downgrade to the previous version, use the menu next to your profile icon
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    afaik There is nothing pending on this; nothing being "figured out" For a productivity increase, I use scripting with FastScripts for keyboard shortcuts. My reminder shortcut is {command option R}
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    Last I checked this doesn't work on iPhones. So this is a non valid solution. Also, there is no reason not to support both hierarchical folders and tags. Folder hierarchies give a better overview and it's easier to group them under a common subject and them split them into sub categories, It's way easier for me to find my way to an old note I didn't even know exists in this way. It's also way quicker to just put a note in a correct folder than it is to try and remember which tags I used on some earlier notes a while back in an attempt to group them together. The fact that this and (other features) has been requested over and over gain since 2008 is so FRUSTRATING, Evernote ignores so many simple to implement requests like "Different Colors for Highlighter", "Control Which Image Shown in a Note's Thumbnail/Snippet View" and "Password Protected Notebooks". Either completely say no to them and give a believable and thorough explanation why not or just implement it. I can tell you if a another worthy note taking program showed up I'd switch in a heart beat just to spite you for not listening to your userbase requests.
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    TonyMontanaSlot, I am agreeing loudly. I follow this thread only because a while back (a year or more) an Evernote employee said something to the effect that the nested notebooks feature was being considered and was perhaps even coming. In spite of repeated attempt, I find I cannot use Evernote efficiently and effectively without it. (And I am specifically requesting DTLow not to respond to this message.)
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    Nah, that shouldn't be difficult at all if that stack -> notebook hierarchy was implemented in an optimal way in the first place. I have a degree in computer science and had been working with SQL databases from 2010 to 2014. I don't remember any significant difference difficulty-wise in implementing 2-level vs XX-level parent-child hierarchy. The UI changes also shouldn't be all that difficult to implement. Of course, doing that will require some work, but hey, you gotta work for your money. Now, if there are so many people have been requesting this feature for so long, there must be reasons that are valid enough and you should at least consider hearing them out and maybe even participate in a discussion, come out and tell them why this feature is not worth implementing. Maybe it breaks the core principles of Evernote mission (although I'm not sure how, lol). Now, you're asking why am I requesting this feature. I will tell you. No, my world won't fall apart if it never gets implemented. You see, I just don't like to be dependent on tags too much because they're just not notebooks. Every note can be tagged with many tags but only can belong to one notebook, so it's a more solid structure already. Of course, you might say that it's my problem that I won't stick to just 1 tag per note. But it's kinda limiting. Maybe I want to tag a note with "Summer", "Love" and "Sad" tags but at the same time I want it to be exactly in this Hobbies -> Art -> Music -> Songwriting -> My solo stuff -> Second album hierarchy. Of course, you can always find a thousand of counter-arguments to that, like "you can do basically the same with tags, blah blah blah", but no, it's not the same, even if you can achieve similar results with tags. I'd say just give it a shot and give your users a little bit more freedom. Sorry, it's really late and I'm not an expert in English. I don't really care about being right and continue arguing beyond this message. I just said what I wanted to say, even if it sounded like a complete BS to you guys. I spoke from my heart EDIT: Yeah, maybe convert those stacks to notebooks so that even the root object would be able to hold the notes in it. As well as notebooks. Basically what I'm suggesting is a folder-file approach, just like in Windows Explorer. We all know that notebooks in real life don't hold "sub-notebooks" in them but maybe make a poll and see if users would like this approach and you could get away with this concept. I'm not gonna suggest renaming notebooks to folders and files altogether as that will obviously make the brand name "Evernote" irrelevant
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    Because I was having unexpected search results in Evernote, I started to read https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php I was especially interested in the section "Matching Literal Terms". The examples suggest that Evernote does whole word search (if no wildcards are used). This is not correct. Maybe it has changed over time? 'potato' (without quotes) matches "Sweet Potato Pie" AND "Mash four potatoes together" and "lotofpotatoes" See my annotated screenshots attached. Please correct the erroneous (therefor confusing) examples in Evernote's documentation on Search Grammer
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    The new build is just buggy and bad. Even after fixing the problem by disabling hardware acceleration, having Evernote open or even having an Evernote process running on my computer with the app closed is leading to problems with other apps. I think Evernote needs to face the fact that this build is a mess and get a team on fixing the bugs and putting out a new release pronto.
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    Nothing to contribute. Just want to say I love that phrase. Might get it on a T-shirt.
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    "woefully out-of-date" That is an understatement! I first noticed the potato search issue back on July 31, 2009. Over the years, there have been many confusing and conflicting stabs from users attempting to explain the Evernote potato logic. But as we have been told many times before, Evernote staff read every single one of our posts. They'll get around to it. After 10 years, my comment is: Yeah, sure... I'll believe it when I see it.
