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    Thanks gazumped. Since my changes weren't on either my Windows PC or iPhone, I restarted my laptop hoping to find the changes where I'd made them, and they weren't there either! I was so glad that I'd copied and pasted them to Word and saved it, based on my reading of other users' complaints about this matter. I'd love to have the time to open a support ticket, but I'd hope that Evernote employees might be monitoring this forum too.
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    Well, FWIW it seems Small's blog post has generated a little bit of buzz. For example: https://www.forbes.com/sites/quickerbettertech/2019/01/13/evernote-promises-to-fix-a-long-list-of-problems-and-other-small-business-tech-news-this-week/#233a7dce2a93 As I keep saying, none of this will matter if it isn't followed up by delivering results. But I think Small's remarks, which were smart and cogent, are buying Evernote some space to repair its foundations. For the first time in awhile, I'm optimistic about Evernote's future. I look forward to seeing what's to come.
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    I hope you're joking, aren't you?
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    If you google Evernote and PowerShell it seems there is some ways to interact with Evernote on a PC with PowerShell, but I'd rather stick a pencil in my ear.
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    I second this. As a long time windows user I had seen comments about how great the Mac interface was. About a year ago I moved over to the Mac for home use expecting to be wowed and instead was underwhelmed. In addition to selecting merge order I like the ability to remove the fat header and instead have a horizontal line. I miss not having the color options in the left hand pane and lack of customizable toolbar. You have to go menu digging to get to some pretty common editing tasks. The Mac app should not be the gold standard and let's universally get rid of the green share button.
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    While I agree that Evernote on Windows could use some work, especially on the database format that simply is not up to the task, as both a Mac and Windows user, I much prefer the Windows version due to missing features on the Mac. Just some examples (no one respond with "well, I can do this with AppleScript! - 1) that isn't helpful for those that don't want to use a programing language to use their app and 2) windows doesn't have that so it is irrelevant): Notes created via the Table of Contents feature are populated with a "file://Table of Contents" string in the URL, making searching for TOC notes possible. Notes can be merged in the order selected. You you cannot do this on the Mac. You have to edit them in a specific order to trick the sytem in to modifying the updated date, and then merge, and then hope you didn't get the logic backwards. You cannot set up Import folders on the Mac where you can just drop a bunch of files info a folder and Evernote will create notes for all of them and optionally remove the files. This is awesome for personal and work workflows. You cannot set the Mac client to sync on demand, meaning I don't have to have my 8-9GB database of notes on my Windows PC, but do on my Mac. Here the Windows PC allows you to work like mobile devices. You can download what you want, and search all of it, but only download bodies as necessary. Windows lets you put the shortcut menu across the top as a separate toolbar. Makes it easy to select without having massive amounts of up/down scrolling on the left pane. Windows has an honest-to-goodness set of toolbar buttons to indent/outdent. On the Mac you have to hit Option-< or Option >, or option-shift-[, or ctrl-option-left-shift-key-{ or some such nonsense. Keyboard shortcuts are fine, but shouldn't be the only way to do something. Windows has a real toolbar for notes, not a mile wide swath of white space with a big green SHARE button. There are others, but those are the quick ones off the top of my head. Implementing the Mac model in any of these areas is a step forward only for someone in design that clearly isn't using the product to its fullest, or simply doesn't care what the user wants. On the other hand, I cannot think of a single feature on the Mac platform I wish Windows had. I am sure there are some, but I am not one of the ones to use them. We shouldn't move to one or the other model. We should get the best of both in a client sync'd up in the best features and designed with usability in mind, not prettiness awards that reward minimalism vs productivity.
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    The new build is just buggy and bad. Even after fixing the problem by disabling hardware acceleration, having Evernote open or even having an Evernote process running on my computer with the app closed is leading to problems with other apps. I think Evernote needs to face the fact that this build is a mess and get a team on fixing the bugs and putting out a new release pronto.
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    Yeah, I get all that, EN plumbing, uniformity and reliability are job 1's. If that takes all of 2019, well that's another blog post. Though I do suppose if that stuff got fixed and all else stayed the same I would be just as happy without the shiny objects.
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    Agreed. Evernote, please remove the mandatory phone number for 2FA. As for U2F. Modern password managers also generate 2FA (TOTP) codes. They also offer cloud syncing making you independent of devices. Funnily, there is an inconsistency in their policy. You need premium for SMS 2FA. With basic you still need SMS for setup. BUT: during login you can select "help with 2FA" and there you can send a verification SMS, even with a basic account!
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    Hi. The installed version or the web browser?