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    @mgpmul: Unfortunately, our dev.evernote.com website is woefully out-of-date. As was noted above, search functionality in particular has kind of fragmented with each client having slightly different behavior. Updating the dev website, our developer APIs, and having a more seamless UI/experience across all our apps is definitely part of what we're focusing on this year, as was laid out by the new CEO. I know this probably doesn't help with your current issues, but I at least wanted to let you know it is on our radar. We've got a LOT to fix to give our users a better experience.
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    I have just logged a bug "Search no longer works as documented for text matching without quotes." because the unquoted search is no longer working on the web client either. support ticket #2767048
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    I use Evernote (premium) to organize/document my work, meeting notes, todos, task progress and so on. I find it limiting that you can stack notebooks only one level. If infinite notebook stacking will not be available in the near future I will go with another solution.
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    Upgraded to 7.8 and sure enough I'm seeing the same thing. This pretty much makes pasting from Evernote "dangerous" and unusable for rerunning saved system commands. The word is going around and nobody here (apart from yours truly) will be upgrading Evernote until this is remedied. And if it isn't soon then we'll have no choice but to find a more suitable alternative.
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    Hi, i'm new on this forum as well as Evernote. I've been trying to find a good "notes" app and now i'm finally happy that i found one. Though i have some suggestions to post or maybe they might already exist so please let me know. • Improvements : Spoiler Text! Auto Strike through Text when tick box is Checked. Auto Move the Checked Line to under the Seperator. Grid View More Upload-able Accounts Colors for Notes. Remove Note Book Option (Toggle) Resize selected Text any where. I apologize in advance if i've posted on the wrong category.
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    For anyone still really wanting this feature and not wanting to use OneNote - NimbusNotes is an excellent alternative, with support for all major platforms.
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    I just tried the BETA version today, and I like the overall feel. However, unless I'm missing something, Tags are a mess! I spent A LOT of time organizing my tags into categories/titles and now they are just a massive list in alphabetical order. It pretty much makes them useless for the way I use Evernote and tags.
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    Thank you for this insight in the search algorithm of Evernote. It gives me some context that will help me explain the search results I have. I am not sure yet whether I am glad with the result. To me, it makes the search result kind of unpredictable, and I am getting worried, as my note base is growing quite fast, that I won't be able to find back notes in the future. As for the first one ("potatoes"), fine with me. I didn't know that Windows did add the wildcard implicitly. Can by annoying, can be useful. I am fine with it. One note about Evernote's documentation though: '... which means that the same search should produce the same results on all systems.' It might need a review, because it is not true. Maybe mention a few known issues like this one for Windows? This applies to a lot of users, I assume. For the second one ("ever"): this behavior upsets me. It means that it depends on the context of a note (whether the word 'ever' appears in it or not), whether strings like 'forever' will be found or not. This makes me anxious that I won't be able to find back notes in the future. It is confusing, because sometimes 'forever' matches (is highligthed) and sometimes not. I now understand why: it is because the <Ctrl-F> search takes over after Evernote found one matching WORD, not a substring. The third one ("-potato"): It works as you say. For me the same confusion: depending on note context, the outcome of the search is different.
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    Be able to assign a stack to a notebook when we create the notebook.
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    Geez, where's the politeness? Didn't you read the topic post? Italicized for your convenience: Take a deep breath and remind yourself that this is a beta (I'd call it a preview, myself). If you need reminders, you should go back to the actual current release version: Settings / Evernote Web / Go back to current version. Or you can always go power-user, and do your own searches: e.g., a search of reminderorder:* will find notes with reminders.
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    Hi - attachments can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping them in the desired position. Large files (like pictures) sometimes cause problems, but can be copied/ moved to the local desktop and then reinserted in the note in a new position if necessary. Obviously this is a desktop operation rather than tablet or mobile - you may not have the option available in a mobile client. Another thought - particularly for the OP - is to have things in different notes. If you have your attachments in separate notes - in this case all tagged <BamBam> to keep them 'together' and create a note link under the picture in one note for each additional piece of information, you can have a very neat layout - <picture> link to medical history link to adoption details etc.. Search for the tag and share all notes, but only circulate the picture note URL, and everything works. (You might want to add some bells and whistles like a copy of all note links at the bottom of each page as a menu, or just "use back button" etc...) Edit: and before anyone else points out my deliberate mistake - put all BamBam's notes in a notebook and share the notebook to allow others to see all the notes!
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