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    well if you consider windows 10 which was first released in July of 2015 recent then I agree, but it is not, and changing the shortcut of evernote is not a solution cause there is no way to revert back to the original windows state, at least I couldn't find a way so far. the right solution is you find a fix and include it in the next update of evernote to correct the problem(add it to your backlog stories), or at least provide a way to revert the action center shortcut back.
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    Update: I did hear from Evernote on this issue. They're working on it, and in the mean time, disabling hardware acceleration does at least get the notes to show up. Tools -> Options -> General -> uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration -LF
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    Enable note counts in Evernote > Preferences
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    Once I upgraded to Evernote for Android 8.4.1 I started to have the following problem in a text note. When editing a word in a note by first selecting it in a line: xxx yyy zzz and then if I attempt to replace it by typing a word starting with a capital letter, when I hit the Shift (up arrow) and nothing else, it gets mangled into xYyy zzz where red indicates the selection highlighting. Worse, if instead of hitting a single Shift, I hit a double shift, the results are: x Zzz If I do the same process but NOT hit the Shift, it works fine, e.g. yyy is replaced with whatever I type, xxx a zzz with NO selection highlighting turned on. My Environment: Phone: Motorola X 2nd Gen OS: Android 5.1 Please feel free to contact me if I can provide other information. Ed Kiefer
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    I'm seeing the same bug as EdKiefer. If I select a word then tap the shift key to replace it with a capitalized word, Evernote jumbles the text exactly as he described. I tried the same thing in a Google Keep note, and it does not do this. So presumably it's a bug in Evernote, rather than a bug in my phone or the keyboard I'm using. phone: Google Pixel 2XL Android 9, build number PQ1A.18205.002 Evernote 8.7.0 Gboard keyboard
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    Anything new? Don't get me wrong, fixes are good, but shiny things are as well. Whatever the appropriate blend of fix/new is.
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    Hi Folks, I have finally found the solution for automatically logging off Evernote (basing on the discussion that took place within this topic). 1. As has been mentioned above, you need to download a short app called autohotkey at www.autohotkey.com and install it on your PC. 2. After installing the above application you need to right click on the desktop and create a file via pop-up menu "create" --> "Autohotkey Script" (the newly created file on the desktop will have the extension *.ahk) 2. Right click on the created *.ahk file on the desktop and choose from the pop-up menu "Edit script", the Notepad will be launched for editing this *.ahk file , then copy and paste the below script into the opened Notepad: Sleep, 3000IfWinExist, ahk_class ENMainFrame WinActivate else WinActivate, ahk_class ENMainFramesend ^q 3. Save the script by clicking save in the file menu of the Notepad, after saving the script you need to right click on your saved *.ahk file again and choose from the menu "Compile Script" - this will save the file as *.exe under the same name on your desktop. 4. Create a task at Windows Task Scheduler - you can launch it via run option available via Windows START button , you just need to click RUN or SEARCH and type in Taskschd.msc , create a task with any trigger you like (should work well on PC UNLOCK - i tried it on PC LOCK -the script doesn't have enough time to run before the PC is locked) - the *.exe file will be launched automatically each time a certain condition is fulffilled. PS: just make sure "don't ask" box is checked in Evernote on logging off - this will lead to automatic syncronisation on logging off - otherwise this script may not work. You just need to tick this box once on logging off . Below are the links to show you what the Windows Task Scheduler looks like: http://cdnwp2.totalpchealth.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/task-scheduler.gif http://totalpchealth.com/blog/pc-optimization/how-to-use-the-windows-task-scheduler TIPS for making tasks related to logging off Evernote automatically via Windows Task Scheduler: #1 You can assign the launch of your script at a specified time, for example - at the end of the working day and, additionally, you can put a loop on the execution of the script in order to repeat the script every (e.g.)15 minutes to be 100% sure that Evernote will log off (just don't forget to set the limit of time for your script being launched over and over - so the script is stopped before the new working day starts). Or if you completely switch off your PC at the end of the day - you can set the lauch of your script at PC start up - so if you forgot to log off before leaving your workplace - Evernote will log off when you switch on your PC. #2 If you constatly leave your workplace you can set the launch of your script at PC UNLOCK, having previously set the LOCK UP timing, for instance to 5-10 minutes of idle time before locking up, or having pressed WIN+L combination on the keyboard, as previously mentioned. So if you are away from your PC for 5 minutes (e.g.) Windows will LOCK UP your PC automatically, and when somebody tries to UNLOCK your PC the Windows Task Scheduler will trigger your script which will log off Evernote automaticallys shortly after PC UNLOCKS to prevent unwated access to your notes in Evernote. It would be nice to receive your feedback or questions. Thanks!!
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